Grandma's First Computer

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"Grandma's First Computer" is a beautifully illustrated book which children of all ages will love and learn from. It tells an endearing story about a grandma who purchases a computer only to find herself in a perplexing situation; she knows nothing about computers. Will her grandson Timmy be able to help her?

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Written by Linda Hayes

Illustrated by Acesgraphics

Published by LuLu.com

New Castle, DE

Copyright © 2008

Linda Hayes

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be

reproduced or distributed, in any form, without the

express written permission of the author.

ISBN 978-0-557-01609-9

This book was inspired by, and is dedicated to,

my son Lawrence and his Grandma Sylvia.

Grandma finally bought her first computer.

She was very happy.

After it was delivered, Grandma nervously

thought, “Oh dear, now that I have a computer,

how do I hook it up, and how do I use it?”

Grandma asked her friends at the senior

center for help, but just like Grandma, they knew

nothing about computers.

Then one day, Grandma received a surprise

visit from her grandson, Timmy.

“Grandma, what’s in the big box?” Timmy


“It's my very first computer,” Grandma

answered proudly; “but I don't know how to hook it

up or how to use it.”

“I'll help you Grandma.” Timmy said excitedly.

“It's easy.”

Soon Timmy was busy hooking up Grandma's

computer. First, he connected the monitor,

the keyboard...

the speakers,

and the modem (used to connect computers through a telephone line),

to the system unit (the brains of the computer).

Then he plugged everything into the surge

protector. (A cord with many plug outlets, which protects a computer

from being damaged by too much electricity.)

“Almost done,” said Timmy. “All I have to do

now is connect the mouse.”

“MOUSE,” shouted Grandma. “Did you see a

mouse?” “Oh my,” she thought. “Kitty must not be

doing her job.”

“Not that kind of mouse Grandma,” Timmy

laughed. “I’m talking about the device used to move

the cursor.”

“Curser,” Grandma gasped. Then she scolded,

“If anyone tries to use bad language around here, I

will wash their mouth out with soap!”

“No Grandma,” Timmy quickly explained. “A

cursor is a movable symbol or pointer that shows

your position on the screen.”

“Oh, silly me.” Grandma said feeling rather


“It’s okay Grandma,” said Timmy. “Now that

your computer is all hooked up; it's time to connect

to the web.”

“Oh my,” Grandma declared. “Mice, cursors,

now spider webs! “This is all so confusing!”

“Not spider webs,” Timmy giggled. “We're

going to connect to the World Wide Web, otherwise

known as the Internet.”

Timmy then held his head and sighed, “Oh

Grandma, you've got a lot to learn about


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