Great ways to save money on car insurance

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  • 1. Great Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance Sometimes it feels like owning a car is a money pit. You pay for gas. You pay for maintenance. You have to pay for tires and oil changes and insurance. At times it becomes just plain tiring. Why not find small ways to ease the burden on your pocket book? Take insurance for example. There are several ways you can find discounts on car insurance. Take advantage of these simple ideas when you are shopping for car insurance. Do Research The easiest way to save on car insurance is to do your research. Do not just sign up with the first company that you find. Go online and search for car insurance in your area. Simply enter Auto Insurance in Frisco (or wherever you may live) and you will get a whole list of possible providers. Look through each of these providers and find out which offers the best deal for your needs. Sometimes providers will have discounts if you take care of all your insurance needs with the same company. Data Trackers Data trackers are the new trend that auto insurance providers are pushing. They are small devices provided by the company that you keep in your car to track your driving habits. Insurance companies love to collect data about their customers and this device allows them to do so. The discount may not be huge, but every little bit helps. If you are cool with being spied on, contact your auto insurance provider and ask them if they have a data tracking program. Be a Safe Driver Practicing intelligent and cautious driving is another way to receive a fat discount on your insurance premiums. Insurance companies want to insure as many safe drivers as possible. Safe drivers do not cost them any money. Dangerous drivers get in accidents and force their insurance providers to fork over cash. To encourage safe driving, providers often offer discounts if you have a clean record and maintain that clean record over time. Introductory Price Promotions As a hook for new customers, auto insurance providers will frequently offer introductory discounts. These discounts can be pretty hefty and they last for up to six months. If you are really hurting for cash, you can hop from introductory discount to introductory discount. With the amount of insurance companies out there offering these discounts, you can float for two years on discounted insurance. Pay for Insurance Up Front Lastly, you can always receive discounts by paying for six months or a year of insurance up front. If you are willing to pay a large sum up front, it will save you in the long run. These

2. discounts can also be pretty substantial, so look into them. There are always ways to save on car insurance. Take advantage of every way you can to save some of your hard earned cash. Contact your insurance provider today to see if they have any ways for you to get discounts on your policy.