Greek Cultur e Quest By: Abby Haywood. Ancient Greek art, architecture, and writing Greek art was very influential masterpieces. Greece had many sculptures

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  • Greek Culture QuestBy: Abby Haywood

  • Ancient Greek art, architecture, and writingGreek art was very influential masterpieces.Greece had many sculptures and monuments.Greek architecture was based around religion and had many large and beautiful templesGreek writing used pronunciation, numbers, and the alphabet to write letters, fables, and stories during the time of Ancient Greece.

  • Map of Ancient Greece

  • Major Greek GodsAphrodite: goddess of love, romance, and beauty, her son was Eros, god of loveApollo: beautiful god of the sun, light, medicine, and musicAres: dark god of warArtemis: independent goddess of the hunt, the forest, wildlife, and the moon, sister to ApolloAthena: daughter of Zeus, goddess of wisdom, war, and craftsDemeter: goddess of agriculture and mother of PersephoneApolloArtemis

  • Major Greek GodsHephaestus: lame god of fire and the forgeHera: wife of Zeus, protector of marriage, familiar with magicHermes: the speedy messenger of the godsHestia: calm goddess of the home and symbolized by the hearth which holds the continually burning of flamePoseidon: god of the sea, horses, and of earthquakesZeus: supreme lord of gods, god of the sky, symbolized by the thunderboltPoseidonZeus

  • Trojan WarLegendary conflict between the early Greeks and the people of Troy in western AnatoliaDated later to the 12th or 13th century BCThe war lasted 10 yearsIt ended when the Greeks pretended to withdraw leaving behind them a large wooden horse with warriors inside.When the Trojans brought the horse into their city, the hidden Greeks opened the gates who then attacked Troy, killed all its men, and carried off its women.

  • Famous HeroesHercules: he grew up to become the hero who beat the odds time and again, performed amazing, often helpful tasks, and yet was full humanAchilles: he was the best warrior in the Trojan war, he was dipped in the Styx River and was then unbeatable except his ankle where he wasnt dippedTheseus: he was the hero of Athens, he saved the people of Athens from having to send off their children as sacrificesOdysseus: he came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse, and he also survived 10 years of war and then 10 years at sea then he came home, only few Greeks did that


  • Famous MonstersCyclops: one-eyed giants, that considered humans foodCerberus: a three headed, flesh-eating hound that was so fierce that even the gods fear him, he was a watchdog in the land of the deadSphinx: she had the head and chest of a women, bird wings, and a dogs body, she asked people who walked by to solve a riddle, if they failed she would have destroyed or devoured themMedusa: the once beautiful and loved women was turned into a snake-headed monster, and if you took on glance at her you would have turned into stone.


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