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  • Document belonging to the Greek Mythology Link, a web site created by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek MythologyCharacters Places Topics Images Bibliography Espaol PDF EditionsAbout Copyright 1997 Carlos Parada and Maicar Frlag.

    This PDF contains portions of the Greek Mythology Link COMPLETE COLLECTION, version 0906.

    In this sample most links will not work.

    THE COMPLETE GREEK MYTHOLOGY LINK COLLECTION (digital edition) includes:1. Two fully linked, bookmarked, and easy to print PDF files (1809 A4 pages), including:

    a. The full version of the Genealogical Guide (not on line) and every page-numbered docu-ment detailed in the Contents.b. 119 Charts (genealogical and contextual) and 5 Maps.

    2. Thousands of images organized in albums are included in this package.

    The contents of this sample is copyright 1997 Carlos Parada and Maicar Frlag.

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  • Greek Mythology LinkContents

    The Greek Mythology Link is a collection of myths retold by Carlos Parada, authorof Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology, published in 1993 (available atAmazon). The mythical accounts are based exclusively on ancient sources.Address: www.maicar.comAbout, Email.Copyright 1997 Carlos Parada and Maicar Frlag.ISBN 978-91-976473-9-7


    I Abbreviations 2

    II DictionariesGenealogical Guide (6520 entries)Geographical Reference (1184)



    III Biographies (209) 530

    IV GROUPS (56) 1096

    V Places and Peoples (34) 1284

    VI On the MythsGetting acquainted with the mythsBasic aspects of the Greek mythsBrief history of the Greek mythsThe Munificence of the MythsThe Children of the MythsThe Ages of the WorldThe Era of ZeusMeeting Medea or not"Is it True?"Mythological Variants in Isidore's Etymologies


    VII Events (in chronological order):Myths of CreationCastration of UranusTitanomachyThe Ages of ManThe Flood of Deucalion 1The DANAIDS kill their husbandsGigantomachyThe Voyage of the ARGONAUTSCalydonian Boar Hunt (CALYDONIAN HUNTERS)The War of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBESThe War of the EPIGONIThe Trojan WarDares' Account of the Destruction of TroyThe Last Days of TroyAftermath of the Trojan War and ReturnsOdysseus kills the SUITORSThe Wanderings of AeneasSummaries of the Trojan CycleThe Return of the HERACLIDESColonization of IoniaRomulus & the Foundation of Rome



    VIII DivinitiesMajor DivinitiesImmortalsOther deities


    IX MiscellaneaThree Main AncestorsRobe & Necklace of Harmonia 1The PelopidesMythical ObjectsThe PalladiumWineSuicidesMurdersThe Seven Sages of GreeceSing goddessCroesusDisney's and the original Hercules comparedThe Exile of the Gods - Edward GibbonA Mythological Sketch - Margaret FullerEpimetheus (one-act play)



    X GreekThe Greek Alphabet, and note about itGreek-Latin CorrespondencesNames of Characters in Greek Script


    XI Bibliography (ancient authors)Bibliography (in chronological order)Bibliography (order of events)Bibliography (modern authors)


    XII Indices 1602

    XIII Catalogue of Images(Images illustrating the texts: ca. 631)


    XIV About the Greek Mythology LinkGGGM


    XV Charts and MapsGenealogical Charts (105)Contextual Charts (14)Mythological Maps (5)