Group Project Self and Peer Assessment

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peer assessment sheet


<p>Scientific Communication 102 and 202</p> <p>BIOL2273: Principles of the human biologyGroup Participation: Peer and Self AssessmentUse the marking system below to rate the contribution of each member of your group - including yourself. For each contribution, rate each member and yourself as follows:</p> <p>NeverRarelySometimesAlmost AlwaysAlways</p> <p>01234</p> <p>Please complete this form as accurately as possible. Your responses are confidential.</p> <p>Your Program: Your nameOther group members names</p> <p>Your Group Topic:</p> <p>Contribution to group projectRatingRatingRatingRatingRatingRating</p> <p>Did s/he attend group meetings?</p> <p>Did s/he participate in discussions?</p> <p>Did s/he complete the allocated tasks?</p> <p>Did s/he meet the agreed deadlines? </p> <p>Did s/he complete a fair share of the work?</p> <p>Totals for each student</p> <p>Please provide reasons to justify the rating you have given yourself (You must complete this section).</p> <p>Feel free to add any other comments you have in relation to your group work (optional)</p>


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