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  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    Lingua InterPret Academy Inc.


    Prepared by: Leah Christine E. Collera

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering



    Day 1- Introduction to Nouns

    Day 2- Introduction to Pronouns

    Day 3- Introduction to Verbs

    Day 4- Introduction to Adjectives

    Day 5- Introduction to Adverbs

    Day 6- Introduction to Proposition

    Day 7- Introduction to Conjunctions

    Day 8- Introduction to Interjections

    Day 9- Introduction to Articles

    Day 10- Parts of a Sentence

    Day 11- Punctuations

    Day 12- Capitalizations

    Day 13- WH-Questions

    Day 14- Questions/ Statements

    Day 15- Phrases/ Sentence

    Day 16- Is There? / Are There?

    Day 17- There is/ There are

    Day 18- Greetings and Expressions

    Day 19- Weather Expressions

    Day 20- Imperatives

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    Unit 1- Introduction to Noun

    A NOUN names people places, things or animals.

    People Places Things AnimalsLeah Korea bag dog

    Christine Philippines pencil cat

    Jenny park eraser elephant

    boy Oxford Street iPhone 5 tigergirl school notebook lion

    I. Underline the noun in the sentences.

    1. The girl is walking.

    2. The elephant is hungry.

    3. Elsie is pretty.

    4. The boy is running.

    5. Michelle is naughty.

    6. Emma is talkative.

    7. The school is big.

    8. The students are noisy.

    9. The cell phone is broken.

    10.The book is thick.

    I. Place the words in the proper box.

    Cell phone Siberian Husky girl mall bookscat mirror

    Eiffel Tower teacher pencil ball pen tigerManila Leaheraser owl John Seoul academy antmother sister

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    A noun that names any person, place, or thing is a common noun.Ex. The girl is beautiful. The car is black. The academyis big.

    A noun that names a particular person, place, or thing is a proper noun.Ex. Christine is beautiful. The Chrysler 300c is black. LinguaInterPret Academy is big.

    Common Noun Proper NounGirl Leah

    Boy Jalbert

    Pencil Parker

    Car Chryslerschool St. Paul College

    Which word in the sentence is a common noun.

    1. Leah is a teacher.

    2. Anne is a student.

    3. BMW is an expensive car.

    4. My mother lives in Greenhills.

    5. Podium mall is located in Ortigas.

    6. Mcdo is a famous restaurant.

    7. The monkey at the zoo looked at Se Yeon.

    8. Hackers is a Korean Book.

    9. iPhone 5 is a very good cell phone.

    10.Jalbert is an engineer.

    People Places Things Animals

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    Write 2 proper nouns for each common noun.

    1. Pencil __________________________________________________

    2. Cell phone __________________________________________________

    3. Car __________________________________________________

    4. School __________________________________________________

    5. Street __________________________________________________

    6. Teacher __________________________________________________

    7. Coffee shop __________________________________________________

    8. Shoes __________________________________________________

    9. Perfume __________________________________________________

    10.Sport __________________________________________________


    I. Underline the correct answer.

    Ex. My cousin is going to Korea next month. Proper noun/CommonNoun

    1. Jalbert enjoys skydiving. Proper noun/Common Noun

    2. Tom is collecting toy cars. Proper noun/Common


    3. My mother is cooking spaghetti. Proper noun/Common


    4. The students are wearing black shoes. Proper noun/Common


    5. The teachers are having a meeting. Proper noun/Common Noun

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    6. Mrs. Eugenio is talking to her son. Proper noun/Common Noun

    7. Samsung will launch their new phone on March. Proper noun/Common


    8. Starbucks is a famous coffee shop. Proper noun/Common Noun

    9. The academy is located in Pasig City. Proper noun/Common Noun

    10. J.Co is a famous donut shop in Manila. Proper noun/Common


    II. Circle the correct answer.

    1. Coffee a. common noun b. proper noun

    2. School a. common noun b. proper noun

    3. Books a. common noun b. proper noun

    4. Grammar Sense 1 a. common noun b. proper noun

    5. Alice a. common noun b. proper noun

    6. Honda Civic a. common noun b. proper noun

    7. Parker a. common noun b. proper noun

    8. Country a. common noun b. proper noun

    9. Asia a. common noun b. proper noun

    10.Disney land a. common noun b. proper noun

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    III. Give a proper noun for each common noun.

    1. Car ______________________________________

    2. Book ______________________________________

    3. Pencil ______________________________________

    4. Computer ______________________________________

    5. Cell phone ______________________________________

    6. School ______________________________________

    7. Building ______________________________________

    8. Place ______________________________________

    9. Country ______________________________________

    10.Continent ______________________________________

    11.Beach ______________________________________

    12.Mountain ______________________________________

    13.Jewelry ______________________________________

    14.Salon ______________________________________

    15.Bag ______________________________________

    16.Pants ______________________________________

    17.Cd ______________________________________

    18.Airplane ______________________________________

    19.Hotel ______________________________________

    20.Company ______________________________________

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    Unit 2- Introduction to Pronoun

    A pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun.

    When you talk about a group you are part of or yourself, you use the

    pronoun we or I. When you talk about your friends, members of your

    family or other people, you use the pronouns he, she and they.

    When you talk about things, you use the pronoun it.

    Examples:The girl has an iPod. The boy has an XBox. The dog


    She has an iPod. He has an XBox. It


    I. Replace the underlined words in each sentence with He, She, It, We, or


    1. The girl listened to music at lunch. __________ listened to music at lunch.

    2. The boy played games after dinner. __________ played games after dinner.

    3.The cat climbed onto the kitchen table. __________ climbed onto the kitchen table.

    4. My brother is in high school. __________ is in high school.

    5. The mall was filled with hundreds of people. __________ was filled with

    hundreds of people.

    6. My mom took us to the beach last week. __________ took us to the beach last


    7. The book is very old. __________ is very old.

    8. The computer is not working. __________ is not working

    9. My best friend is singing. __________ is singing.

    10. My classmates are noisy. __________ are noisy.

    11. John and I are going to school. __________ are going to school.

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    12. My mom and dad are watching TV. __________ are watching TV.

    13. My sister and I are cleaning our room. __________ are cleaning our room.

    14. Grammar book is easy to understand. __________ is easy to understand.

    Personal Pronoun represents specific people or things. We use them

    depending on:

    - number: singular (ex: I) or plural (ex:we)

    - person: 1st person (ex:1), 2nd person (ex:you) or 3rd person (ex:he)

    - Gender: male (ex:he), female (ex:she) or neuter (ex:it)

    - Case: subject (ex:we) or object (ex:us)

    Examples Singular: Anne goes to school. She goes to school.

    Plural: Christian and I are eating. We are eating.

    II. Replace the underlines word by a personal pronoun. Write a capital letter if


    1. Ellen is a nice girl. _________________________________

    2. The windows are open. _________________________________

    3. The milkman is late today. _________________________________

    4. The camera doesnt work. _________________________________

    5. Where are my glasses? _________________________________

    6. Joanna and I are going to the cinema. _________________________________

    7. Jacky is at school. _________________________________

    8. Sam is in her room. _________________________________

    9. Is Paul a dentist? _________________________________

    10.Louise is not my mothers friend. _________________________________

  • 7/28/2019 Grammar Entering


    III. Write the correct Personal Pronoun.

    1. My name is Cenon. _________ am a policeman

    2. Raven isnt from Korea. ________ is from the Philippines.

    3. Anne and I are thin! _________ are top models.

    4. Benny, Miffy and Shane arent thin. _________ are kind of heavy.

    5. Raymond Cruz is Jennifers husband. __________ and his family are from the


    6. My doctor is from Germany. __________ is a very good doctor.

    7. His friends are so strong. ________are athletes.

    8. Her name is Jacqueline. __________ is from Seoul, Korea.

    9. Are Sed and Joanna models? __________ are so pretty!

    10.Her cl