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  • 1. Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing PromotingYour Affiliate ProductsIn most cases it can be painful to figure out the better ways of promoting your affiliate products. All thatsearching and information finding can be exhausting. Even figuring out if there are better ways topromote with free means of advertising can be a hassle in itself. Most things these days require moneyand some of us just dont have that luxury to spend. The reason most people get into affiliate marketingis due to no money or not enough money.There are a lot of people spending a huge amount of their time on the internet. Some have to spendtheir time for a job and others do it to find information, play games, and relax or to get in touch withtheir friends and family. There are a countless amount of people today that have memberships to socialsites and others have spent their time putting their thoughts and interests on a blog. One of the ways tomake money with affiliate marketing is making use of these outlets to get their affiliate products out inpublic. Imagine how many people can get to your products through these outlets.Once you decide you want to promote affiliate products, there will be more information with thoseproducts on how to promote them or more tools you can use to help you promote products. Mostvendors provide their affiliate marketers with information on how to promote and the site urls. Butthey dont really touch on how to advertise, here are a few ways that may help you out.There are several ways to get started with advertising or promoting your chosen product. Some waysget you better results than others, but its up to you to experiment with this aspect. I absolutelyrecommend starting with all the free promotion first. Free promotion takes more time, but in the longrun makes you good money. It also can get you some income coming in so you can invest a little intopaid promotion strategies.Top Free Promotion Product ReviewsThe top way to get the word out and let people know what you think and know about your product is towrite product reviews. You can give details on the products and list the pros and cons. Its a great way tolist both the pros and cons, since people want a legitimate review and the only way they think they canget one is by also reading cons. Most people want something, but even by reading a few cons, they stilloutweigh the good to the bad and usually make a purchase. You will be able to explain to your visitorswhy they should purchase the product and you must provide them with a reason why it will benefitthem, this help hook them in. People are selfish creatures and want things they purchase to benefitthem in some way. Google forums that relates to your topic and join a couple of them to submit yourreviews to, this will get you interested people reading your reviews.Social NetworkingYou are provided affiliate links to the products so you get credit for selling a particular product andSocial networking is a huge community of countless people, as mentioned earlier, if you post your links

2. on your social networking sites or make a Facebook page, you could potentially get tons of free traffic.So make up some compelling hooks and post them on social media and bookmarking sites.Blogs or WebsiteOne of the best ways to promote products is by creating a blog or a website. You can post everything onit about your products and it will be a way to get the word out. This process involves money and someexperience. It also takes more time to set up. But once you get experienced, this is a must do for futurerevenue.So now that you know a few ways to get your links out there for some traffic start writing reviews andsummaries on your product and get them posted. It may seem like forever to see any results, but bepatient and keep at it. The longer you work at it the more traffic you will get and that converts intosales. Your business will reflect the way you work at it, so if you put in quality time, you will get qualityresults.affiliate marketing for dummies