Graphic Package Checklist - h Package Checklist: Graphic Kit ... when used as a graphic should install the Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express ... Install all safety signs,

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  • Graphic Package Checklist:

    Graphic Kit Copy of Drawings Installation Instructions Emergency Contact Numbers Safety Tips Information Sheet Hotel Etiquette Information Sheet Caution Construction Zone Signage Please Use other Entrance Signage Instructional DVD for Graphic Installation

    Please take into consideration of the Hotel Propertys Guests,

    installations should be scheduled between 10am and 4pm.

    3M Warranty only applies if installed when temperatures are

    between 40 and 100F. Property Managers are aware of this.

    Very Important: Property Manager must sign the Completion Form

    upon installation! Payment is generated by this form!

    Any questions please contact the Graphics Project Manager

    Carole Korner Coastal Installations, Inc. 9 Hunter Road Suite F Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 Toll Free (800) 952-2725 Local (843) 341-6789 Fax (866) 341-7535

  • Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express Installation Instructions

    These instructions are to be used with the drawings supplied in the graphics kit.

    Only individuals experienced with the installation of 3M Fasara films particularly

    when used as a graphic should install the Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express

    graphic kits.

    Please review the Graphic Installation Video included with this kit, prior to


    Caution: Decals and other miscellaneous placards and decals appearing on top portion of

    glass doors should be removed prior to installation of Door Graphics, depending on local code


    Each graphic kit contains an arc element that is either 8 or 16 in width. The 16 kit also

    includes at least 4 sets of blocks/logo squares that have been masked for ease of installation.

    The 8 kit has at least 2 sets of logo squares. The blocks are of two designs. One set includes

    a logo for the left and right center doors the other set (if a 16 kit) are just blocks (see

    drawings) for the outer right and left doors.

    All graphics are to be installed on the INTERIOR of glass only unless otherwise instructed!

    Please follow these guidelines for installation of the arc element:

    1. Arc element is to be installed first and before logo squares

    2. The arc is to be centered in the doorway and trimmed on right and left sides.

    3. There are two possible installations of the arc (see drawings).

    4. If, while positioning arc for installation, arc element comes down to cross bar on the

    far left side it should stop at cross bar. Arc element should never extend below or

    across cross bar at center of door.

    5. Arc element should not have any less than 2.5 depth at far right edge.

    6. If you can position arc by butting top edge and the installation will meet the above

    criteria then only the left and right side of the graphic will be trimmed. Otherwise the

    graphic will need to be raised and trimmed across the top as well.


  • Please follow these guidelines for installation of the logo squares/blocks:

    1. Logo squares/blocks are to be installed after the arc element.

    2. Blocks without the logos are to be used to fill in the far left door/side light as long as at

    least three blocks can be used (see drawings).

    3. There should never be any less than three squares used on any section of entry glass.

    4. The blocks that contain the logo are to be used on the center doors only on the 16

    graphic. Please note that there are specific left and right logo blocks (see drawings).

    The 8 doors only include the logo blocks.

    5. The height of the blocks may vary per site due to various door types. The blocks

    should be at least 1-2 inches above the center cross bar. Be sure to install blocks level

    and proportionate to arc (see drawings).

    Please be sure to review drawings in detail before installation. Refer to

    drawings and sample pictures of actual installations to insure proper

    installation of graphics. If you have any concerns before or during application

    please call:

    Carole Korner Coastal Installations, Inc. 9 Hunter Road Suite F Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 Toll Free (800) 952-2725 Local (843) 341-6789 Fax (866) 341-7535

  • Emergency Contact Numbers

    Graphic Package Installation

    If you should encounter any difficulties

    during the Graphic Installation, please feel

    free to contact the Project Manager.

    Carole Korner Coastal Installations, Inc. 9 Hunter Road Suite F Hilton Head Island, SC 29926 Toll Free (800) 952-2725 Local (843) 341-6789 Fax (866) 341-7535

  • Safety Tips

    Think! Be Smart! Install all safety signs, caution tape, etc. Put down Safety Cone in front of entrance doors Block off Entrance Doors so guests cannot sneak


    Do not run power cords in front of doors, guests might trip and fall

    Install Towels & Tarp so guests dont trip Pick up excess film and liner, guests might slip and


    Do not leave tools and ladders laying around, guests might slip and fall

    Keep a clean and neat working area If Hotel has electric slider or swing door, make sure

    you turn off during film installation and turn back

    on when installation is complete

    Never leave the job unattended, not for one minute! Make sure you take your breaks before or after film


    Make sure at least one person is at the installers site at all times during the installation

    Be Alert!

  • Hotel Etiquette

    Remember, you are representing 3M

    Acknowledgement: Please inform Hotel Managers and Staff of your arrival and inform them of your

    installation schedule and which doors you are going

    to be installing the graphics on

    Parking: Park in designated space. Do not block the Entrance for Guests

    Politeness: Please be polite and courteous Dress: To Impress. No tank tops, no cut off sleeves,

    or torn or untidy clothing

    Language: No Profanity or vulgar language. No insulting or demoralizing conduct

    Noise: Be professional, no loud noise as not to disturb the guests. No Radios, no Cell Phones during

    film installation

    Smoking: No Smoking on Hotel Property. If you must Smoke, please smoke in your vehicle and

    please do not discard your cigarettes butts on Hotel


    Clean Up: Cleaning is a must. Wipe everything down and pick up. Remove all trash from

    installation area.

    Leave your Job Site better than you found it!

  • Caution: Caution: Caution: Caution:

    Entrance Closed for Graphic Installation

    Please Use Other Entrance. Thank you.

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  • DVD Revision There has been a change made to the graphics since the video was shot. We no longer use two different types of film so there is no need for the template when installing a Holiday Inn Express.