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  • 1.Option 1: Using the computer program GIMP, turna photograph into a Pop Art picture in the style of R. Lichtenstein. Instructions for Option 1:The Program you will be Using: GIMPIf you are not familiar with Gimp then I have provided some basic tutorialsat the bottom of this page. You should be able to follow along with thetutorial even if you are not familiar with GIMP.GIMP is downloaded on all ofyour computers at school. To find it you just need to click on the startbutton on the bottom left hand corner of your screen (it should be one of theoptions that automatically shows up). If it doesnt automatically show upthen type in GIMP in the search bar (from the start button) and the fileshould show up.Let me know if you cannot find the program on your school computer. Ifyou are working from home then you will need to download Gimp on to yourcomputer at home. Gimp is a free program.

2. Choose an OnomatopoeiaWhat will you use for your word bubble for your picture. If you choose thisfirst then it should help you to take a picture that will match your word. Forexample if you chose the word SMOOCH then you could take a picture ofyourself blowing a kiss, if you chose the word SMACK then maybe you wantsomeone to pose slapping you, if you chose the word SHHH, then maybeyou want to take a picture of yourself sleeping. The possibilities are endlessbut picking the word first will help with your picture. 3. Take Your PictureTake a photo of yourself that fits with the onomatopoeia word that youchose. It is a good idea to do a close-up. The further away you are theharder it will be to create the effect that you want.Once you have taken your picture you should save it somewhere on yourcomputer that will be easy to find.Video Tutorial(click here)The following Video Tutorial will run you through all of the necessary steps tocompleting your Pop Art. You will need more than a one hour class period tofinish the project so save the project whenever you need to and come backto it. You should stop and pause the video as many times as you need. Ifyou are having any troubles let me know and I can help.Evaluation:Once you have completed your Gimp Pop art you are to send me 1. The working GIMP document that will have the extension .xcf 2. The finished .jpg picture 3. A self evaluation of your workFollowing are the written instructions that go with the Video Tutorial above.Feel free to print off the written instructions to follow along with.Written instructions on the following pages. 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Step 6:Merge the top two layersStep 7: Right click on the Picture Select Colors-> Thresh hold Set the Thresh Hold to around 242Step 8:Create a new layer (label it skin) 9. Step 9: Set the Skin layer mode from Normal to MultiplyStep 8: Choose the brush tool and choose a skin tone and colorall of the skin. 10. Step 9: Right click on the skin layerStep 10: Choose Filter->Distorts->NewspaperStep 11:Merge the top two layersStep 12: Create a new layer (label this layer hair) 11. Step 13: Change the mode for Hair layer to MultiplyStep 14: Using the brush tool color the hair, clothing, eyes,lips. You do not have to color the background as we will bedeleting it.Step 15: Merge layers 1 and 2 12. Step 16: Move the untouched photo layer to the top.Step 17: Change the mode from the top layer from Normal toOverlayStep 18: Merge Layers 1 and 2 13. Step 19: Using the selection tool trace around the person inthe photo (make sure your selection closes).Step 20: Choose Select-> Invert 14. Step 21: Hit the delete button.Your background should now be gone, ifthe person in gone instead then you forgot to invert the selection from step 17. Ifthe person is deleted then just hit control z and then follow from step 17.Step 22: Create a new layer (label it Background)Step 20: Move the Background layer to the bottom of thelayers 15. Step 23: Select the background layer and use the bucket selecttool to fill the background with a vibrant color.Step 24: Optional: use the selection tool to create multipleTriangle designs radiating out from the center and fill themwith a different vibrant color using the color fill tool.Step 25: Create a new layer (label it Bubble) 16. Step 26: Choose the ellipse tool and drag a circle into someempty space on the bubble layer (this will be the speechbubble)Step 27: Choose the selection toolStep 28: From the Tool Options click the button for Add to theCurrent Selection. 17. Step 29: Draw a triangle at the bottom of the ellipse to createa cartoon speech bubble.Step 30: Use the bucket fill tool and fill the bubble with white 18. Step 31: Choose Select->To PathStep 32: Select-> None 19. Step 33: Edit->Stroke PathStep 34: Set the Stroke Path to 5 and make sure that the colorBLACK has been chosen (it will be on white from the bubblefill). Finish by clicking Stroke 20. Step 35: Click on the Text button and add text over thebubble (this will be your onomonopia that you chose in thebeginning).Step 36: Add a new layer (label it Outline)Step 37: Put the layer at the top of all the other layers 21. Step 38: Using the pencil tool, draw a black outline aroundyour picture and some strokes in the hair as needed. Thisblack line will make your picture pop. Only use it whereneeded, usually around the photo and to a few outlines in themiddle.Step 39: If you are happy with your result you should go aheadand merge all layers. 22. Step 33: Save your file as a .xcf fileStep 34: Export your file as a .jpgStep 35: Send me both the .xcf file as well as the .jpg file anda self-evaluation of your work.