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  • 1. Golan Levin Golan Levin

2. Levin's work combines equal measures of the whimsical, the provocative, and the sublime in a wide variety of online, installation and performance media. He develops artifacts and events which explore supple new modes of reactive expression. His work focuses on the design of systems for the creation, manipulation and performance of simultaneous image and sound, as part of a more general inquiry into the formal language of interactivity, and of nonverbal communications protocols in cybernetic systems. Through performances, digital artifacts, and virtual environments, often created with a variety of collaborators, Levin applies creative twists to digital technologies that highlight our relationship with machines, make visible our ways of interacting with each other, and explore the intersection of abstract communication and interactivity. Levin has exhibited widely in Europe, America and Asia. Biography 3. Golan Levin He is known for the conception and creation ofDialtones: A Telesymphony[2001], a concert whose sounds are wholly performed through the carefully choreographed dialing and ringing of the audience's own mobile phones, and for interactive information visualizations likeThe Secret Lives of Numbers[2002] andThe Dumpster[2006], which offer novel perspectives onto millions of online communications. Previously, Levin was granted an Award of Distinction in the Prix Ars Electronica for hisAudiovisual Environment Suite[2000] interactive software and its accompanying audiovisual performance,Scribble 4. Golan Levin Blebs Applet Blebs(Golan Levin, January 1997) was one of my first simulation sketches, a small bouncy cellular toy. In the simulation, "sticky" balls adhere to each other, forming organic arrangements governed by springlike forces. The user can attach, detach, and fling the sticky cells across the canvas. 5. Golan Levin Meshy(1998, revised 2006) is an interactive drawing environment in which the user's strokes scaffold a gauzy mesh of animated elements. The mesh continually bridges the user's two most recent movements; by making new marks, users can tease and torque the mesh in real-time. http://www.flong.com/storage/experience/meshy/ http://www.flong.com/storage/experience/meshy/ http://www.flong.com/storage/experience/meshy/ http://www.flong.com/storage/experience/meshy/ 6. Golan Levin Messa di Voce(2003:Golan Levin ,Zachary Lieberman ,Jaap Blonk , andJoan La Barbara ) augments the speech, shouts and songs produced by two virtuoso vocalists with real-time interactive visualizations. The project touches on themes of abstract communication, synaesthetic relationships, cartoon language, and writing and scoring systems, within the context of a sophisticated, playful, and virtuosic audiovisual narrative.http://www.flong.com/projects/messa/ 7. Golan Levin I chose the previous three examples of his work , however if you would like to see more go towww.flong.com/projects . There are many interesting examples of NetArt, including some of the following: 8. Golan Levin Levin received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the MIT Media Laboratory, where he studied in theAesthetics and Computation Group . Between degrees, he worked for four years as an interaction designer and research scientist at Interval Research Corporation, Palo Alto. Presently Levin is Director of theSTUDIO for Creative Inquiryand Associate Professor of Electronic Time-Based Art atCarnegie Mellon University , where he also holds Courtesy Appointments in the School of Computer Science and the School of Design. His work is represented by thebitformsgallery, New York City.He is also currently involved in a group call TMEMA. For any more information on Levin, visitwww.flong.com /projects. I hope this presentation was as interesting and informative to you as it was for me to research and design. Thank You 9.