Great Britain London. A Trip to London Lets get on the bus

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Great Britain London Slide 2 A Trip to London Lets get on the bus Slide 3 Welcome to London If a man is tired of London he is tired of life (Samuel Johnson) Slide 4 The Tower of London Slide 5 The kings and queens of England lived there in the past, and it was also used as a prison. Nowadays it is a museum Slide 6 Buckingham Palace Slide 7 Buckingham Palace is the official home of Queen Elizabeth II Slide 8 Inside the Palace there are 600 rooms Slide 9 State banquet room Slide 10 The Houses of Parliament. Its the home of the UK Parliament Slide 11 The green-coloured House of Commons Chamber Slide 12 The red-coloured House of Lords Chamber Slide 13 Big Ben Big Ben in the tower of the Houses of Parliament Slide 14 Big Ben bell Big Ben it is the large bell in the tower, which rings regularly to tell the time Slide 15 The Tower Bridge the oldest bascule bridge in the world Slide 16 The Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames and it can be raised to let ships go up and down the river. Slide 17 Saint Pauls Cathedral it is the largest protestant church in the UK Slide 18 Harrodsdepartament store Harrods a large departament store where rich and fashionable people go to shop. It is owned by Mohammed Al Fayed who bought it in 1985 for 615 million. Slide 19 Harrods is one of the most famous stores in the world, and is known for selling any kinds of expensive and unusual goods. Slide 20 Trafalgar Square is where Nelsons Column stands, and is also known for pigeons which come there and are fed by tourists Slide 21 Piccadilly Circus a round, open area in central London, where several streets join together, famous for advertising signs made of neon lights Slide 22 advertising signs neon lights Piccadilly Circus is famous for advertising signs made of neon lights and . Slide 23 for the statue of EROS (= in Greek mythology, the god of love) in its centre Slide 24 Canary Wharf Tower, the tallest building in the UK Part of the Docklands area in the East London includes Canary Wharf Tower, the tallest building in the UK Slide 25 London Eye (Millenium Wheel). 135 metres high Slide 26 capsulespod Passengers ride in a special transparent capsules called pod 32 Slide 27 Thats the end of our trip Lets get off the bus