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    Tel: 0671 - 2548049/2548077, Fax: 0671- 2548006 E-Mail:


  • Table of Contents

    Chapter Subject Page No.

    I Role of MSME Development Institute in Odisha 1-2

    II Action Plan Activities of MSME-DI, Cuttack during the year 2016-17 3-47

    Odisha State Profile (Industrial) 4

    District Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports 4

    Project Consultancies and Project Profiles 5

    Industrial Motivational Campaigns(IMCs) 5

    Entrepreneurship Development Programmes(EDPs) 6

    Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programmes(ESDPs) 7-8

    Programme under Personal Deposit Account (PD Account) 9

    Awareness Programme on Intellectual Property Rights 9-13

    One-Day Awareness Campaign on QMS/QTT 14-17

    Training Programme for Packaging for Exports 17

    One-Day Awareness Campaign on Product Certification 18-19

    Reimbursement under TEQUP Scheme 19

    One-Day Awareness Campaign on Energy Efficient Technologies. 20-22

    Awareness Programme on ZED 22-26

    Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubator


    Lean Manufacturing 34

    Awareness Programme on Design Clinic 35

    National Level Vendor Development Programme-cum-Industrial Exhibition 36-41

    State level Vendor Development Programme 41-42

    Participation of MSMEs in Domestic Trade Fair under Marketing Assistance & Technology Upgradation Scheme


    National Seminar on Export Marketing 44-45

    Common Facility Services 45

    Reimbursement for Acquiring Bar Code by MSEs 46

    Reimbursement for Acquiring ISO 9000 Certification by MSEs 47

    III Steps taken for promotion and development of MSMEs other than Action Plan activities during the year 2016-17


    Awareness on GST 48

    Odisha MSME Trade Fair 49

    Registration in the Data Bank 50

    Support to MSMEs for Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum 50

    Cluster Development Programmes/Activities Undertaken 51-54

    National Awards - 2015 54

    Awareness on Digital Payment 54

    NSIC registration 55

    Joint Capacity Assessment(JCA) 55

    MSMEDO Officers Training 55-56

  • Chapter Subject Page No.

    Library Work 56

    Letter Received and Despatched 56

    IV Revenue Earned by the Institute 57

    V Reports Prepared by the Institute 57

    Reply on Parliament/Assembly Questions/VIP References 58

    Seminar/Meetings Attended by Officers of MSME Development Institute, Cuttack & its Branches


    VI Use of Hindi 62

    Annexure Publicity in Print Media 63-68

  • ANNUAL REPORT 2016-17

    1 | P a g e



    The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Ministry of Micro,

    Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India, Cuttack along with its two Branches at

    Rourkela and Rayagada has been functioning under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

    Development Organization (MSME-DO), Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,

    Government of India with an objective to promote and develop MSME sector in the state by

    rendering various services. Workshops at Cuttack, Rourkela & Rayagada are providing common

    facility services to the units as well as imparting training to candidates to sharpen their skills to

    improve the productivity in their concerned units.

    The main activities of this Institute includes rendering techno-economic and managerial

    consultancy to the existing as well as new generation entrepreneurs in the field of chemical,

    mechanical, metallurgy, leather and footwear, glass & ceramics, electrical, electronics, hosiery,

    industrial management, economics & statistics etc. besides providing training facilities under

    ESDP, EDP & MDP programmes. Conducting Industrial Potentiality Survey of Districts and

    specific Cluster Studies to have a stock of information regarding various inputs and facilities

    available including surplus resources and demand pattern of the people enabling an

    entrepreneur to set up industries, recommendation under NSIC Registration of MSME units to

    facilitate participation in Government purchase programme, Joint capacity assessment for

    distribution of scarce raw materials, Vendor Development Programme for Ancillary

    Development, Implementation of Public Procurement Policy of Govt. of India, preparation of

    State Profile with exhaustive information on industry, preparation of project profiles & Detail

    Project Reports, Upgradation of Technology, Census & Sample Survey of MSMEs, Conducting

    seminars/ workshops on different themes to create awareness on Intellectual Property Rights

    (IPRs), Export promotion, Zero Deffect and Zero Effect(ZED), Business Incubation etc. and

    guidance for revival of sick units, preparation of Project Profiles and technical reports,

    implementation of NMCP Schemes, Cluster development etc. are also the important activities of

    MSME Development Institute, Cuttack.

    This Institute and its Branches are equipped with techno-economic & managerial

    manpower in different disciplines to render various services. Having a look on the

    backwardness of the state particularly in the industrial sector, there is a need of giving more

    specialized services, training and creates awareness among the people for developing a

    congenial industrial atmosphere for speedy development of MSME sector by utilizing resources

  • ANNUAL REPORT 2016-17

    2 | P a g e

    and skill available with the ultimate objective of furthering the economic growth and employment


    Geographical Coverage of the Institute

    At present, the state of Odisha consists of 30 districts. All the districts have been

    covered under the administrative jurisdiction of this Institute and its Branch Institutes to make

    the services available in an appropriate manner. The districts covered under the jurisdiction of

    this Institute and its Branch Institutes are given below.



    Location of the Institute & its

    Branches Districts covered

    1. MSME-Development Institute, Vikash Sadan, College Square, Cuttack-753 003. Tel- (0671) 2548049, 2548077 (PBX) Fax : (0671) 2548006 E-Mail: Website:

    Cuttack, Jajpur, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Puri, Khurda, Nayagarh, Balasore, Bhadrak, Dhenkanal, Angul, Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Ganjam and Gajapati.

    2. Branch MSME-Development Institute, Industrial Estate, Rourkela Tel- (0661) 2402492

    Sundargarh, Sambalpur, Bargarh, Jharsuguda & Deogarh

    3. Branch MSME-Development Institute, New Colony, Rayagada. Telefax- (06856) 222268 E-Mail :

    Koraput, Rayagada, Nawarangpur, Malkangiri, Kalahandi, Nuapada, Boudh, Kandhamal, Bolangir and Subarnapur.

    Above all, the main Institute at Cuttack looks at the overall needs of the state as a whole

    either through its Branch MSME-DIs or directly.

  • ANNUAL REPORT 2016-17

    3 | P a g e

    C H A P T E R II


    Items No. of Programmes Units / Participants

    IMC 19 1033

    EDP 2 44

    ESDP 17 356

    ZED 4 220

    NVDP 2 121

    SVDP 10 365

    IPR 4 263

    TEQUP (Product certification & EET)

    4 173

    BI Awareness 4 197

    Workshop on Export Marketing 1 80

    Packaging for Export 1 22

    QMS/QTT 3 186

    Design Clinic 2 140

    Other Activities

    Project Profiles 493

    Consultancy Provided 3002

    DIPS Report 30 -

    State Profile 1 -

    NSIC Inspection - 227

    Capacity Assessment - 71

    Common Facility Center(Workshop) No. of units benefited 186

    No. of jobs undertaken 564


    NNoo.. ooff aapppplliiccaattiioonn

    pprroocceesssseedd AAmmoouunntt DDiissppeennsseedd

    ((iinn RRss..)) ISO Reimbursement 2 67,500

    Barcode Reimbursement 17 5,48,713

    Product Certification Reimbursement

    3 3,59,479

    Business Incubation Host Institutions (Cumulative)

    Incubatees (Cumulative)

    18 62

    National Award 2015

    Applications Received 12

    Recommended to NLSC 7

  • ANNUAL REPORT 2016-17

    4 | P a g e

    Odisha State Industrial Profile

    As per the guidelines of O/o DC (MSME), New Delhi the current issue of Odisha State

    Industrial Profile has been prepared under the Action Plan 2016-17. The report works like a

    manual to the entrepreneurs, promotional agencies, financial institutions including banks,

    academic institutions and researchers as a stock of information/data on various aspects like

    availability of natural resources, raw materials, human resources, financial assistance, technical

    services including infrastructure facilities and scope of setting up new industries, role of

    promotional agencies and incentives given and schemes operated, growth of MSMEs, its