Graphic Representations of prepositions. in above

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Graphic Representations of prepositions

Graphic Representations of prepositionsinabovebelowAbove and belowthroughbetweenOverHe walked over the hillThe bird flew over the fieldThe plane flew over the hillHe climbed over the fenceInspired by Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things George LakoffOver

The car drove over the bridge

On and inTaken from Cognitive English Grammar by Gunter Radden and Rene Dirven Places: In, On, At, Surfaces:On the floorOn the wallOn the pageOn the menuOn a busOn Kernan Street

the storethe mallschoolmy hotelthe bar

At work

ATINCity: in Bangkok

Country: in the USA

In a field

In the backyard

ONWhy in and atIn At

Think of it as a pointThink of it as an area Time: In, On, At, Time: 8 am, noon, 6 pm

At night

ATONINDays of the week: Monday, Tuesday

Dates : on the 25th, on the firstMonth and Date: On September 20thHolidays: on Christmas, On Valentine's day

Months: in February

Years: in 2011

Decades: in the 80s

Centuries: in the 21st century

In the morningIn the afternoonIn the eveningIn, at, onIn the morning, I wrote several emails, attended a meeting, and completed the report In the afternoon I left work early and went to the dentist.In the evening, I made dinner, studied English, and watched Friends.12 pmnoonAbout 5 or 6 pmAt 3 pmHe went to a meeting at 3.On SaturdayInSometimes we use in to emphasize we are indoorsI was in the buildingI am in my hotel

Maybe its raining outsideWhy are you there?In School

In the hospitalAt the school

At the hospital

Take it easyOn vacationOn holidayOn break

PositionsNext toTo the left of/to the right of


PositionsIn front of

PositionsAcross from (across the street fromopposite

PositionOn 1st street

PositionOn the corner of ____ and ______