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<ul><li><p>GRIFFITHS &amp; CHARLES </p><p>Lot Description </p><p> Sale Price </p><p>1 </p><p> 94cm (37") two over two pine chest of drawers on turned bun feet with washstand back </p><p> 100.00 </p><p>2 76 cm (30") marble top washstand with decorative tiled back plus 30" (76cm) distressed washstand </p><p> 35.00 </p><p>3 67 cm (26") carpenter's box and tools 45.00 </p><p>4 19 cm (48") commode box 5.00 </p><p>5 97cm (38") heavy pine blanket box with brass handles 70.00 </p><p>6 </p><p>230 cm (48") mahogany two over three drawer chest of drawers with glass handles </p><p> 30.00 </p><p>7 </p><p>76 cm (30") mirror back dressing table plus 46 cm (18") oak occasional table + oak whatnot </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>8 </p><p>Bedroom suite circa 1910/20 comprising inlaid bedhead, tailboard + frame plus 70 cm (42") marble top washstand and back plus 50 cm (41") three drawer dressing with oval bevelled edge mirror </p><p> - </p><p>9 76 cm (30") blanket box 35.00 </p><p>10 220 cm (48") pine kitchen table 40.00 </p><p>11 single grandfather armchair 65.00 </p><p>12 old antique mangle with enamel top 15.00 </p><p>13 </p><p>450 cm (57") key wind dining table on columned legs plus six high backed dining chairs </p><p> 80.00 </p><p>14 84 cm (33") gate leg drop leaf table 5.00 </p><p>15 </p><p>Circular oak table plus carved stool and Indian style octagonal inlaid small occasional table </p><p> 20.00 </p><p>16 Elliptical bevel edged wooden framed mirror 15.00 </p><p>17 57 cm (22") small glazed ebony style cabinet 35.00 </p><p>GRIFFITHS &amp; CHARLES Fine Art, Antiques &amp; Collectables </p><p>Auction Sale Results Saturday 7th December 2013 </p></li><li><p>18 Pair of wooden skis + boots 25.00 </p><p>19 78 cm (31") wide blanket box with metal handles 30.00 </p><p>20 </p><p>Painted pine four drawer chest of drawers measuring approx 91.5 cm (36") x 45 </p><p>cm (17) x 76 cm (30") 65.00 </p><p>21 </p><p>Lloyd loom style wicker chair plus laundry box both in original brown paper wrapping and string </p><p> 50.00 </p><p>22 Old travelling trunk 5.00 </p><p>23 56 cm (21") fabric topped piano stool with assorted sheet music </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>24 88 cm (2 ft 11") washstand with two drawers </p><p> 20.00 </p><p>25 Mahogany toilet mirror with two drawers 5.00 </p><p>26 Brass hinged wooden coal box 5.00 </p><p>27 Painted cupboard + sideboard 45.00 </p><p>28 Cream painted modern corner cabinet - </p><p>29 Grandmother clock 25.00 </p><p>30 Tea trolly, barley twist table &amp; and Victorian single chair 55.00 </p><p>31 Merry Tiller type scuffers + attachments + spare engine and road wheels 20.00 </p><p>32 Garden roller and sundry tools 10.00 </p><p>33 Two stroke strimmer 5.00 </p><p>34 Two old meat safes 15.00 </p><p>35 BSA ladies bike, pre-war hub brake and dynamo 37.00 </p><p>36 Oak distressed drop leaf table with set of four oak high back dining chairs 10.00 </p><p>37 Set of six modern chunky wood dining chairs 10.00 </p><p>38 Large wooden framed bevel edged mirror 5.00 </p><p>39 Bureau with bookcase top - </p><p>40 Pair of very old cast iron garden seat bench end and middle rail 65.00 </p><p>41 Circular occasional table plus octagonal leather topped drinks cabinet 5.00 </p><p>42 Spinning Jenny 45.00 </p></li><li><p>43 </p><p>Glass ceiling light, oak biscuit barrel plated ware, Bells whiskey jar drilled for a lamp </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>44 </p><p>Sundry china, comprising commemorative, plates, cheese dishes, wade plus sundries </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>45 </p><p>Sundry plated ware including cutlery and assorted metalware and wooden cased canteen of cutlery </p><p> 15.00 </p><p>46 Assorted Royal Worcester china inc :- Evesham ware and palissy 15.00 </p><p>47 Art deco style yellow and black tea set 25.00 </p><p>48 </p><p>Retro Worcesterware metal shelf with four matching food tins, plus matching bread bin </p><p> 25.00 </p><p>49 </p><p>Metal box containing wooden box, tins, lighters, vintage horse toy, radio valves plus sundries </p><p> 10.00 </p><p>50 </p><p>Oil on board of horse in stable signed Edward Welch 1895 plus two cattle prints by D Shevvia </p><p> 55.00 </p><p>51 </p><p>Assorted china comprising Sylvac jug, mixing bowl, assorted glassware plus boxed Royal Doulton, Wedgwood and Bradford plates </p><p>5.00 </p><p>52 Assorted china inc. Crested ware Staffordshire style figurines and oriental ware </p><p>5.00 </p><p>53 Ornately carved wooden desk set with two distressed glass ink bottles </p><p>30.00 </p><p>54 Box of assorted decorative china inc. Midwinter cake stand </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>55 Oak biscuit barrel, various jugs and vases, tankards, plus 1937 coronation ware </p><p>5.00 </p><p>56 </p><p>Royal Doulton decorative stagecoach decoration dinnerware comprising :- fruit bowl, 5 bowls, 5 small bowls, 2 large bowls, and 1 dessert bowl plus Royal Doulton South African series lion plate </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>57 Blue and white decorative dinner ware </p><p> 3.00 </p><p>58 5 pieces of Hornsea animal vases </p><p>2.00 </p><p>59 Assorted plated ware including tankards etc </p><p> 15.00 </p><p>60 </p><p>Selection of wooden trays with Bakerlite tray plus retro suitcase and round convex mirror + 325 engineer park tray </p><p>10.00 </p><p>61 </p><p>Assorted costume jewellery including Stratton cufflinks, snakeskin bag, old leather cigarette case and small leather suitcase </p><p> 20.00 </p><p>62 </p><p>Dandy book, Gnasher toy, old Observer books and cards, 1958 BR Holiday Handbook plus assorted books </p><p> 10.00 </p></li><li><p>63 Framed oil on board of coastal scene plus other painting oil on board 40.00 </p><p>64 Elliptical painted artist board decorated with kingfishers </p><p>5.00 </p><p>65 Two mantle clocks, one wooden and one bakerlite 5.00 </p><p>66 </p><p>Assorted brass and metalware including brass oil lamp and horse brasses plus assortment of cutlery in box </p><p> 30.00 </p><p>67 WW1 Trench art 1916 - 18 15.00 </p><p>68 </p><p>Two china dressing table sets, hunting tea pots, pair of decorative china vases and candlesticks </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>69 Beswick Toby jug 281 "Tony Weller" </p><p> 10.00 </p><p>70 </p><p>Selection of treen including Guinness barometer nautical nutcracker and bellows plus two opera glasses, colonial money bank a/f and mauchlin ware paper knife </p><p>35.00 </p><p>71 </p><p>Fauna Hornsea jug a/f duck bookends, small fauna Hornsey vase plus assorted decorative china </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>72 Large quantity of continental figurines and crested ware </p><p>30.00 </p><p>73 </p><p>Tin of old packets of unopened tea. Sold for advertising purchases only, not for consumption </p><p> 30.00 </p><p>74 Coronation ware and ephemera 5.00 </p><p>75 </p><p>Fairground china, lady with a dog, metal horse and trainer on wooden plinth base and Rayanna horseshoe </p><p>20.00 </p><p>76 Selection of wooden cased micrometers, Moore and Wright, Sheffield 45.00 </p><p>77 </p><p>Unusual metal casket jewellery box plus assorted wristwatches lighters and leather wallets </p><p> 100.00 </p><p>78 </p><p>Large quantity of old coins and notes in wooden tray plus medals and Royal Marines pin </p><p>25.00 </p><p>79 </p><p>Wooden brass banded music jewellery box containing costume jewellery plus two diamante hair combs' </p><p> 20.00 </p><p>80 </p><p>Wooden jewellery box (broken hinges) with inner tin tray and abalone banding to edge containing costume jewellery plus blue plastic oriental box black lacquer box and crystal palace mauchlin ware box </p><p>70.00 </p></li><li><p>81 </p><p>Distressed HM silver cased pocket watch, HM silver cased decorative ladies pocket watch, HM silver cigarette case with inner inscription lus other jewellery and HM silver propelling pencil with leads </p><p>65.00 </p><p>82 </p><p>Boxed "gold" flower pin inset with seed pearls, assorted 9ct gold jewellery inc. Inset brooch and pins plus boxed 22 ct gold plated cufflinks </p><p>55.00 </p><p>83 </p><p>Boxed HM 18 ct gold ring with insets (possibly garnets and seed pearls) heart shaped white metal jewellery box, HM 0.375 rose gold ring and HM 375 rose gold ring in shape of a belt and buckle </p><p>70.00 </p><p>84 22ct gold ring plus small HM 22ct gold ring </p><p>170.00 </p><p>85 Box of costume jewellery </p><p>5.00 </p><p>86 Rare Nestle Milky Bar kid horse money box </p><p> 10.00 </p><p>87 Les Parson oil on canvas framed approx 16 x 12 of young girl in wood </p><p>5.00 </p><p>88 Oil on canvas of woodland lake approx 30" x 18" - Les Parson 15.00 </p><p>89 Old wooden cased mantle clock and oak cased clock 15.00 </p><p>90 Old blow lamps and sundries 10.00 </p><p>91 </p><p>HM silver cased distressed pocket watch, white metal full hunter John Bennett pocket watch Stadion stopwatch and chrome pocket watch </p><p>35.00 </p><p>92 </p><p>9ct gold cased rotary wristwatch marked 375 inscribed on back plus belt buckle design 9ct gold ring and broken 9ct gold monogram ring </p><p>90.00 </p><p>93 </p><p>Assorted lot including old pens, pencils, ruler, coins, plus HM silver heart pot with gilt inside HM silver watch fob and sterling silver mounted victory badge </p><p>60.00 </p><p>94 </p><p>Stratton music notes compact (unused) Stratton fishing rod tie pin in box, Kigu convertible compact (unused) and boxed Vogue vanities dragon decoration compact with puff (unused) </p><p>50.00 </p><p>95 Quantity of costumer jewellery including boxed pearl necklaces </p><p> 45.00 </p><p>96 </p><p>Inset ring marked 375, inset 18ct gold ring, rolled 9ct gold bangle, rolled gold locket and chain plus assorted cufflinks </p><p>60.00 </p><p>97 </p><p>Royal Worcester West Highland White Terrier brooch, plus boxed Royal Worcester Floral brooch and Wood Pigeon Royal Worcester brooch a/f </p><p>50.00 </p></li><li><p>98 Watercolour of coastal scene signed Hugh Dawley </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>99 </p><p>Pair of watercolours of Scottish loch and castle scenes - one signed A M ......... In gilt frames </p><p> 10.00 </p><p>100 Ornately carved wooden fretwork smoking cabinet 35.00 </p><p>101 Two small wooden mantle clocks plus retro metal alarm clock 45.00 </p><p>102 </p><p>Old case of curios comprising of Worcester ware, cutlery, plated ware, fairground dogs and sundries </p><p>30.00 </p><p>103 Papier mache oriental style tea caddy with tin liners </p><p> 95.00 </p><p>104 </p><p>Quantity of assorted teaware and china including Torquay ware, Dresden small jug and vase and Beleek jug and cup </p><p>40.00 </p><p>105 Selection of jugs and vases including Masons jar and Doulton Lambeth pot </p><p>70.00 </p><p>106 </p><p>One large coloured blank of Greek lady with urn plus large Royal Worcester white figure of water carrier a/f </p><p>50.00 </p><p>107 </p><p>Large Royal Worcester blue bowl, 3 Royal Worcester coasters Palissy boxed dish and spoon set. Boxed floral Royal Worcester pin tray, orange and gold Royal Worcester crown ware pot, Royal Worcester cup and saucer, 4 Royal Worcester ash trays and red pin tray </p><p>80.00 </p><p>108 </p><p>Two Royal Worcester white baskets - shape numbers 429 a/f + G441 plus white blank basket, white Royal Worcester face jug and pot pourri bowl plus other white china </p><p> 30.00 </p><p>109 </p><p>Royal Worcester white salt shape 349 white 'yellow grunt' 3576 a/f plus other white and coloured blank china </p><p> 27.00 </p><p>110 </p><p>Unmarked china fox plaque, two Royal Worcester thimbles, two Royal Worcester miniature Toby jugs, Royal Worcester miniature blush ware jug, 2 Royal Worcester tri handled miniature jugs plus boxed Royal Worcester 1953 Coronation brooch </p><p>100.00 </p><p>111 Royal Worcester "Grandmother's Dress" figure plus coloured blank figurine </p><p>20.00 </p><p>112 Royal Worcester "India" figurine with puce mark by F. G. Doughty (slightly a/f) </p><p>50.00 </p><p>113 </p><p>Royal Worcester "My Pet" figurine modelled by F. G. Doughty 105.00 </p><p>114 </p><p>Royal Worcester figurines "Sorrow" and "Joy" both with puce marks modelled by James Hadley </p><p> 50.00 </p><p>115 Quantity of blue and white china and sundry assorted china </p><p> 5.00 </p></li><li><p>116 </p><p>Royal Worcester dinnerware including "Mansfield" meat and dinner plates (approx 14 pieces), "Aspreys" meat plate, "The Duchess" meat plate, assorted dinner plates, floral pot and other blue and white china </p><p>25.00 </p><p>117 </p><p>Quantity of Royal Worcester ovenware in brown, green and white plus other white china </p><p> 10.00 </p><p>118 </p><p>Royal Worcester "Dunrobin" dinnerware including dinner plates x 5, meat plates x 1, side plates x 12, bread and butter + cake plate, fruit bowl, x 4 fruit plates, 6 cups, 13 saucers, 2 tureens, gravy boat, milk jug and sugar bowl </p><p>85.00 </p><p>119 Cased canteen of cutlery plus basket of assorted cutlery 35.00 </p><p>120 Old violin in need of TLC in case with bow 20.00 </p><p>121 </p><p>Assortment of old fishing equipment, some in bags, including split cane rods, landing hook, large umbrella, Milbro split cane rod in bag. </p><p>65.00 </p><p>122 </p><p>Box of old magazines including "Understanding Science" from the 1960's and the Illustrated London News </p><p> - </p><p>123 </p><p>Boxed Ingersoll ladies wristwatch, boxed Edwardian 9 ct gold bar brooch with inset peridot and seed pearls plus part set of boxed shirt studs </p><p>20.00 </p><p>124 </p><p>Assorted silver jewellery inc. Rings and a brooch plus EPNS cigarette case, shell jewellery box and unusual small egg pot </p><p> 25.00 </p><p>125 9 ct gold bracelet with marks of "9" on each link and 375 on the clasp </p><p>125.00 </p><p>126 Four 9 ct gold rings with insets plus rolled gold ring with insets </p><p>70.00 </p><p>127 </p><p>Royal Worcester Rose dec. Pin tray with pink mark singed E Reavell, fruit dec Royal Worcester pin tray with pink mark signed A Shuck with damage plus Royal Worcester kingfisher thimble with signature </p><p>45.00 </p><p>128 Gold coloured 1823 George IV 2 coin in 9 ct gold brooch mount </p><p>30.00 </p><p>129 Royal Worcester "Tuesday's child is full of grace" in original condition 70.00 </p><p>130 Oak cased mantle clock with inscription plus wall mirror and brush set </p><p>6.00 </p><p>131 Assorted lot of old cameras, radio and old boxed Wilkinson Sword razor </p><p>6.00 </p><p>132 Two metal fire hearth surrounds plus old beatrice heater </p><p> 5.00 </p><p>133 </p><p>Set of six Royal Worcester coffee cans and saucers in original packaging - unused </p><p> 35.00 </p></li><li><p>134 Brass coal bucket, electric coffee kettle plus assorted metal ware 10.00 </p><p>135 Assorted pressed and cut glass including old etched goblets 5.00 </p><p>136 Bedroom jug plus three china wash bowls and a slipper bed pan 5.00 </p><p>137 </p><p>Quantity of miniature pink and yellow Royal Worcester roses, some individually marked </p><p> 15.00 </p><p>138 </p><p>Royal Worcester "May time" by Doris Lindner a/f and x 5 Royal Worcester dog figurines a/f </p><p> 30.00 </p><p>139 Two unmarked white possibly Royal Worcester figurines </p><p>20.00 </p><p>140 Quanti...</p></li></ul>


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