Goals Congruence

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How organisational,individual and department goals can be coordinated


<p>Behavior in Organizations</p> <p>Cases</p> <p>Nucor Corporation B</p> <p>Rendell Company</p> <p>Notes on Matrix</p> <p>Behavior in Organizations</p> <p>MCS influence human behavior .Good MCS influence behavior in a Goal Congruent manner and ensure that actions to achieve personal goals also help to achieve the organizational goals</p> <p>Goal Congruence</p> <p>Goal Congruence means that , insofar as is feasible, the goals of an organization's individual members should be consistent with the goals of the organization itself</p> <p>Goal Congruence</p> <p>In a Goal Congruence process, the actions people are led to take in accordance with their perceived selfinterest are also in the best interest of the organization</p> <p>Informal factors that influence Goal Congruence</p> <p>External Factors</p> <p>Internal Factors</p> <p>Informal factors that influence Goal Congruence</p> <p>External FactorsWork Ethics Attitudes Loyalty Pride in doing job Diligence Type of industry</p> <p>Informal factors that influence Goal Congruence Internal FactorsManagement Styles</p> <p>CultureCommon beliefs Shared Values Norms of Behavior Assumptions</p> <p>Attitude of CEO Attitudes of Subordinates Attitudes of Superiors</p> <p>Informal OrganizationLine Management Communication Relationship</p> <p>Perception &amp; CommunicationChannels of Communication Conflict of Interest Information System</p> <p>The Formal SystemRules</p> <p>Physical Control</p> <p>Manuals</p> <p>System Safeguards</p> <p>Task Control Systems</p> <p>The Formal SystemRulesFormal Instructions Job Descriptions Standard Operating Procedures Manuals Guidelines Prohibitions</p> <p>The Formal SystemRules</p> <p>Physical Control</p> <p>Security Guards Locked Showrooms Vaults Computer Passwords Television Surveillance</p> <p>The Formal SystemRules</p> <p>Manuals</p> <p>Written Instructions Procedures Practices</p> <p>The Formal SystemRules</p> <p>System Safeguards</p> <p> Cross Checking Authorization Safeguarding Assets Internal Control Auditing</p> <p>The Formal SystemRules</p> <p>Task Control Systems</p> <p>Automation Responsibilities Checking Reviewing Reporting</p> <p>Formal Control ProcessGoals and Strategies</p> <p>Rules</p> <p>Other Information</p> <p>Reward (Feedback</p> <p>Strategic Planning</p> <p>Budgeting</p> <p>Responsibility Centre Performance</p> <p>Report Actual Versus Plan</p> <p>Performance Measurement</p> <p>Measurement</p> <p>Review</p> <p>Corrective Action</p> <p>Feedback Communication</p> <p>Types of Organizations</p> <p>1</p> <p> Functional Structure Business Unit Structure Matrix Structure</p> <p>2</p> <p>3</p> <p>Functional StructureCEOStaff</p> <p>Production ManagerStaff</p> <p>Marketing Manager Staff</p> <p>Manager Plant 1</p> <p>Manager Plant 2</p> <p>Manager Plant 3</p> <p>Manager Region A</p> <p>Manager Region B</p> <p>Manager Region C</p> <p>Business Unit StructureCEOStaff</p> <p>Manager Business Unit AStaff</p> <p>Manager Business Unit BStaff</p> <p>Manager Business Unit CStaff</p> <p>Plant Manager</p> <p>Marketing Manager</p> <p>Plant Manager</p> <p>Marketing Manager</p> <p>Plant Manager</p> <p>Marketing Manager</p> <p>Matrix Organization</p> <p>Functional Manager A Functional Manager B Functional Manager C</p> <p>Project Manager X Project Manager y Project Manager Z</p> <p>Functions of the Controller</p> <p>Designing and operating information &amp; Control Systems Preparing FStatements and Freports Preparing, Analyzing, and interpreting financial reports Supervising internal auditing and accounting control Developing personnel in the controller Organization</p> <p>Business Unit Controller</p> <p>Dotted line RelationshipHere the controller reports to BU Manager, who is immediate boss, and ultimate authority in hiring, training, transfer, compensation, promotion, and firing</p> <p>Business Unit Controller</p> <p>Solid line RelationshipHere the controller reports to Corporate Controller who is also boss of the business unit controller and having authority for hiring</p> <p>Alternative Controller RelationshipDotted Line Solid Line Corporate Controller</p> <p>Corporate Controller</p> <p>Business Unit Manager</p> <p>Business Unit Manager</p> <p>Business Unit Controller</p> <p>Business Unit Controller</p>