Green Seattle by Jonathan Zygmunt, Kathryn Bower, Kayla Gates, & Conner TenHove.

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Green Seattle

Green Seattleby Jonathan Zygmunt, Kathryn Bower, Kayla Gates, & Conner TenHoveNatural Features of SeattleClimate: Described as oceanic or temperate, with cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Half of the citys annual rainfall occurs from November through January.Biome Factors:Seattle does have a rainforest so many consider it a temperate rainforest biome. Many others consider it an alpine biome due to its average elevation above sea level.Plant Native to SeattleAcer pseudoplatanus: Sycamore Maple The sycamore maple is well adapted to the Seattle area because of its tolerance to wind, urban pollution, and lower summer temperatures.In our city, we can plant many trees like the sycamore maple along roads to beautify a new Seattle.

Natural Features of SeattleTopography: Located on Puget Sound. Seattle is at sea level, with the highest elevation being 520 ft above sea level. The city was built on 7 adjacent hills. It is home to several freshwater lakes, the largest being Lake Union with 580 acres. The city covers a total of 91.56 square miles of land area and 3.068 square miles of water area. On average, about 7250 people live in every square mile.Animal Native to SeattleGreat Blue Heron: Large bird, slate-gray bodyThey inhabit sheltered, shallow bays and inlets, sloughs, marshes, wet meadows, and lakes and rivers which are present in SeattleTwo major nesting colonies are within city limitsKiwanis Ravine and North BeachNesting sites within the city are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the rivers and bodies of water they inhabit are protected from constructionThe bodies of water surrounding the city make Seattle a perfect environment for the Great Blue Heron

Energy, Food, and WaterEnergy: On the outside of the city limits and on the shores of Puget Sound we have wind turbines, which will provide enough energy for the city.Food: Hydroponic farms in various warehouses throughout the city will provide fresh produce. Other food items that cannot be grown within city limits can be imported from other places.Water: Our city will be designed so that there are various sections where the streets will be sloped slightly downward so that strategically placed drainage pumps can continuously collect fresh rainwater which will then be collect at a water treatment facility in the center of the city.

Waste Reduction and RecyclingTransportation of SeattleAs a city, we will implement a city bike program in which we make more bike lanes for bikers. The cost of bikes will be lower so that almost everyone in the city will be able to afford them. We will make our city walkable with wide sidewalks as well.In addition we will have 2 electric car manufacturing plants to produce electric cars. This will take the burden off of relying on natural gas to get to around the city.Living and WorkingIn the redesigned Seattle, people will live in newly built eco-friendly homes in denser neighborhoods to conserve land for open space use. Closer to the downtown, high rise apartment buildings will serve individuals or families seeking to live closer to their workplace.

Living and WorkingSeattle residents will work in various fields, but the majority of the jobs will be in the vicinity of the central business district. This means most will be able to bike or walk to their jobs. For those working in the car manufacturing plants on the outskirts, they will travel about half an hour or less in their electric cars. Many of these residents will carpool with colleagues to work to be even more efficient. Carpooling is encouraged by the Seattle city government.Wildlife AreasWe will make more protected wildlife preserves along the coast of Puget sound that will make good habitats for the organisms that live in Seattle.It will give more room and resources for them to survive and thrive in. It will especially be beneficial for the Great Blue Heron who likes to stay by large bodies of water.


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