Greek Art Part 2 - fsusd. Art History Greek Art – Part 2 Mrs. Cook 1. What ... What was the Canon of Polykleitos?

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  • APArtHistoryGreekArtPart2Mrs.Cook1. WhathistoricaleventmarksthebeginningoftheCLASSICALera?(124)2. ReadthepowerfulstorytoldintheEastPedimentoftheTempleofZeusinOlympia.Howistheseeran

    exampleoftheCLASSICALera?3. WheredoesthefamoussculptureKritiosBoygetitstitle?(128)4. ThefamousstanceofthissculpturewhichnowbecomescommonplaceintheCLASSICALeraiscalledc_____.

    (129)5. Readthemethodinwhichabronzesculptureismadeonpage130.Mostarenotawarethatitinvolvesclay,

    wax,andbronze.Brieflydescribestage1,2,3,and4ofthisprocess.6. AreRomancopiessuchastheDiscussThrower,betterorworsethantheirGreekoriginals?(131)7. LookatPolykleitossculptureTheSpearBearer.Nowreadtheinsertonhisprescriptionfortheperfectstatue

    on132.Whatdidhebelievemadeastatueperfect?WhatwastheCanonofPolykleitos?8. WherewasthesculptureofPericlesmostlikelydisplayed?Theoneinyourbookisaherm.Whatisthat?(133)9. Putthefollowingbuildingsinorderofwhatwasbuiltfirst,second,etc.ontheAcropolis:Erechtheion,

    Parthenon,Propylaia,andTempleofAthenaNike10. ThemathematicalformulafortheParthenonis9:?WhowerethetwoarchitectsfortheParthenon?(135)11. ListtwooftheopticalillusionsoftheParthenonthatthearchitectsusedtotricktheviewerandpleasethe

    eye.12. AlthoughtheParthenonisDoric,ithassomeIoniccontamination.Listone.13. Themetaphorsandmythologicalcontestsportrayedontheshieldandsandalsallcarriedoutthethemeof

    Greecestriumphoverthe____________________.14. WhereontheParthenondotheThreeGoddessesappear(137)?15. UnliketheParthenon,theErechtheionishighlyasymmetrical.Whygivetworeasons.(140)16. WhatisthemostfamousandstrikingpartoftheErechtheion?(141)17. Whatisthenameofafemalesculpturewhichalsofunctionsasacolumn?(141)18. WhatarchitectdesignedtheTempleofAthenaNike,andwhatCLASSICALorderarethecolumns?(141)19. In Geometric times they used kraters to mark grave sites of the wealthy, but in Classical times they place____.(142) 20. What type of vase is a lekythos? Explain White-ground technique. (142) 21. What is unusual about the arrangement of figures on the vase by the Niobid Painter? (143) 22. Who defeated Athens in the Peloponnesian War? (144) 23. Important: How does this event reflect itself in the change of artistic style? (145) 24. How did Praxiteles sculptures differ from prior sculptures such as those by Polykleitos? (145) 25. What was so unusual about his Aphrodite of Knidos? Praxiteles is also famous for his ________ eyes. (145) 26. What is a hallmark of Praxiteles sculptures that is evident in the Hermes and the Infant Dionysus? (146) 27. What was Skopass hallmark in the Late Classical Period? (146) 28. What is the difference in mood with the Stele of Hegeso (5-57) and the Grave Stele of a Young Hunter 5-64? (147) 29. What was the new canon of proportions for Lysippos? (147) 30. How does The Scraper break out of the traditional rectangular box of earlier times? (147) 31. Why do you think Lysippos chose to make his statue over ten feet tall? (148) 32. Who is the only sculptor that Alexander the Great trusted with his portrait? (148) 33. How are the mosaics, like the one of the Stag Hunt by Gnosis, similar to a red figure vase? (149) 34. What is tesserae? (150) 35. Read the story behind this battle in this stunning mosaic. Who is the main in the shield on the broken chariot? (150) 36. Epidauros boast the finest _____. Explain the architectural shape. (151) 37. What marks the beginning and end (dates and events) of the Hellenistic period? (153) 38. What is hypaethral? (154) 39. What is the Hippodamian plan? (154) 40. What is a stoa? 41. The Altar of Zeus appears the ever famous Greek theme: The battle of the ____ against the _____. (156) 42. Why is the Nike of Samothrace considered one of the best examples of Hellenistic art? (158)

  • APArtHistoryGreekArtPart2Mrs.Cook43. With Hellenistic Art, we are now more commonly confronted with female __________ as with the Venus de Milo. What

    was her left hand once holding? Who sculpted the Venus de Milo? (159) 44. In Aphrodite, Eros, and Pan, how is Eros depicted differently than earlier Classical times? (159) 45. Whereas Archaic art looks at you, Classical look away, and Hellenistic art is often portrayed in a ______________. 46. Although the athlete is a common theme in Greek art, the Hellenistic era has no problem showing a very emotional and

    even defeated aspect to the athlete. Describe some of the flaws of the defeat on the Seated Boxer 5-86.(160) 47. Why was the Hellenistic era much more likely to portray an old struggling woman (5-87) than the Classical era?(161) 48. What aspects of Demosthenes personality did Polykleitos capture in his statue 5-88? (161) 49. In the famous Laocoon sculpture, why were Laocoon and his two sons being strangles by serpents? (162) 50. If Greece was peculiarly the inventor of the European spirit, Rome was its ___________ and its ___________.


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