Grade8 Unit6 Enjoy Riding Topic1We’re going on a field trip. \\

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  • Grade8 Unit6 Enjoy Riding Topic1Were going on a field trip. \\
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  • Words field trip sunrise raise discuss railway cinema fridge condition comfortable queen airline total draw land
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  • Phrases ; in total come up with in the daytime find out raise money take photos places of interest a two-day visit see the sunrise the sea of clouds book a room on the phone have a wonderful time hear from sb. at the foot of decide on look forward to doing
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  • We will go on a two-day visit to Mount Tai. Lets find out some information about the cost. 1.a two-day visit to 2.find out; information; 3.decide on; field trip Well decide on the best way to go on our field trip.
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  •, telephone number May I have your name and phone number, please? some tickets; Id like to book some tickets to Mount Tai on Friday., with two single beds I want to book a room with two single beds.
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  • 7. look forward to there; nice I am looking forward to hearing from you. The weather there was nice.
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  • Functional item: ( Call for reservation ) Listen to Section B 1a, and fill in the blanks: A; Hello, Beijing Railway Station. Can I ______ you? B; Yes, Id like to ____ some tickets to Mount Tai on Friday morning. A; OK. The train _______ at 9:20a.m. and _______at 3:20p.m.. B; ________ great! And what about the ______? A; We have tickets _____ 120 yuan for the hard sleeper and 180 yuan for the soft sleeper. What kind do you want? B; Id _______ to book 20 tickets for the hard sleeper. A; All right. 20 hard sleeper tickets. Please ______ for them before 5:30p.m.. May I _______ your name and phone number, please? B;_____. Im Li Weikang and my phone number is 82502448.Thanks. A; ______ welcome. Goodbye! help book leavesarrives Sounds price at like pay have Sure Youre
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  • About cost/spend/take/pay 1.They _____ 25 dollars for the book last week. 2. It _____ me 2,000 yuan to buy this camera. 3. It _____ them two hours to finish the work. 4. My brother _____ too much time on the computer. 5. The shoes _____ me 50 yuan. paid cost took spent cost
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  • Sum up: 1. + pay + +for+sth. 2. +spend+ / +on sth/ in doing 3. + cost+ + 4.It takes+ + +to do sth.
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  • Practice in groups: 50$ two hours, go to Shanghai
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  • 1. I have some exciting news to tell you. 2. I want to make a hotel reservation. 3. It is very common to raise money in American schools. 4. The most exciting way is to sell flowers in the evening. 5. Kangkang helped us (to) book the train tickets. Sum up: advise, order, warn, teach and so on. ( ) : want, forget, tell, ask, allow,
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  • 1.Your task is ____________(clean) the playground. 2. It takes me half an hour _________(walk) there. 3. Its dangerous _________(travel) in the forest. 4. Its the best way _________ (go) by bike. 5. Id like _________(buy) a new car. 6. They have many ways _________(raise) money for trip. 7. He wants __________(be) a doctor when he grows up. 8. He decided __________ (build) a new building here. to clean to walk to travel to go to buy to raise to be to build
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  • Project: Talk about the trip
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  • Oral work: 1. Go over todays lesson. 2. Recite the words and phrases. 3. Preview Topic2. Written work: Finish the exercises in the workbook.
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  • Goodbye!