Great Tips On How to Pan For Gold

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  1. 1. Great Tips On How to Pan For GoldSince the California Gold Rush of 1848, people have been looking to make a quick buck off mining for theprecious, yellow metal called gold. But what if you dont have the resources to mine as the larger corporationswould? What if youre just a starting hobbyist with a lot of heart and not a whole lot of cash? Then gold panningis the way to go.Panning for gold is probably the undemanding forms of mining there is. Aside from the materials being cheapand easy to find, its also one of the most environmentally friendly forms of mining as there are no chemicalsused and no stripping of the terrains natural vegetation. But first, one must have the right tools for the job.For a complete experience, one will need rubber boots, gold pans, a small shovel, a small bottle and tweezers.As a precaution, also buy maps of your prospective area to get an overall feel for the land. All of these neednot be expensive; in fact, many experts agree that because gold panning is so simple, the results only vary onskill level. Once you have all of the tools then its time to learn how to pan for gold.1.Find a stream to pan in. Take the time to research where gold has been found in your area, just because ithas a history doesnt mean theres no more gold left. Over time, through rain and natural stream progression,several deposits of gold might actually have been stored in that place. It is also smart to check for black sandas this is a good indicator of denser material being stuck in the body of water.2.Find a spot where the water is just deep enough to completely submerge your pan but also steady and slowenough so that you can see and monitor what youre doing. Once youve found this spot, dig a few handfuls ofdirt with your shovel and put it in the pan.3.Break down any and all of the hard clumps of material and fill the pan with water. By swirling the pan, thesand or gravel should come upwards while the gold stays at the bottom as it is made of heavier substances.When a lot of the fragments have come up, scrape them off with a free hand and repeat the process asnecessary.4.By the end of a few cycles, any gold you may have will have been stuck to the bottom of the pan. You canstore your gold in the small bottle using tweezers. If youre lucky, you may have samples that are big enough tobe picked up by your bare hands.There are no short cuts on how to pan for gold but with skill, luck and determination, even the most amateurgold panning enthusiast can have a modest collection of gold dust or nuggets. Just keep panning!For more information on Gold Mining Equipment, including other interesting and informative articles and photos,please click on this link: Great Tips On How to Pan For Gold