Good Shabbos and Welcome! - 2014-04-04آ  Good Shabbos and Welcome! This Shabbos flyer is brought to

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  • Shabbos Youth Programs: • SKIP, 18 months – grade 5, ECD Wing, 9:45am - 11:45am • Mommy & Me, Mommies with children 2 years and under, ECD wing in the Ruach Rainbows classroom, 9:45am - 11:45am. • B’nei BJ, boys grades 2 – 5 with Lawrence Stroll, Board Room, 10:30am. • Nine fif-TEEN Minyan, boys and girls grades 5 - 12, with Rabbi Shalom Yosef Horowitz, Conference Room, 9:15am. Followed by their famous cholent Kiddush. • NCSY Shalosh Seudos with Rabbi Chaim Neiditch, high school boys & girls, between Mincha & Maariv, Carson Room. • Shalosh Seudos with Jonathan Klein boys & girls grades 6-8, between Mincha & Maariv, Youth Lounge.

    Shabbos Classes: (Brought to you by Beth Jacob and Atlanta Scholars Kollel) • Daf Yomi, Rabbi Reuven Stein, one hour before Mincha, Kollel, for men. • Shabbos Morning Chumash Shiur, Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich, 8:15am, Main Shul, for men & women. • Shabbos Shiur for Men, Rabbi Doniel Pransky, 10:45am, Kollel. • 12 Minute Halacha, Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich, following the 9:00am Minyan Kiddush, for men & women.

    Erev Shabbos FRIDAY, APRIL 4 Earliest Candlelighting .........6:42 pm Early Mincha (MS) .................6:25 pm Candlelighting .......................7:42 pm Mincha (DM) .........................7:40 pm

    Shabbos APRIL 5 Shacharis Early Minyan (K) ....................8:00 am Main Minyan (MS) .................8:45 am 9:00am Minyan (DM) ............9:00 am Nine fif-TEEN Minyan (MS) ...9:15 am Adult Beginners (BR) ..........10:00 am Mincha Early Mincha (DM) .... 4:00 & 5:00 pm Mincha (MS) ..........................7:20 pm Maariv Shabbos ends/Maariv (MS) ..8:36 pm Late Maariv (K) ......................8:46 pm

    Weekday WEEK OF APRIL 6 - 11 Shacharis Sunday (DM) .......7:00, 8:00, 9:00 am Mon/Thurs (DM) ...................6:50 am Tues/Wed/Fri (DM) ................7:00 am Mon-Fri (K) ............................7:30 am Mincha Sun - Thurs (K) ......................2:30 pm Mon - Thurs (DM) .................7:45 pm Maariv Sun - Thurs (DM).....following Mincha Sun - Thurs (DM) ...................9:00 pm Sun - Thurs (K) ......................9:45 pm

    Next Shabbos FRIDAY, APRIL 11 Earliest Candlelighting .........6:46 pm Early Mincha (MS) .................6:30 pm Carlebach Minyan (DM) ........6:30 pm Candlelighting .......................7:47 pm Mincha (DM) .........................7:45 pm

    Ilan D. Feldman, Rabbi • Yechezkel Freundlich, Associate Rabbi Dr. Emanuel Feldman, Rabbi Emeritus

    Harvey Steele, Executive Director • Joey Fink, President Mindy Tanenbaum, Preschool Director

    Jodi Wittenberg & Tzippy Teller, Co-Presidents, Sisterhood 1855 LaVista Road Atlanta, GA 30329 • (404) 633-0551 • Fax (404) 320-7912 •

    PARSHAS METZORA APRIL 5, 2014 • 5 NISAN 5774

    Page Numbers Torah Reading: page 620, Haftarah: page 1172

    Good Shabbos and Welcome!

    This Shabbos flyer is brought to you in loving memory of Marlene Mendel, z"l.

    Her light does not go out at night. - Prov. 31

    In honor of Shabbos, the Shabbos flyer will omit non Shabbos information (such as phone numbers, emails, and program costs). Please refer to our emails and website for this information.

    Class Updates • The Shira Smiles class is on break and will resume Sunday, April 27th. • Rabbi Ilan D. Feldman's Sundays & Wednesday Evenings Choshen Mishpat (Advanced study of business-related halachos) class will not meet this Sunday, April 6th. The class WILL meet Wednesday, April 9th and then will be on break. Class resumes Sunday, April 27th. • Rabbi Doniel Pransky's Sunday night Redemption class will meet this Sunday, April 6th and then will be on break. Class resumes April 27th. • The Shimon Shlomo & Margalit Ovadia Great Controversies in Jewish History Course is on break and will resume Monday, April 28th. • Rabbi Yechezkel Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon Advanced Women's class is on break and will resume after Pesach. • Rabbi Doniel Pransky's Wednesday night Shmuel class is on break and resumes April 30th. • Rabbi Reuven Stein is starting a new class on Ruth. Begins after Pesach on Mondays at 12:00pm in the Kollel Franco Room, for men & women.

    Welcome New Members! • Elizabeth Goodman and her children Mia & Jael • Neal & Sara Davis and their son Moshe • Richard & Michael Perez and their children Moshe, Gavriel and Naomi

  • Mazal Tov! • Dr. Carlos Abramowsky & Dr. Rivka Farhi on the engagement of their son, Michael Abramowsky, to Shulamis Proskiw, daughter of Michael & Chasadyah Proskiw of Edmonton, Canada. • Allan & Roberta Scher on the bar mitzvah of their grandson, Ian Proser, son of Andrea & Eric Proser of Dunwoody. • Asher & Amanda Siegelman on the birth of a daughter and to grandparents grandparents, Jan & Rachael Siegelman.

    Thank You to Our Donors! NORMAN RAAB KIDDUSH FUND • Dr. Carlos Abramowsky & Dr. Rivka Farhi in honor of the engagement of their son, Michael Abramowsky, to Shulamis Proskiw, daughter of Michael & Chasadyah Proskiw of Edmonton, Canada. • Eleanor & Larry Bogart have made a contribution to the Kiddush Fund in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary. • Rabbi David, Laura, Ben, & Reena Bogart in wishing a mazel tov to Larry & Eleanor Bogart on their 60th wedding anniversary! May Hashem bless you with much joy! • The Donowitz family in memory of Rabbi Donowitz's parents, Julius & Evelyn Donowitz, z"l. • Gail Raab in honor of Hallie Raab Chasen's Rookie of the Year Award at Coldwell Banker, for selling the most houses, during her first year as a real estate agent. • Chaim & Dana Rubin in welcoming Moshe & Freda (Rubin) Sanders back to Atlanta! • Dr. Myron & Selma Schultz in memory of Myron's mother Ruth Schultz Maltz, z"l. • Regine Rosenfelder & Suzan Tibor in memory of their step-father, Abe Nyssenkorn, z"l. SPECIAL DEDICATIONS • Zahava Kurland made a gift to Growing G-d's Garden in memory of her father, Louis Kurland, Leib ben David, z"l. • Dana Rubin is dedicating the Torah Reading in memory of her precious mother, Feigel bas Noson (Peggy Diamond Smirnow), z"l, on her first yartzeit, Rosh Chodesh Nisan, and with gratitude to Hashem for blessing Dana's life with such a mother. • Amanda's Coworkers are sponsoring the 9:00am Minyan Kiddush in honor of Baby Girl Siegelman recruiting Amanda and Asher as parents. May she be raised by the three pillars; L' Torah, L' Chuppah U'lMaasim Tovim. • Mr. & Mrs. Lenny Levitt sponsored the Nine fif-TEEN Minyan last Shabbos.

    Upcoming Events & Classes • Sundays, April 6 & 13 - Pot Kashering. 10:00am - 12:00pm, Beth Jacob Meat Kitchen. • April 6 - 27 - ASK Pesach Bein Hazmanim Learning Program for Men and Boys of All Ages in Memory of R' Moshe Esral, z"l. Everyday (besides Shabbos and Yom Tov) from Sunday, April 6th - Sunday, April 27th in the Kollel. Shacharis at 8:00am in the Daily Minyan followed by breakfast and learning. A shiur on Pesach topics will be given on some days at 11:00am. • Wednesday, April 9 - Choshen Mishpat (Advanced study of business-related halachos) with Rabbi Ilan D. Feldman. 9:00pm-9:45pm, Franco Room. Business halacha studied and applied to modern situations. • Keep Calm and Join Us for Pre Pesach Meals! Friday, April 11th - Traditional Friday Night Dinner, Shabbos Day Lunch, April 12th, Sunday, April 13th - No Frills Pizza Dinner. Deadline for registration is Monday, April 7th. RSVP to the Shul office.

    • Friday Night, April 11 - Carlebach Nusach Minyan! 6:30pm in the Daily Minyan. Bring in Shabbos with extra ruach, song, dancing and energy. Children welcome! Thank you to Harry Portman for coordinating this Minyan! • Shabbos HaGadol, April 12 - Rabbi Feldman’s Shabbos HaGadol Drasha. Shabbos HaGadol will be a Kehilla Shabbos. • Erev Pesach, Monday, April 14 - Community Chometz Burning and Dumpster for Trash. Torah Day School Parking Lot, 10:00am -12:30pm. A BIG thank you to TDSA for the use of their parking lot!

    MOM'S NITE OUT Beth Jacob Preschool invites all Moms for a fun and relaxing evening to create, nosh, play and just hang out! Wednesday, April 30th, 8:00 - 10:30pm, at the home of Sari Joel. Enjoy a cooking demonstration, manicure, massage, design a serving piece, and light desserts. Its an evening for those who deserve a night out the most…MOMS! Your RSVP in advance is appreciated but walk-ins are welcome. Save the date for the Preschool’s only fundraising event of the year and invite all the mom’s you know!

    Coat Closets - Clear Out for Pesach Please remove all items from the coat closets by THIS Friday, April 11th. Any items left will be locked in storage and will not be accessible until after Pesach. If you have a locker, please remove all non Pesach items from it. Thank you for your help!

    Kittredge Park Opening Festival! THIS Sunday, April 6th, 2014 from 2:00 – 4:00pm, 1520 Kittredge Park Road FUN! MUSIC! FOOD! TOURS! GAMES with PRIZES! Visit the park to celebrate completion of construction funded from DeKalb District 2 and 6 Parks Bond Greenspace accounts. See over a mile of natural trails and other features built with the help of thousands of volunteers, Park Pride, and private donations.

    High Schooler Programming Last Shabbos we had our new monthly High Schooler Shabbos Programming. Twenty- five teens attended a special Kiddush and shiur given by Rabbi Freundlich, lunch at the Freundlich home, and a special girls only Shalosh Seudos with Rifki Freundlich.

    Thank you to our High Schooler Programmin