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  • Go BIG or Go HOME Customer Appreciation Sale

    Hosted by Crossroads Genetics & Premium Blend Genetics Inc.

    Sunday, March 30, 2014 Boone County Fairgrounds Lebanon, IN

    Schedule 9:00 A.M. All entries must be checked in. Building will be open for unloading Saturday March 29th @ 6 P.M. 11:00 A.M. Sift 4:00 P.M. Sale Sift & Sale will be broadcast live via WaltonWebCasting.com and linked to Showpig.com & Thepigplanet.com Sift Judge TBA Day of Sift Auctioneer Kevin Wendt Ringmen Rex Smith 317-557-4628, Blaine Evans (NSR) 765-490-3731, Jeff Morris (CPS) 608-346-9561

    Information & Requirements $5000 will be awarded to Grand Male & Grand Female & consigner will receive sale proceeds. All entries must be sired by sires owned by Crossroads Genetics or Premium Blend Genetics through direct semen purchases or bred gilt purchases. Grand Male & Grand Female will be genetically tested to verify parentage to a PBG or Crossroads Genetics sire. Payment of the $5000 Grand Prize will be paid upon verification of parentage. Any other entry may also be tested to validate parentage at the discretion of Crossroads Genetics &/or Premium Blend Genetics. Costs of all testing will be paid by Crossroads Genetics & Premium Blend Genetics. Pigs will be shown by breed and sex. Barrows & boars will be shown together. Each breed will have a sift for their individual breed. Dark Cross & Light Crosses will show in separate divisions and both will compete for Grand Overall. All animals selected for the sale must be sold through the auction. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of any sale proceeds of any prospect sold by the consigner and will could affect participation in future sales. Animals not selected for the sale may be sold privately. Fees The entry fee is $20 for all entries and must be postmarked by Weds. March 19th, 2014. Any entries postmarked after March 19th will be $40 per entry and will be accepted as space allows. All fees must accompany the entries. All entry fees are non-refundable. Barrows/boars/gilts/breed may be substituted at time of entry Commission A commission fee of 10% will be charged on all pigs sold. Proceeds from the sale will be mailed to the seller within 30 days of the sale date. In case of insufficient funds and\or nonpayment by the buyer, settlement with seller will be delayed until collection is secured. Proceeds from the sale will be paid within 30 days from March 30, 2014. In case of insufficient funds and or non-payment by the buyer, settlement with the seller will be delayed until the collection is secured. Tagging for Lot Numbers of the Pigs Tags will be used to identify each pig in the sale. Tags for all pigs will be provided to permit ease of identification of lots. Pedigrees All pigs must have standard system of ear notches. All purebred entries must have pedigrees available at time of check in. Purebred pigs without pedigrees will be entered in the crossbred division. Transfer of pedigrees is the responsibility of the seller and is expected no later than 30 days after the sale.

  • Health Requirements An interstate health certificate of veterinary inspection from state of origin and issued by a licensed accredited veterinarian must accompany each animal. All animals may be listed on one health certificate. The original health certificate must accompany shipment and two copies of the original certificate must be supplied for each animal. **The Indiana State Board of Animal Health requires a permit number. In-state exhibitors will use premise ID number. Out of state exhibitors will be require to call direct at 877-747-3038 to contact Barb Pierle, or veterinarians can fax CDI copy at 317-974-2011. These are new changes this year from Indiana State Board of Animal Health. ** Health Certificates Must Show 1. Since all states are Stage 5 of the Pseudorarbies (PRV) eradication program, no testing is required for this show. If the animals come from pseudorabies qualified herd and from a Brucellosis validated herd, it is required that these numbers and last test dates appear on the health certificate. 2. Statement that pigs have been vaccinated for Circovirus. 3. You must have a premise ID number, please place it on health certificate. 4. All health certificates must carry the statements: no raw garbage fed, herd is not under quarantine for any disease condition and uses no psuedorabies vaccines, has not had any signs or diagnosis of TGE or PEDV in the last 60 days. 5. Health certificate must be issued within 30 days of sale. Concessions will be available Sunday at the Sift/Sale ________________________________________________________________________________________ DIRECTIONS:

    The Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds is located adjacent to I-65 at exit 138. If traveling from the south (Indianapolis area) exit I-65 at the first Lebanon exit (#138) and the fairgrounds will immediately be on the east side of the road, at the end of the exit ramp, at the intersection of Indianapolis Ave and County Road 100S. If traveling from the north (Lafayette area) exit I-65 at the fourth Lebanon exit (#138). Using the bridge cross over the interstate and immediately turn east and travel to Indianapolis Ave. Turn south and enter the fairgrounds off Indianapolis Ave. The mailing address of the fairgrounds is 1300 E 100 S, Lebanon, IN 46052.

    For More Information Crossroads Genetics Adam Beck @ 317-626-2528 or Jason Corya @ 812-592-0210 Premium Blend Genetics @ 1-855-PBG-PIGS (724-7447)

  • Entry Form Consignor_____________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________ Town, City, Zip__________________________________________________ Phone Number ___________________ Alt Phone #____________________ E-Mail ________________________________________________________ Entries Gilts _________ X $20.00 ______________ Barrows _________ X $20.00 ______________ Boars _________ X $20.00 ______________ TOTAL Entry Fee___________

    ALL ENTRIES POSTMARKED AFTER MARCH 19, 2014 WILL BE DOUBLED & WILL BE ACCEPTED AS SPACE PERMITS. Katey Brattain is handling collection of entries and receipt and disbursement of all funds. For questions related to entries or payments please contact Katey @ 765-720-2769 Send payment and entry form to: Go Big Or Go Home Sale P.O. Box 171 Manilla, IN 46150 Payment Method Check or Credit Card Card Type______________________________ Card #_________________________________ Exp. Date______________ Check #________________________________

    Please make checks payable to Go Big Or Go Home Sale