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Goodbye Alicia!

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A farewell book to our dear friend!

Text of Goodbye Alicia!

  • A new adventures starting,

    Filled with sun, and fun,

    Wed like to wish you luck,

    As your horizons now expand,

    Its time to say Adios,

    Although wed really rather say,

    Nos vemos! Hasta luego!

    Cos well meet again someday.

  • Alicia we will miss you a lot. Since first grade you where with us. I promise I will be in contact

    with you. You could send me an email and when i go to United States in Texas i will go to see you.

    Maripaz Saborio Riba

    Email:[email protected] or [email protected]


  • Alberto Pino

  • Fabio Guevara

  • Ethan Matzelton

  • Nicole Genis

  • Manuel de Mendiola

  • Mariano Jop

  • Ian Keith

  • Isabella Rozados

    Alicia I am going to miss you a lot you

    are one of my best friends. I would like

    that you stay in C.R with us.