Global 5-5-10 Program for Nano/Micro Mechanical Engineering

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Global 5-5-10 Program for Nano/Micro Mechanical Engineering. Vision And Objectives. (1) To achieve scholarly excellence in Nano/Micro Mechanical Engineering. (2) To achieve the ability to fuse/integrate novel technologies in Mechanical Eng. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Global 5-5-10 Programfor Nano/Micro Mechanical Engineering

  • Vision And Objectives (1) To achieve scholarly excellence in Nano/Micro Mechanical Engineering. (2) To achieve the ability to fuse/integrate novel technologies in Mechanical Eng. (3) To enhance the ability to adapt/manage technological innovations. (4) To educate competent engineers with international leadership in Nano/Micro Mechanical Engineering.

    Our research area spans design, manufacturing and integration of Nano/Micro-based technologies, to be conducive to industrialization and commercialization of the future technologies as leading experts.

  • Vision And Objectives

  • Vision And ObjectivesNational wealthPastPresentFuture

  • Organization and Participants

  • Organization and Participants

    NoProfessor NameArea of Research 1Kang, Shinill- Nano imprinting lithography - Optical MEMS, micro optics2Kim, Kyoungsik- Laser materials processing and micromachining - Optical microsensors development3Kim, Dae-Eun- Nanotribology - Micro-machining technology4Kim, Young-Joo- Near-field Optical Application - High Density Information Storages5Kim, Yong-Jun- Micro Sensors and Actuators - General MEMS/Micromachining6Kim, Woochul- Nanoscale thermal energy transport - Heat dissipation in solid-state devices 7Kim, JongbaegMicro Mechatronic systems - Nano Transducer8Min, Byung-KwonMicro-nano mechatronics - Micro-nano fabrication and material processing simulation9Park, No-Cheol-Nano opto-mechatronics -High precision actuator 10Park, Young-Pil- Vibration Analysis of Information Storage Devices (HDD, DVD) - Active Vibration Control of Nano-Scaled Mechatronics Systems11Yang, Hyun-Seok- Precision Servo Control for Information Storage Devices and Mechanical Systems - Robotics Position/Force Control12Yoo, Jeonghoon - Numerical Analysis of Elastic Field, Impact Problem And Electromagnetic Field - Optimal Design of Structures, Machine Parts, And Electric Devices

  • Organization and Participants

    NoProfessor NameArea of Research 13Lee, Kang-YongOptimum Design and Durability Evaluation by Theoretical and Computational Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Analysis - Experimental Reliability Analysis by Acoustic Emission Method14Lee, Sang-Jo-Machine tool Error compensation, OMM, CMM - Micro machining15Lee, Jongsoo- Design Optimization - Soft Computing in Intelligent Design & Control16Lee, Jinho- Microscale Heat Transfer and Microfluidics - Industrial and Vehicle Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems17Jang, Yong Hoon- Electrical/Thermal Contacts - Electrical multiscale (micro/nano) contacts 18Jun, Seong Chan - Nano Resonators - Nano & Micro electro-devices19Chun, Heoung-Jae- Analysis and Integrated Design of Intelligent and Micro Structures and composite Materials -Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Nondestructive Evaluations20Jung Hyo-il- Bio-MEMS / Microfluidics - Cell mechanics / Lab-on-a-chip21Cho, Hyung-Hee- Nano-Heat Transfer in Optical Storage Devices - Micro-Heat Transfer in MEMS and Electronic Devices22Cha, Sung-Woon- Microcellular Foaming Process - Injection/Extrusion Development Axiomatic Design23Hahn, Jae Won- Laser diagnostics and micro optical sensor - Nano/micro opto-mechanical engineering24Hwang, Jung-Ho- Nano Technology for Contamination Control - Particle Detection & Generation

  • Research Fields Nano/Micro Manufacturing Tech. - Precision manufacturing tech. - Industrialization of nano/micro based elements & components Nano/Micro Mechatronics - Fusion of conventional & emerging mechatronics - Interdisciplinary research & edu. between mech. eng & multi-physics Nano/Micro Analysis/Design - Understanding of nano/micro scale behavior of material & process - Design based on nano/micro scale analysis Nano/Micro-based Environmental Tech - Mech. Eng based fusion of nano/ bio/environmental technologies - Education of leaders for environmental & mech-based bio industries

  • Activities and OutputsHRD program for Nano/Micro Mechanical EngineeringCenter for Information Storage DeviceOpto-Mechatronics,Ultra-High Precision ElementsNano-Tribology, Micro thermal/FluidUltra-High Precision ServoCenter for near zero emission vehicle Measurement of Nano-PM by a Miniature-Scale Sensing Device Optical Diagnostics for Measuring Nano-size PM in Engine Exhaust Nanofabrication/Micro-optics NRLNano-imprinting, Nano-replication Nano/Bio Photonic DeviceMicro Heat TransferDesign & Control NRLDesign and Control in Micro Heat Transfer Research competitiveness of the programNano manufacturing research centerNano-micro fabrication using ion beam and laserUltra precision electrical/chemical machiningMicrofactoryNano Opto-Lithography NRLPlasmon optical componentNext generation lithography

  • Center for Information Storage DeviceInternational Industrial Consortium(2001 ~ Present) Activities and Outputs

    ClassCompany NameAnnual FeeForeignPhilips, Hitachi,Ricoh, Fujitsu,Konica-Minolta,Panasonic, HLDS,TSST, Data play,Seagate$10,000/yrDomesticSamsung Electronics,SAITLG Electronics,Samsung Eletro-MechanicsDaewoo Electronics10 mil won/yrSmall/Medium companyDSI, Opto-mecha,JMI, IBule5 mil won/yr

  • International Industrial Projects- Konica-Minolta : Prof. S-I. Kang, Prof. Y-J. Kim Hitachi : Prof. N-C. Park, Prof. J-H. Yoo- GM Motors : Prof. K-M. Chun- Ricoh : Prof. Y-C. RhimIndustrial Research Institute Collaboration Activities and Outputs

  • Activities and Outputs Intensifying research/human interchange through academic-industrial cooperation - Constructing on-demanding educational system - Increasing human/material and technical comprehension by internship system - Increasing job opportunity through the active participation of membership company

    Increasing research projects and promoting technology transfer/commercialization - Creating research outcome to contribute industry profit - Granting Incentive regarding research outcome - Promoting primary projects having a potential commercialization

  • Activities and Outputs Programs and Etc * Foreign student education program - Recruit & educate students from under developing countries such as China, Vietnam, India, and etc - In alliance with domestic companies * Joint research & education with industries - Co-development of research - Co-education of graduate students

  • Contact Point Chair : Yang, Hyun Seok Address : School of Mech. Eng. Yonsei University 262 Sungsan-Ro, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul 120-749, Korea Tel : +82-2-2123-2824 Fax : +82-2-312-2159 E-mail : Home Page :



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