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Greening Australia Vic Capability Statement

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Greening Australia Victoria's 2009 Capability Statement

Text of Greening Australia Vic Capability Statement

  • 1 | Capability Statement

  • 2 | Capability Statement

    Greening Australia (VIC)

    10 Buckingham Drive

    Heidelberg, VIC

    03) 9450 5300

  • 3 | Capability Statement

    Our Organisation About Us Greening Australia is a solutions-driven organisation that

    is doing something practical about Australias

    environmental problems. We do much more than simply

    plant trees. Greening Australia tackles critical issues like

    salinity, declining water quality, soil degradation, climate

    change and biodiversity loss through an innovative blend

    of practical experience, science, community engagement

    and commitment. With a network of over 350 staff in 80

    locations across the continent and support of a further

    1200 volunteers, Greening Australia lives and works with

    people from remote, regional and metropolitan

    communities. As Australias premier advisers on

    vegetation management, Greening Australia is

    passionate about protecting and restoring the health,

    diversity and productivity of our unique landscapes.

    Apolitical and not-for-profit, Greening Australia partners

    with business, government and community organisations

    to achieve outstanding environmental outcomes.

    Since its foundation in 1982, Greening Australia has

    pioneered innovative partnerships and successfully

    managed large and small projects. With a clear focus on

    delivering the requirements of a defined project within

    budget and on time, Greening Australia successfully

    works with a range of stakeholders in government,

    business and the community.

    Our Vision A healthy, diverse and productive environment treasured

    by the whole community.

    Our Mission To engage the community in vegetation management to

    protect and restore the health, diversity and productivity

    of our unique Australian landscapes.

    Company Information ABN Greening Australia Ltd 40 002 963 788

    (Deductible Gift Recipient status)

    ABN Greening Australia (Vic) 74 120 231 530

    ACN Greening Australia (Vic) 120 231 530

    About Us

  • 4 | Capability Statement

    Our People Project Staff & Specialists Greening Australia has staff located right

    across the state and around the country, that

    whilst based in regional teams, join together

    to form project teams depending on the

    needs of the task at hand. Our skill base

    ranges from highly qualified ecologists and

    planners, education and community

    engagement specialists, to practical on-

    ground technicians. Collectively, our staff

    have a vast amount of expertise, experience

    and skills, ensuring the consistent delivery of

    exceptional natural resource project

    management. gghh

    Our Board The Board of Greening Australia (Vic) has a

    unique blend of skills encompassing the

    environment, business, education,

    government, communications and the law.

    Board President, Emeritus Professor Barry

    Hart has a high public profile as an educator

    and scientific researcher, who seeks to convert

    research knowledge into a form that can be

    used by resource management agencies and

    industry. Together, the Board members

    contribute a wealth of experience, knowledge

    and expertise as they guide corporate

    governance, and assist the management team

    and Chief Executive Officer. Our Board

    members represent a significant resource for

    Greening Australia Victoria and also to those

    organizations with which we partner.

    Our People

  • 5 | Capability Statement

    Vegetation Management Greening Australia (Vic) offers key biodiversity

    and native vegetation management services to

    a diverse range of corporations, government

    agencies, community groups, clients and

    partners across the state. These services are

    focused on assisting stakeholders to achieve

    their environmental objectives through

    effective environmental management and


    Technical support and advisory

    services in-house expertise & strong


    Biological and ecological assessments

    (flora, fauna, net gain)

    Conservation Action Planning

    Technical advice on biodiversity and

    native vegetation management

    Technical advice on rehabilitation and

    revegetation techniques

    GIS mapping and GPS capabilities

    Vegetation quality assessment

    Expert advice on rehabilitation


    Specialist knowledge of native

    vegetation communities

    Property advisory services for

    landholders/land managers

    Project management and

    implementation - practical experience

    in on-ground action

    Design and management of

    conservation and restoration projects

    Development of Environmental and

    Site Management Plans

    Site planning, preparation and

    implementation of vegetation

    management and revegetation works

    Advanced skills and experience in

    revegetation of degraded landscapes

    Indigenous seed supply and


    Development of specialist revegetation


    Monitoring and evaluation you cant

    track what you dont measure!

    Monitoring and evaluation of

    conservation and revegetation


    Scientific trials

    Auditing of environmental outcomes

    Community Engagement Greening Australia (Vic) delivers professional

    education and training services providing

    capacity building in the natural resource

    management, environmental and agricultural

    sectors. This includes natural resource

    managers, farmers, government agency staff,

    indigenous communities, teachers and

    community based volunteer groups.

    We offer the full range of training consultative

    processes from needs analysis to post

    implementation evaluation and as a not-for-

    profit organisation our aim is to provide training

    in accordance with our mission in the most

    sustainable way. Our focus is practical events

    and delivering the best information in a broad

    range of formats, including:

    training events including forums,

    seminars, field days and one-off or

    multi-day courses

    education tools such as how to

    manuals, webtools or induction CDs

    community engagement involving

    school planting days or demonstration

    sites for capacity building

    Our Work

  • 6 | Capability Statement

    Indigenous Approach Greening Australia has been involved over

    many years with community capacity building

    in environmental management, enhancement

    and protection. As part of this core business

    Greening Australia has been working closely

    with the Indigenous Communities to achieve a

    number of important outcomes including

    on-ground projects, community education,

    cultural awareness training and community

    capacity building.

    Greening Australia is working with Indigenous

    Communities to highlight Indigenous values in

    the landscape. Greening Australia is the

    preferred environmental contact for Wandoon

    Estate and with Wurundjeri Tribal Land

    Council, the indigenous corporations which are

    currently being considered as Registered

    Aboriginal Parties under the new Cultural

    Heritage legislation.

    These programs have all been well received

    by participants and supported by the

    Indigenous Communities. The engagement of

    traditional owners is essential in these

    programs and Greening Australia has worked

    on maintaining excellent relationships with the

    traditional owner groups.

    Cultural Field Days give Traditional Owners an

    opportunity to share their stories in their words,

    speaking on country, looking at the landscape

    and examining the resources available. It is

    our aim to provide participants with

    Indigenous perspectives of the land and

    relevant information about site management.

    Greening Australia has developed the Cultural

    Heritage Guidelines and Engagement

    Protocols for the Port Philip Catchment

    Management Authority. These protocols

    provide a guide about when CMA staff should

    contact Indigenous Communities and what sort

    of engagement is appropriate. It is framed

    within the context of the Aboriginal Cultural

    Heritage Bill 2006 and draws careful attention

    to the impacts of working in culturally sensitive


    Schools for the Environment Program This Schools for the Environment program

    has been developed to address the

    biodiversity gap in school communities across

    Victoria and provides Greening Australia with a

    tangible contribution to the local community,

    the local environment and practical education

    of our children. Schools for the Environment

    combines schoo- based education with local

    volunteer group expertise to strengthen

    communities and create genuine

    environmental outcomes.

    The program has been purposefully designed

    to complement Zoos Victorias Stewards for

    Sustainability program and the Australian

    Governments Australian Sustainable Schools

    Initiative (AuSSI), both programs well


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