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Glycolysis 1. Lecture 22 Pages 427-439. With or without O2. Early Earth had no oxygen Just a form of glycolysis existed before that time. 13_01_stepwise_oxidat.jpg. ATP & Heat. Three key food types - sugars, fats, & proteins Three stage breakdown - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Glycolysis 1Lecture 22Pages 427-439

  • With or without O2Early Earth had no oxygenJust a form of glycolysis existed before that time

  • 13_01_stepwise_oxidat.jpg

  • ATP & HeatThree key food types - sugars, fats, & proteinsThree stage breakdown -Digestion - reduces large polymers to subunits - sugars, fatty acids & glycerol, and amino acidsoutside cells - gutinside cells in lysozymesOxidative Breakdown GLYCOLYSIS - cytosol and mitrochondriaComplete oxidation - within mitrochondria

  • 13_02_cell_metabolism.jpg

  • 13_03_glycolysis.jpgA typical cell has about a billion ATP molecules at one time. These are used and regenerated with a minute or two!GLYCOLYSIS - No oxygen needed for this 10 step phase

    Net result is the formation of just two ATP molecules & also two molecules of NADH

  • Without Oxygen


    Without oxygen - there is really only fermentation.

    Two main types -Generation of lactate - as in muscle cels running without oxygen. The lactate is excreted from the cell

  • The alternative, as seen here, is the formation of ethanol. Both take place in the cytosol.

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  • With OxygenThe pyruvate generated by glycolysis is rapidly degraded to yield lots of energy and CO2Oxygen is eventually needed for the process to continueCITRIC ACID CYCLE

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  • 13_09_01_fatty_acids_oxd.jpg

  • 13_09_02_fatty_acids_oxd.jpg

  • 13_10_acetylCoA_prod.jpg

    13_01_stepwise_oxidat.jpg13_02_cell_metabolism.jpg13_03_glycolysis.jpg13_04_01_Pyruvate_fermt.jpg13_04_02_Pyruvate_fermt.jpg13_05_01_6_7_glycolysis.jpg13_05_02_6_7_glycolysis.jpg13_06_NADH _ATP .jpg13_08_acetylCoA_CO2.jpg13_09_01_fatty_acids_oxd.jpg13_09_02_fatty_acids_oxd.jpg13_10_acetylCoA_prod.jpg