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  • Green Day is a punk rock band formed in the United States in 1987in East Bay, California. The band consists of Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool


  • Green Day has some famous Album
  • here is a list of these discs:

5. Ano lbum Gravadora 1990 39/Smooth Lookout! Records 1992 Kerplunk Lookout! Records 1994 Dookie Reprise Records 1995 Insomniac Reprise Records 1997 Nimrod Reprise Records 2000 Warning Reprise Records 2004 American Idiot Reprise Records 2009 21st Century Breakdown Reprise Records 6.

  • In 1990, Billie met Adrienne Nesser on one of the Green Day concert in Mankato, Minnesota, whom he married on 2 July 1994. Next day the ceremony of marriage, Adrienne discovers that she is pregnant. They have two sons: the first Joseph 'Joey' Marciano Armstrong was born on 28 February 1995 and the second Jakob Danger Armstrong was born on 12 September 1998. Adrienne is the founder of Adeline Records with producer Armstrong.


  • He married his girlfriend of long standing, Anastasia in 1996. in April 1997, they had a daughter Estella-Desiree (his nickname for her is "Hero"). The couple is divorced. Mike married again in 2004 but divorced again in the same year. Today is the boyfriend Brittney Cade, who had a son born on 11 October 2008, named Brixton Michael.


  • In March 1995, married with Tre Lisa Lyons, his girlfriend, and together had a daughter, Ramona. They recently got a divorce, but are still great friends. Tre was married again in 2000 with Claudia, and had another son, Frankito (born 2001), and already divorced.


  • *She
  • *American Idiot
  • *Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • *Are we the Waiting
  • *St. Jimmy
  • *Holiday
  • * Wake me up when September Ends
  • *The Saints are Coming
  • *Basket Case