Give some differences between Google Page Rank and Alexa Page Rank ?

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1. Give some differences between Google Page Rank and Alexa Page Rank ? Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are the two most general measuring tools by webmasters on the web. Those that want even more articles in relation to search engine optimization course in chennai pay a visit to this content or simply click for source as soon as possible.But, Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are very much dissimilar. Here are some differences between both of them exposed. 1. Google's Pagerank is a calculate of a page's importance based on number and quality of incoming links to your website while Alexa Rank is computed based on traffic recorded to your website as calculated through the Alexa Toolbar. 2. Google Page Rank is only published 3-4 times a year while in Alexa ranks your website by current traffic. 3. Google Page Rank is not frequently updated as in the case of Alexa. So sometimes Google page rank may appear outdated. 4. Google Page Rank don't require any toolbar installed on your browser but Alexa is crippled without toolbar. 5. Google Page Ranking mechanism can't be mislead while Alexa page rank can be fictitious by installing the alexa toolbar to many computers and reloading the page frequently. 6. Google Page Rank is shown as picture while Alexa Tool Bar will show rank as Numbers. 7. Google Page Rank is calculated from 1 -10. Bigger is Better while Alexa Rank is calculated from Millions - 1. Smaller is Better. Google pagerank is simply a popularity measurement tool. Designed to rank and place a website in the Google search index, the Google pagerank is given on a scale of 0-10 where a "0" is the lowest possible score for a website and a "10" is the highest score possible. A high pagerank is earned by having a considerable quantity of relevant web pages linking to that paticular website. When a website links to another website, Google pagerank considers that to be a vote for the website in question and therefore indicating that it is of some importance. There is a very complicated formula associated with how Pagerank is calculated but for the purposes of this article it is too detailed.If you are interested in the theory behind Google pagerank (PR) then a quick search for that subject on Google will provide much more information. Here is a Google pagerank checker that might be helpful: Google Page Rank Checker What is an Alexa Rating? A website's Alexa rating is much different than it's Google pagerank. Alexa ranks each website solely on traffic to that website. On a scale of 1 to infinity, Alexa rates each 2. website in a descending order towards 1 where the most highly visited website on the Internet is given a rank of 1 and an obscure or obsolete website might have a score in the tens of millions. Here is an Alexa rating checker that might be helpful: Alexa Page Rating Checker So the Difference Is...? Simple! Google pagerank measures popularity by backlinks and Alexa measures popularity by traffic.