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Greek Titans

1IntroductionInGreek mythology, theTitanswere a primeval race of powerfuldeities, descendants ofGaia(Earth) andUranus(Heaven), that ruled during the legendaryGolden Age. They wereimmortalhuge beings of incredible strength and stamina and were also the firstpantheonof Greco-Roman gods and goddesses.CronusCronus was the titan of time & the king of the titans. He was married to the titaness, Rhea.

RheaRhea was the tiatan of motherhood, comfort & ease.

OceanusOceanus was the titan of the sea.

TethysTethys was the titaness of fresh water & wife of Oceanous.

HyperionHyperion was the titan of light. his name means "he who watches above".

ThemisThemis was the titaness of law & order.

MetisMetis was the titans of wise counsel.

CoeusCoeus was the titan of intelligence.

KriosKrios was the titan of heavenly constellations.

AtlasAtlas was the titan general. After the war of the titans, Zeus punished him. so he had to hold up the sky.

Prometheus was the titan of forethought & crafty council. He fought on the gods' side during the titan war, therefore he was not punished. he also gave fire to mankind.Prometheus

MnemosyneMnemosyne was the titans of memory and the mother of Muses.

PheobePheobe titaness of the Moon. She was also mother of Leto.

In conclusion The Greek Titans were quite the big deal during the Golden Age and still are for many people today.

By Shankarshan Dubey Conclusion