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Gingerbread family. Must include. Family members Self Pets As gingerbread people/animals. Requirements. Look like Candy Gingerbread people & animals. Written paragraph: “Why is your home Home Sweet Home?”. Ginger A spice from Indo-Malaysia . Gingerbread History. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gingerbread familyMust includeFamily members SelfPetsAs gingerbread people/animalsRequirementsLook likeCandy Gingerbread people & animals

Written paragraph: Why is your homeHome Sweet Home?

GingerA spice from Indo-Malaysia

Gingerbread History

In 2000 B.C. wealthy Greek familiessailed to the Isle of Rhodesto get spiced honey cakesMade from ginger!In the 11th Cpilgrims & soldiersintroduced gingerTo Europeans as candy And to sooth upset stomachHundred years later bread crumbswere added to the mixtureAnd gingerbread was born. How to make clay Gingerbread peopleWedge Clay

Check for air pockets

Make slabs (flat pieces of clay)

Cut into gingerbread people & animalsshapes

Score cross hatch lines in clay

add slip water down clayto attach pieces


Decorate your clay-make it look like a candyginger bread person & animal

Write namesof family members& pets on each clay person/animalWrite a paragraph- (using underglaze)

Why is your home-home sweet home?

Bas-relief?When somethingis raised from a flat surfaceWedge?Removeair pocketsAir Pockets?Air trapped in claySlip?Watered down clayUsed as a clay glueScore?Cross hatch lines to joinKiln?Oven clay is firedUnderglaze?Paint used first before clay is firedGinger?Spice