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    Discover ilscnew Delhigo gl bal


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    At ilscNew Delhi, YOU get to create your own unique learning path to reach your dreams, and were here to support you every step of the way.

    ilscNew Delhi offers a wide variety of language courses and programs to choose from, in areas like communication, Academic english, Test Preparation, Business, humanities, internship, and more. Greystone college New Delhi offers Teacher Training Programs for students who want to get certified to teach English around the world.

    come learn with us in this magical and multidimensional city. With a variety of accommodation options and fun adventures and activities to participate in, studying at ilscNew Delhi will be an unforgettable experience!

    start yourlearning journeywith ilsc!

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    We believe that you will be motivated to learn when learning things that personally interest you. The structure of a set curriculum combined with the flexibility to accommodate your own interests gives your language learning the freedom to flourish. Bring your passions and personal interests into the classroom.

    BUild YOUr UniqUE SchEdUlE frOm a variEtY Of langUagE PrOgramS and cOUrSES

    At ilsc, you get to choose your study schedule and select from a wide range of course options. Personalize your learning experience by choosing from core courses and electives to suit your language level and satisfy your interests and goals. improving your language skills at ilsc is part of an amazing adventure!

    divErSE StUdEnt POPUlatiOn

    ilsc attracts students from around the world and is committed to maintaining a diverse student bodyno single language group makes up the majority. At ilsc, you will experience a truly cross-cultural learning experience, and will make amazing friendships that will last a lifetime!

    ExPEriEncEd tEachErS and SUPPOrtivE Staff

    Teachers at ilsc must have a university degree, a recognized teaching certificate and relevant teaching experience. All of our instructors are English, French or hindi speakers, and are carefully selected for their ability to motivate and inspire. ilscs staff will welcome and support you with whatever personal or academic challenges you face and will set you up for success!

    ExPEriEncE lOcal lifE with a familY Or indEPEndEntlY

    ilscs student Accommodation Department can place you with a local homestay family, giving you a supported cultural living experience and a great opportunity to practice your language skills at home. if you want to live independently or with other students or travellers, ilscNew Delhi has a number of student residences to meet your budget and tastes.

    fUn activitiES

    An ILSC education is designed to maximize your language improvement and the ilsc Activities Program complements this perfectly. our activities are available throughout the week and weekend, so there is never a dull moment, in or out of the classroom!

    choose ilscnew Delhiwhere language comes alive!

  • 4 ilscNeW Delhi

    In India, the term masala, which means mix, is used to describe the spice mixtures

    that add such rich flavours to Indian cooking. The term could just as easily be used to

    describe New Delhi, Indias vibrant and bustling capital. New Delhi is a young metropolis,

    built upon the remnants of ancient cities.

    A fascinating mix of historical monuments and modern high-tech industry, colourful nightlife and fabulous shopping and dining options, New Delhi is a feast for the senses. it is also a convenient launching point for some of indias best tourist destinations like the Taj Mahal, Rajasthan and the majestic himalayan hill stations.

    SPringDelhis spring, from February to April, is sunny with warm days and cool nights. The weather can be a bit unpredictable in spring, but temperatures warm up quickly. holi, the Hindu Festival of Colours happens in mid-March, to celebrate the spring. During holi, the locals take to the streets for wild celebration as they throw coloured powder at one another. late spring and early summer are the best times to visit the himalaya regions, and discover a bit of tibetan culture.

    SUmmErsummer (April to June) is when New Delhi hits its hottest temperatures. in May it can reach 45c or higher, and can be marked by dramatic thunderstorms. The Amaltas trees bloom in summer, painting the city a vibrant yellow. in April, check out the Baisakhi festival, a Muslim celebration with traditional dancing. Then in May, the Buddha hayanti (Triple Blessed Festival) celebrates the birth of Buddha.

    mOnSOOnMonsoon, also called the Rainy season is something unique to a few regions around the world. in July, after the dry heat of summer, temperatures start to drop and then the rain rolls in providing relief from the summer heat. india receives 80% of its yearly rainfall during this season, and although Delhi is typically drier than other parts of the country, you definitely need an umbrella. In July, check out competitions, dancing, and more at the mango festival. later in the month, the Naga Panchami festival offers a chance to see snake charmers around the city. And in August, dont miss the indian independence day celebrations at New Delhis red fort.

    aUtUmnAutumn is pleasant in New Delhi. in october, the rain stops, and days become warm, and the nights cool. This is a good time to get out and explore some of the region around New Delhi. october is also a month of festivals, and significant holidays.

    gandhi Jayanthi celebrates the birth of Mohandas Gandhi, and diwali, the festival of lights, illuminates the city at night. Many religious figures have their own festivals this month and are celebrated through song, dance and theatre.

    wintErDecember to February can get cool in Delhi as the winds blow down from the himalayas, and though the city never receives snow, a cool fog can roll in. students can check out the republic day Parade in January to see enormous crowds, and if they want to shop or discover the variety of Indian culture, they should definitely plan to visit the Surajkund crafts mela, a two week arts and crafts fair that happens in February.

    ilscnew Delhi

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    Jan feb mar apr may Jun Jul aug Sep OCt nOv deCaverage mOnthly high temperatureS

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    At the school, Ive been welcomed with big smiles and all the staff are very helpful and nice. All our questions are patiently answered and we always feel at home. Not only does ILSCNew Delhi have many students from all over the world, but they also have Indian students so that you can make friends with some local people.

    Mandy Inserra, Switzerland

    facility highlights



    computer labs

    1 student lounge

    Wireless internet access

    accommodation Options

    homestay Furnished

    apartments hotels and guest


    Popular activities

    Taj Mahal

    old Delhi bicycle tour

    The Red Fort

    Yoga at sivananda

    Dilli haat Bazaar

    language Study available






  • 6 BuilD YouR uNique leARNiNG PATh

    stuDy scheDules

    SChedule leSSOnS*/ week daySam pm

    10:00AM1:00pM 2:00pM 3:30pM 3:45pM 5:00pM

    full-time intenSive 30 lessons

    MONTHUChoose a 3 hour morning


    Choose 2 afternoon skills electives


    full-time 24 lessonsMONTHU

    Choose a 3 hour morning course

    Choose 1 afternoon skills elective NO COURse


    part -time am 17 lessons MONFRI Choose a 3 hour morning course NO COURse

    part -time pm 13 lessons MONTHU NO COURse Choose 2 afternoon skills electives

    *1 lesson = 50 minutes All 3-hour courses include a break at the halfway point

    Choose your schedule then choose your courses to build your learning path.

    Choose from a wide variety of courses and programs and build a study schedule combining topics that match your personal interests, goals, and dreams.

    Every 4 weeks, you get to redesign your schedule by choosing new courses!

    mOrning cOUrSESilscs morning courses cover a wide range of study topics. You can take any course you wish, depending on your interests, goals, language level and schedule. Most courses are offered at many different levels and offer room for growth and advancement.

    aftErnOOn SkillS ElEctivESAfternoon skills electives let you focus on specific areas and delve into unique language learning topics. Skills electives span more than one level allowing you to share strengths and skills with others.

    ProgramsILSCs programs combine specific ILSC courses to focus on building skills in a particular area. Programs are designed to help you achieve defined learning goals. While ILSCs programs have specific course requirements,they still offer you the flexibility to choose between a variety of course options.

    customize your language learning journey

    builD a learning Path thats as unique as you are

    I wanted to try something different and to visit a new country, so I decided to study at ILSCNew Delhi. It has been a unique experience so far, to study English in a new country, and visit several interesting places and cities.

    Lina Valencia, Colombia

  • 7couRses AND PRoGRAMs

    courses anD Programs

    language schoolsbeginner intermediate advanCed

    b1 b2 b3 b4 i1 i2 i3 i4 a1 a2 a3

    cOmmUnicatiOn cOUrSES3 hOUrSenglish communication

    cOmmUnicatiOn SkillS ElEctivES1.5 hOUrSAssertiveness


    listening / Pronunciation