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Daily Spiritual Meditation Devotional -


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    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataSteen, David A. God of wonders : a daily devotional / David A. Steen.

    p. cm.1. Devotional calendarsSeventh-Day Adventists. 2. NatureReligious aspectsChristianityPrayers and devotions. 3. CreationPrayers and devotions. I. Title. BT695.5.S72 2012 242.2dc23


    ISBN 978-0-8280-2511-9

  • DedicationTo Lynn, my high-fidelity lover, wife of 45 yearsand joyfullycounting. Her life of total commitment to altruistic service, both tome and to others within her sphere of sweet influence, is a powerfultestimony to her close daily walk with the God of wonders. Herinspiration, encouragement, and unfailing support have given mestrength through the long lonely weeks and months of research andwriting. I am, of all men, most blessed. She is truly a Proverbs 31woman, for many daughters have done well, but you [my sweet]excel them all (verse 29, NKJV).

  • Table of ContentsAuthors Note

    January 1: Beginnings

    January 2: One Empty Hummer

    January 3: The Right Stuff

    January 4: A Fine-tuned Universe

    January 5: Sabbath Praise

    January 6: Super Diffuser

    January 7: The Never-Been-Ridden Donkey Colt

    January 8: Wawaiah

    January 9: Free to Choose

    January 10: Purr Pleasure

    January 11: Marriage as a Model

    January 12: Dust to Dust

    January 13: Lessons From Leprosy

    January 14: Antidote for Anger

    January 15: Blackpoll Warblers

    January 16: Ultra-high Mileage

  • January 17: The Sun Seeker

    January 18: Roaring Lions

    January 19: The Mane Story

    January 20: Natures Nonstick Surface

    January 21: Cells on the Move

    January 22: Cleaner Wrasse

    January 23: Singing Trees

    January 24: Sharing Gifts

    January 25: The Case of Fake Eggs

    January 26: Seventy Sextillion and Still Counting

    January 27: An Empty Spot in the Night Sky

    January 28: Gravity Times 10

    January 29: Speaker Recognition

    January 30: Light Codes

    January 31: Bioluminescence

    February 1: Always More to Learn

    February 2: Good Stuff

    February 3: Life Isnt Fair

    February 4: Superglue

  • February 5: Blessings of Bats

    February 6: The Slippery Slope

    February 7: Royal Jelly

    February 8: Solitary Bees

    February 9: Mulberries

    February 10: High Fashion

    February 11: Food

    February 12: Aphids, Part I: Seeking

    February 13: Aphids, Part II: Abundance

    February 14: Wood Thrush

    February 15: Syrinx

    February 16: Frankincense

    February 17: Hyssop

    February 18: The Hiding Place

    February 19: A Tenth of Mint

    February 20: The Nest Cam

    February 21: Quiet Waters

    February 22: Marvelous Deeds

    February 23: Alpha-Amylase

  • February 24: Aphid Pipes

    February 25: Pet Hamster

    February 26: Zombie Ants

    February 27: Apomixis

    February 28: Dandelion

    March 1: Snowflakes

    March 2: Thinking Dirt

    March 3: The Bill of the Toucan

    March 4: Trypanosoma

    March 5: Gibson and Boo Boo

    March 6: Healthy Bones

    March 7: The Armor Bearer

    March 8: Still Clueless

    March 9: Morel Hunting

    March 10: Sweeter Than Honey

    March 11: Umami

    March 12: The Taste of Bitter

    March 13: Breastfeeding

    March 14: On Hunger

  • March 15: Weather Forecasting

    March 16: The Perfect Storm

    March 17: Green Green Grass

    March 18: Programmed Cell Death

    March 19: Splendor of Lilies

    March 20: This Is My Fathers World

    March 21: And to My Listening Ears

    March 22: All Nature Sings

    March 23: And Round Me Rings the Music of the Spheres

    March 24: I Rest Me in the Thought

    March 25: Of Rocks and Trees

    March 26: Of Skies and Seas

    March 27: His Hand the Wonders Wrought

    March 28: The Birds Their Carols Raise

    March 29: The Morning Light

    March 30: The Lily White

    March 31: Declare Their Makers Praise

    April 1: He Shines in All Thats Fair

    April 2: In the Rustling Grass

  • April 3: I Hear Him Pass

    April 4: He Speaks to Me Everywhere

    April 5: O Let Me Neer Forget

    April 6: That Though the Wrong Seems Oft So Strong

    April 7: God Is the Ruler Yet

    April 8: Why Should My Heart Be Sad?

    April 9: The Lord Is King

    April 10: Let the Heavens Ring!

    April 11: Let the Earth Be Glad

    April 12: Forever

    April 13: Own Way Idolatry

    April 14: Eye Contact

    April 15: Memorizing Scripture

    April 16: Christian Environmentalism

    April 17: Birth

    April 18: Growth and Development

    April 19: Hands

    April 20: Seed Germination

    April 21: Flight Training

  • April 22: Bullhorn (Bulls Horn, or Bullthorn) Protection

    April 23: Elephants and Acacias

    April 24: Acacia

    April 25: Arbre du Tnr

    April 26: Hypochondria

    April 27: A Mothers Care

    April 28: Obedience

    April 29: Memory

    April 30: Magnetic Attraction

    May 1: Talking to an Idiot

    May 2: Right Hand

    May 3: One Way

    May 4: Transplanting Trees

    May 5: Threatened and Endangered Species

    May 6: Invisible Life

    May 7: Quick Trip

    May 8: Nanomachines

    May 9: The Tale of Three Phosphates

    May 10: Heart Transplant

  • May 11: Ciclosporin

    May 12: Decorah Eagles

    May 13: Ungulates and Water

    May 14: The Fullness of God

    May 15: How Sweet Is Gods Word

    May 16: Casual Sex

    May 17: Flax

    May 18: Silk

    May 19: Sabbath

    May 20: Saying Grace

    May 21: Violets

    May 22: Sleep

    May 23: Unity in Community

    May 24: The Summer Rain

    May 25: Semamith

    May 26: The Spiders Web

    May 27: Older and Wiser

    May 28: Gashing Figs

    May 29: Docosahexaenoic Acid

  • May 30: Death

    May 31: Blame Game

    June 1: Goose Bumps

    June 2: Stinkpots

    June 3: Raining Bacteria

    June 4: Yoke

    June 5: The Nuclear Pore

    June 6: Eating With Enemies

    June 7: Abundance

    June 8: Wheat Bread

    June 9: The Bread of Life

    June 10: Stale Bread

    June 11: Counterfeit

    June 12: Hugs

    June 13: Meditation

    June 14: Benefits of Meditation

    June 15: Stress

    June 16: Sigh

    June 17: Power of Positive Thinking or Positive Self-talk

  • June 18: The Food Label

    June 19: Gilding

    June 20: Headaches

    June 21: The Contagious Yawn

    June 22: 6EQUJ5

    June 23: Motorcycles

    June 24: Countersteering

    June 25: Humility

    June 26: Walnuts

    June 27: Invisible Katydids

    June 28: Aposematism

    June 29: Self-discipline

    June 30: Mental Focus

    July 1: Weeds

    July 2: Tree of Heaven

    July 3: Cirsium arvense

    July 4: Polydactyly

    July 5: Asparagus

    July 6: Yeast

  • July 7: Palm Print

    July 8: Foundation

    July 9: Cornerstone/Capstone

    July 10: HAPE

    July 11: The High Life

    July 12: By Faith

    July 13: Algae Power

    July 14: Clover

    July 15: Mighty Men of Valor

    July 16: The Vine

    July 17: The Strongest Insect

    July 18: Evolution

    July 19: Bats

    July 20: White Nose Syndrome

    July 21: Sleep Inertia

    July 22: The Celestial Database

    July 23: Judgment

    July 24: Cape Buffalo

    July 25: Brilliant White, Ultra White, Stark White

  • July 26: Incurable Defects

    July 27: Mosquitoes

    July 28: Doubling DNA

    July 29: Packaging DNA

    July 30: The Blind See

    July 31: Aseptic Technique

    August 1: Asparagus

    August 2: Cock-a-doodle-do

    August 3: Troglodytes troglodytes

    August 4: The Skinny on Fat Mice

    August 5: Magnesium

    August 6: The Plasma Membrane

    August 7: Squeezed Into the Mold

    August 8: Christ Is Divine

    August 9: Catbird

    August 10: Light Bearer

    August 11: Geckos Feet

    August 12: Shark Skin

    August 13: Flamboyant Cuttlefish

  • August 14: Goodpasture

    August 15: The Nitrogen Cycle

    August 16: Two-edged Sword

    August 17: Constant Companion

    August 18: War

    August 19: The Magical Setup

    August 20: Stuff

    August 21: Myrrh

    August 22: Fruit of the Vine

    August 23: Connections

    August 24: My Jesus, I Love You

    August 25: Vile, Unclean, Wretched, Despicable, andDetestable

    August 26: Jobs Hedge

    August 27: Pop Culture

    August 28: Trumpet

    August 29: The Cube

    August 30: Wrap Rage

    August 31: Rest on Every Side

  • September 1: Cinnamon

    September 2: Red Blood Cell

    September 3: Keep It Simple

    September 4: The Undivided Heart

    September 5: Antinutrients

    September 6: The Miracle of Hemostasis

    September 7: Meditation on Delight

    September 8: Seek the Lord

    September 9: Sniff, SniffWhat Is That Smell?

    September 10: Hyperspectral Imaging

    September 11: Walking

    September 12: Light of the Lamb

    September 13: The Syllabus

    September 14: Truth

    September 15: One

    September 16: The Checkerboard of Salt

    September 17: Most Assuredly

    September 18: Meditation on Prosperity

    September 19: Power

  • September 20: Glory

    September 21: Wonderful Water

    September 22: Water: Cold, Light, and Hard

    September 23: Eating Together

    September 24: Scale Wings

    September 25: Shining Butterfly Wings

    September 26: Afterimage

    September 27: Taking Pictures

    September 28: Meditation on the Name Joel

    September 29: Harbor Seal Whiskers

    September 30: Refining Gold

    October 1: Heart of Steel

    October 2: Purple Loosestrife

    October 3: Hairy-winged Bats

    October 4: Feral Cats

    October 5: Do Not Be Afraid

    October 6: The Harp

    October 7: My Brethern

    October 8: The Wonders of Wood

  • October 9: Morse Code

    October 10: Teacher Ant

    October 11: No Fear

    October 12: A Beautiful Crash

    October 13: Gopherwood and Bitumen

    October 14: Bats and Wind Turbines

    October 15: Strong Repellent

    October 16: Random Acts of Kindness

    October 17: Cause and Effect

    October 18: Egg to Egg

    October 19: Friends

    October 20: Probability

    October 21: Caddisfly

    October 22: Humus

    October 23: Be Ready

    October 24: Before You Were Born

    October 25: Giraffe

    October 26: Bacterial Sonar

    October 27: Carpenter Ants

  • October 28: The Apoptosome

    October 29: Gardenia

    October 30: Two Great Projects

    October 31: Goats

    November 1: Dic Dic

    November 2: Davids Psalm of 1 Chronicles 16

    November 3: Quick

    November 4: Scarlet and Crimson

    November 5: Trig Point

    November 6: Mystery of Sleep

    November 7: Sleep Disorders

    November 8: Pillow

    November 9: The Sabbath Rest

    November 10: Resurrection

    November 11: DEET

    November 12: Stiff-necked

    November 13: Branding

    November 14: The Prayer of JabezOh, That You WouldBless Me Indeed

  • November 15: The Prayer of JabezEnlarge My Territory

    November 16: The Prayer of JabezYour Hand Would BeWith Me

    November 17: The Prayer of JabezKeep Me From Evil

    November 18: The Prayer of JabezThat I May Not CausePain

    November 19: The Prayer of JabezGod Granted Him WhatHe Requested

    November 20: Gaze Awareness

    November 21: Sweet Cane

    November 22: My People

    November 23: Roll the Credits

    November 24: Nethinim

    November 25: nformation Overload

    November 26: Vision of the Night

    November 27: Shoes

    November 28: In Everything? Are You Kidding?

    November 29: Tomato Fruitworm, Cotton Bollworm, or CornEarworm

    November 30: Secrets

  • December 1: Roundup-ready

    December 2: Navigation

    December 3: Bird Migration

    December 4: Smelly Feet

    December 5: Ant Trails

    December 6: Extermination

    December 7: Skin

    December 8: Belgian Malinois

    December 9: Flute

    December 10: The Gift

    December 11: Performance Anxiety

    December 12: A Hideous Flower

    December 13: Cuetlaxochitl

    December 14: Bitter Herbs

    December 15: Bucket List

    December 16: Heartwood

    December 17: Cymbals

    December 18: Rinderpest

    December 19: Peaceable Fruit: Meditation on Hebrews 12:11

  • December 20: The Attitude of Gratitude

    December 21: Mans Best Friend

    December 22: Mango

    December 23: Today

    December 24: Fresh Every Day

    December 25: The Gift

    December 26: The Jewish Wedding

    December 27: Water to Wine

    December 28: Letters

    December 29: Microsaccades

    December 30: Static Charge

    December 31: No More

  • Authors NoteGod of Wonders is an ever-so-brief compilation of stories that Ihave learned through the years as a professional biologist. Like theprophet Daniel, It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculoussigns and wonders. . . . How great are his signs, how mighty hiswonders! (Dan. 4:2, 3, NIV). Like the psalmist David, I amcompelled to give thanks to the Lord of lords, to him who alonedoes great wonders (Ps. 136:3, 4, NIV). Many, Lord my God, arethe wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None cancompare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they wouldbe too many to declare (Ps. 40:5, NIV).

    So I simply give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; makeknown among the nations what he has done, tell of all hiswonderful acts. Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those whoseek the Lord rejoice. Look tothe Lord and his strength; seek his facealways. Remember the wonders hehas done, his miracles, and thejudgments he pronounced. . . . Declare hisglory among the nations,his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For greatis the Lord andmost worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods. Forall thegods of the nations are idols, but the Lord made the heavens.Splendorand majesty are before him; strength and joy are in hisdwelling place.. . .Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. .. . Give thanks tothe Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. . .. Praise be to the Lord,the God of Israel, from everlasting toeverlasting. Then all the people saidAmen and Praise the Lord(1 Chron. 16:8-36, NIV).


  • BeginningsIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and theWord was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were

    made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that wasmade. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the

    light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.John 1:1-5, NKJV.

    My guess is that you enjoy new beginnings about as much as I do.Plowing the garden in spring, taking out a clean piece of paper towrite down a new idea or sketch a new plan, organizing a newsemester of lesson plans, or (like today) standing on the threshold ofa new yearall are examples of new beginnings that give hope, stiranticipation, and bring on excitement and expectations of the newand the better.

    Since we are made in the image of God, He must enjoy newbeginnings too. I can only imagine the excitement and expectationthat thrilled through His mind as He planned and then created theheavens and the earth and all that in them ismaking something fromnothing as only God can do. He created all of this for His ownpleasure (Rev. 4:11). And being in His image, we get great pleasuretoo by exploring and...


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