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  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    Welcome to

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    Getting Started


    November -HCM Release

    11/3 Workday release: Log in and view your personal information, emergency

    contact, and manage absence (salaried employees/pink sheets)

    11/3-12/3 Open labs available

    11/17-12/3 Benefits open enrollment

    January 2015 Payroll and Time Entry Release

    1/5 Payroll release (Log in and view your pay information)

    1/5 Time tracking release: Log in and start tracking your time (hourly)

    1/5-1/15 Live trainings for time tracking

    Why Workday?

    Workday provides SNHU with the critical system elements that allow for the

    automation and collaboration of business processes within an efficient and

    secure model.

    Workday supports critical elements necessary in todays business environment

    such as; access 24/7, real time data, reporting and analytic capabilities.

    Workday is designed to provide employees and managers easy to navigate

    self-service options.

    Workdays foundation is based on flexible business processes which allow SNHU

    to design workflows according to how we conduct business.

    General Overview SNHU Workday Portal Page Workday Home Page Worklets

    Benefits: Add Beneficiary

    Personal Information: Add Emergency Contacts

    Enter Time Off: Exempt/Salaried Employees

    (Replacing pink sheets) Appendix: Symbols and Workflow

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    SNHU Workday Portal Page

    Click on the SNHU Portal Workday login link

    Note: Bookmark

    1. Click on the Workday Log-in link

    2. For best compatibility please use Google Chrome or Mozila Firefox.

    3. Your username and password will be emailed to you on November 3rd,

    via a secured digital transaction through Docusign.

    Every Friday night, at 9:00PM EST, Workday goes down for routine maintenance and updates. For best results do not use the back button in the Workday site


  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    Workday Home Page

    Search Bar

    Use the Search box to locate your own personal

    information including tasks, reports, and views

    you can access.

    Your Inbox

    Your Inbox includes notifications of tasks,

    approvals, due dates, etc., that are sent to you

    as a result of business processes.

    View Your Inbox

    1. Click the Inbox icon next to your name, in

    the upper right hand corner.

    2. Click View Inbox to expand your viewable options.

    3. Click the Actions tab to view your business process tasks, approvals, and to dos.

    4. Click the Notifications tab to view alerts and reporting notifications.

    5. Click the Archive tab to access the status of any business process you have been involved in.

    Note: The Archive tab only displays in full screen mode.

    Sign Out

    1. Click on your View Profile.

    2. Click Sign Out

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    Directory Campus directory information

    University Links Links to important information such as the Benefits Lounge

    Personal Information View/edit your personal information

    Benefits View/edit your benefits (full time employees)

    Time Off View and Request absences for exempt, salaried employees

    Time (time tracking Jan 5, 2015) Time tracking for non-exempt, hourly employees

    Pay (coming in Jan 2015) View your payroll information


    The Workday Home Page displays worklets. Worklets provide access to groups of related tasks,

    reports, and links. Worklets are organized by functional category and represent different kinds

    of tasks or work that you can easily perform using self-service functionality.

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    Add Life Beneficiary (Full-Time)

    1. From the Benefits worklet:

    2. Click change Benefits.

    3. Under the Benefit Event Type click

    Change Beneficiaries.

    4. Enter the current date as your Benefit Event Date.

    5. Click Submit.

    6. Open the Up Next change benefit election.

    7. Click Open.

    8. Review your life insurance coverage and click Continue.

    9. Click the plus symbol to add a beneficiary.

    10.Click the Prompt and then click Create and Add Beneficiary or Add Beneficiary

    from existing Contact.

    11.Fill in the persons information. Click OK.

    12. Indicate the Primary Percentage at 100%

    or add another Beneficiary to the plan.

    13. Click Continue.

    14. Read the Legal notice and click I agree.

    15. Click Submit.

    16. Print and/or click Done.

    Please note: If you want to use a person already loaded as a dependent on your insurance coverage please use Create Beneficiary from existing Contact.

    View Dependents

    A best practice before creating a beneficiary is to view dependents

    recorded in Workday, as they can be selected during the add life

    beneficiary process. (See below)

    1. From the Benefits worklet:

    2. Click Dependents.

    3. View your current dependents.

    Benefits: Add Life Beneficiary

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    To find more job aids on editing personal information

    please visit:

    Add or Edit Emergency Contacts

    1. Click the Personal Information worklet.

    2. Under Change click on Emergency Contacts.

    3. Click the Edit button.

    4. Add or edit your emergency contacts.

    - Be sure to use a phone number where the person is most likely to be available

    - This information will be viewable by your manager in case of an emergency

    5. Click Add Alternative emergency contact and enter their information.

    6. Click Submit.

    Personal Information: Add Emergency


    Add at least 2 emergency contacts

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    Time Off: Add October Time Off

    And Request Future Time off

    View Time Off Balances

    From the Time Off worklet:

    1. Click the Time Off Balance link under the View section. The Time

    Off Balance worklet displays with todays date in the As Of field.

    2. Click OK to view your balance as of todays date.

    3. In Workday balances are now tracked in hours. Select the Accrued Year to Date value

    to view more details.

    Submit Time Off Requests

    1. From the Time Off worklet:

    2. Click Time Off under Request.

    3. Select the day(s) you wish to

    take time off. Click Cancel to

    deselect days.

    4. Click Request Time Off.

    5. Enter the Type of time off


    6. Enter the time the Daily Quantity

    amount in hours. (In the comments section please make note of the time of day you are

    requesting if it is a partial day.)

    7. Click Submit.

    The request will be submitted to your manager for ap-proval. You will be able to view the process of your re-

    quest in your calendar.

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee


    Appendix: Symbol Glossary

    Error and Alert Messages

    Error and alert messages display in the upper

    right-hand section of the page. They identify the

    specific field or fields where information is missing,

    entered incorrectly, or in conflict with a rule

    established by SNHU. Errors must be fixed in order

    to submit the change.

    Alerts notify you of potential problems on a page,

    but do not prevent the task from being completed.

    Use Related Actions and the Menu Icon

    The Menu icon contains links to the Home page, and documentation.

    The Related Actions icon displays next to an object when there are actions relevant to

    the object. For example, the Related Actions icon next to your name accesses tasks and

    data pertaining to your worker record.

    A Prompt or drill down menu is located within edit features to help

    select an appropriate answer.

    Other Important Tools

    The symbol at the top of the page will always lead back to your home page.

    The submit button is the save button when making changes within workday.

    You will also be able to click Save for Later button if you would like to

    save the changes to finish at a later date.

    The Cancel button is used to stop the process when used in your in box or can

    be used to end a process you have initiated.

  • Getting Started Job Aid Employee

    Current Process Workday Process

    Time Off request: Exempt, Salaried Employee requests

    time off with manager via email or

    verbal request. Manager approves request either

    verbally or email response. At the end of the month, employee

    enters time off on Pink Leave sheet and obtains manager signature for approval.

    Once manager approves leave sheet,

    the form is submitted to Payroll Department.

    Payroll Department enters time into

    Access database. Employees receive a leave report, 2-3

    weeks following month end .

    Time Off request: Employees view their accrued time off

    balances in Workday. Employee requests time off in

    Workday. Manager approves request in Workday Managers will have access to view

    team time off information. Employees may access 24/7 their time

    off balance and upcoming approved time off.

    Appendix: Business Process Comparison

    Changing Benefit Dependents

    Exempt/Salaried Time Off

    Current Process Workday Process

    Benefits dependent (birth) change: Employee Submits Anthem paperwork

    to Benefits Department. Employee submits Delta Dental

    paperwork to Benefits Department. Employee submits Premium

    Authorization paperwork to Benefits Department.

    Benefits Department contacts both

    Anthem and Delta Dental and enroll participants.

    Benefits Department submits

    paperwork to Payroll to change benefits deduction.

    Benefits dependent change: Employee enters changes online in

    Workday. The Benefits Department receives

    notification of this business process while the transaction is electronically submitted from Workday to appropriate vendor and payroll. All transactions are paperless.

    Employee may now view current

    benefit elections and benefit change



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