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  • .GSD Announces.. .

    New Prices for HP 2000 Volume 2, Number 16, July 1, 1977 -


    GSD Announces . . . New Prices for HP 2000 . . . Page 19

    AMD NEWS Division News Users Group Meeting J SeverslAMD [ 31 Product News Software Subscr~ptlon Servce for DTS-70 E Isacson~AMD [ 31 Sales Aids New DTS-70 Sales L~terature E Isacson~ AMD [ 31

    BOISE NEWS Product News L~ne Pr~nters From HP vs Dataproducts Corp S R~chardson BOISE [ 41 Standard HP Characters Sets The Difference can be Important1 S Rlchardson BOISE [ 41 Sales Aids Used Equipment Sale S Davls BOISE [ 41

    DMD NEWS Division News DMD Marketing B Hokei DMD [ 61 7920, The Winner . . . . . B HokelDMD[ 61

    DSD NEWS Product News More HP 1000 Enhancements to Malntaln Performance Leadersh~p J McCabeiDSD [ 71 RTE-M IS Modular1 V DlehliDSD [ 81 New Opt~ons and New Prlces for RTE-II and RTE-Ill Software Products V Diehl DSD [ 91 RTE-B is Not a Multi-Terminal System V DiehliDSD [ 91 FORTRAN IV Enhancements-How Do I Get Them7 V DiehliDSD [ 91 Rellablllty Manual J GllletteiDSD [ 91 Keep Presslng Those Soft Keys111 G Gub~tziDSD [ 91 Competition IBM SERIES I Competlton J McCabeIDSD [ lo ] Mlcroprogramm~ng with PDP 11160 IS 8 6 Tlmes More D~ff~cult Than Wlth 21MX DEC Says1 V D~ehl [ I 11 DEC 11134 and 11160 Competltlon J McCabe, DSD [ I 11 Sales Aids HP 1000121MX OEM Dlrect Mali Campalgn IS Under Way 1 C AvllaIDSD [12]

    Volume 2, Number 16, July 1, 1977


    BASIC Enhancements Inputs Required V Dlehl~ DSD [ I 31 HP 1000 Ad Campalgn D Borton, DSD [ I 31 Used Equ~pment at Super Savings J Coleman1 DSD [ I 31

    DTD NEWS Division News lntroduc~ng the BI-PHONE-IC Man1 R Fergusoni DTD 1141 T I Tr~es to Compete T Lee/ DTD [14] New Data rErm~nals Fam~ly Brochure T AndersoniDTD [15] Revlsed Tra~n~ng Schedule S StarkiDTD [ I 81 Repr~nt of Softkey Appl~cat~on #12 One Softkey to Dump Your Data Tapes E Grandjean~DTD [ la ] 2649A-0pt1on 200 vs Option 201 S Thakur~DTD [ la ] Service News 26408 Dlsplay Stat~on Character ROM E GrandjeaniDTD [ la ]

    GSD NEWS Product News HP 2000 Computer Systems News Update G StumpiGSD [I91 3 Source Code for HP 2000 Systems G StumpIGSD [21] 60 Hz lsolat~on Transformer Now Included Free wlth 3000 Serles I1 Models 6 and 8 F G~bbonsiGSD [21] Sales Aids HP 3000 Results for a Retall Merchandiser R Edwardsi GSD [22] Now En Route-Your New Educat~onal Sales Kltl G Stump and C Morr~siGSD [22] Who s Do~ng What and To Whom? S Booti GSD [23] Division News Some W I Come A Few Will Go, But Education Market~ng 1s Determined to Growl11 G Stumpi GSD [23]

    HPG NEWS Division News Who to Call In Grenoble

    Sales Development G Kloepperi HPG [24] Product News Fairchlld M~croprocessor Crossassembler J GrlfflniHPG [24] Sales Aids Soldl Who Sald 13 Was Unlucky1 R FrankllniHPG [24]


    User's Group Meeting By: Jim SeverslAMD

    AMD hosted the first annual Digital Test User's Group meet- ing on June 7 and 8. The main objective of the meeting was to select a "constitutional" committee which will draft the consti- tution and by-laws for the organization. 'The members elected were:

    Fran Krizan Rockwell International Cliff Wesler Actron Industries Charles Babcock Bob Leach

    Applied Technology Vadic Corporation

    A draft of the constitution will be submitted to the organizing body by the end of July.

    Several presentations were also given on the following subjects:

    A slide presentation on large complex systems used for digital and hybrid testing, by Jerry Riekers of Westing-

    @ house Corporation. A discussion of the theory of TESTAID, by Ken Parker of AMD.

    Designing for Testability and ideas on how to test un- testable circuits, by Frank Krizan of Rockwell International.

    Techniques of branch programs and manual digital programming, by Hal Brook of AMD.

    Using IMAGE to gather test data, by Jim Severs of AMD.

    All concerned felt that the meeting was very worthwhile and informative.

    Please have anyone interested in ioininq the User's Group contact me or one of the elected-~ff ic~rs.

    Software Subscription Service for DTS-70 By: Eric IsacsonlAMD

    A Software Subscription Service is now available for the 9571A Test Station and TESTAID-Ill (910758). It is available under the terms of the standard HP Customer Maintenance Agreement (service contract). Price is $90.00 per month for systems using 7905A disc memories, for example. Con- tract forms and details will be in the hands of HP Customer Engineers by late June.

    The first DTS-70 software update under the Software Sub- scription Service is now available. It provides present users with the option 004 software now being shipped on new systems. As well as fixing various "bugs" it allows either RTE-II or Ill to be used. DTS-70's using it may now include as many as 6 terminals, 21 MX-E, 21MX or 2100 computers, and user-defined soft kevs on the 2645 terminal. ,

    New DTS-70 Sales Literature By: Eric IsacsonlAMD

    Two new pieces of DTS-70 literature are now available in bulk: a Configuring Guide, and HP 9571A Specifications. The Configuring Guide has been revised to include the op- tion 003 and 004 software, microcode storage requirements, HP 1000 controllers (in both 7905A and 7900A configura- tions), software and hardware maintenance services, site preparation information, and a configuration checklist.

    Bulk quantities are being shipped on June 16. Individual copies are being sent to DTS-70 sales personnel earlier. The new literature supercedes the old Ordering Information and Specifications, effective immediately.

    - - - -

    Volume 2, Number 16, July 1, 1977

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    Line Printers From HP vs. Dataproducts Corp. By: Steve RichardsonIBOISE

    Occasionally customers feel they want to purchase their printers directly from our vendor, Dataproducts. This ap- pears on the surface as a simple way for the customer to save some money, but can lead to a lot of problems and customer dissatisfaction.

    HP does not purchase a standard Dataproducts printer. We purchase a special long-line Interface (so your customer can locate his printer up to 1000 feet from the CPU); we also have a 12 channel VFU (for more customer flexibility), and even our connector is different.

    What this boils down to is that i f your customer gets his print- er from Dataproducts, he may have lots of hassles getting it to work.

    So, sell a single-vendor solution. A system that HP puts together, guarantees to work, provides system software to support, and backs with service. Your customer will be happier in the long run!

    Standard HP Character Sets: The Difference can be Important! By: Steve RichardsonIBOlSE

    There are differences between the standard 64 character set and the standard 96 character set in HP drum prlnters (2613A, 2617A, and 2618A).

    The most notable difference is the fact that they have different font styles. This means the characters actually look different. It can be very important to point out this d~fference to your customers when they are making their prlnter decision, especially the customer who is sensitive to prlnt style.

    Of course, there are also optlonal 64 or 96-character OCR-B font character sets These are other alternat~ves for your customer to conslder when chooslng his pr~nter

    A second difference between 64 and 96-character sets 1s the underscore character. The 64-character drum has a "true" underscore which strikes below other characters The underscore on the 96 character set IS a "base line" under- score and actually strikes the bottom of other characters. (Th~s is dependent on the 96-character printer and cannot be avoided.)

    The prlnter output can be a key determinant In the sale or a customer's satisfaction after the sale Please review the dif- ferent character sets with your customer. If you need print samples, we'll be glad to send them

    Remember too that ~f your customer wants something that our standard character sets don't offer, please contact us about a spec~al We can often get your customer exactly what he wants at a relatively low addltlonal cost


    Used Equipment Sale By: Steve DavisIBOlSE

    Bolse Divislon st111 has a few items of used equipment that are available at s~zeable savings. All the units carry a full 90- day warranty and have been fully refurbished and tested. Prlces are F.O.B. Bolse.

    Just a reminder-all quotes should be made "sublect to prlor sale', each order should speclfy the serlal number of the unit and should also specify optlon 888 (deslgnatlng used equipment) Before transmlttlng your order, contact Bose Dlvslon Order Processng to Insure that the unlt you deslre is available

    Volume 2, Number 16, July 1, 1977


    Product Options Serial No. Sale Price

    (1 available)

    (1 available)

    (2 available)

    (1 available)








    131 0A-00370





    1631 A-02810

    Volume 2, Number 16, July 1, 1977

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    DMD Marketing By: Bob HokelDMD

    not be movlng unt~l the week of 5 July, so contact them In Cupert~no unt~l that t~me @

    7920, The Winner By: Bob HokelDMD

    On or around 1 July DMD Marketing will be reestablishing ourselves in our new home in Idaho We will be sharing the existing Boise Division building, with most of the bottom floor