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  • CONTENTS Background ...................................................................................................................................... 1

    General rules .................................................................................................................................... 2

    About Petrolida ................................................................................................................................ 4

    Oil Rig Design Competition .............................................................................................................. 5

    Paper Competition ........................................................................................................................... 11

    Petrosmart Competition .................................................................................................................. 13

    Case Study Competition ................................................................................................................... 14

    Its All About Surabaya ................................................................................................................... 15

    Closing remarks ................................................................................................................................ 20


    Fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas were formed over millions of years from organic matters like

    plankton, plants and the other life forms. Over time, sand, sediment, and rock buried the organic

    matter and it eventually formed large quantities of fuels. These undreground resources, known as

    fossil fuels, are still the primary fuel source for electricity, heating and powering vehicles around the

    world. Unfortunately we cant expect too much from the conventional energy just because the energy

    is not renewable energey, With the decreasing amount of oil and gas resources that happens today.

    People of the world expect engineers and expertise to invent and develop new energy resources which

    are renewable in order to replace fossil fuels as energy resources. Goverment of every country in the

    world try to force them to create innovations towards the conventional energy that could increase

    quantity of production and the quality of the energy itself. It is not only about improving the energy

    but the human resources as well. Innovation will never stops if human still could improve their

    knowledge about the energy. System costs are directly related to performance and available

    technologies. The technology that will make renewable energy a viable and cost-competitive solution

    requires innovation to improve cost efficiencies. To achieve any significant impact in energy

    production over the next 25 years, innovation and development in technology is crucial, as are

    optimization strategies for renewable energy.

    Those things has been our main concern as Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Institut Teknologi

    Sepuluh Nopember Student Chapter, to provide platform for students in preparing themselves to

    work in industry. Students as leaders need preparation to be agents of change whom able to

    improve their surrounding into a better condition. Future engineers should have broaden their

    knowledge about latest condition of the international world, therefore they would be able to

    overcome existing problems and utter their solution regarding the global-change challenge which

    has a huge impact in Oil and Gas industries.


    A. Eligibility 1. Competitions are opened to all students and must be enrolled as a active students in

    their respective universities until the competition finished 2. All participant must submit the completed registration form and payment receipt

    before the deadline

    B. Communication 1. All presentations, verbal communication, written documentation, and competition

    will be held in English 2. The additional information, comments, corrections or clarifications regarding this

    rule can be asked via email [email protected]

    C. Rule of Changes Competition rules are subject to change. Any rules changes, clarifications, and/or agenda will be announced to all participating universities and during technical meeting before the competition

    D. Accommodation and Transportation The committees will only grant the accommodation and transportation for the participants (officially selected by committees) during the competition and gathering in Intstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya.

    E. Registration 1. Prerequisite

    To complete the registration, please bring at registration time : 1 copy of valid student ID A copy of transfer payment Fill outs form provided by the committee and please send the form of every

    competition to the email [email protected] before the registration deadline.

    2. Registration Deadline PetroSmart Competition February 28th 2015 Case Study February 28th 2015 Oil Rig Competition February 28th 2015 Paper Competition February 28th 2015

    3. Registration Fees Each participant need to pay the registration fee (per person) of IDR 250.000 for local students and USD 30 for international students via bank transfer after been notified as the selected participant. This payment is applied for all of the events which described before.

  • 4. Payment System The payment can be done by transferring before the payment deadline for each competition to our official bank account: Bank Name : Bank Mandiri Account Number : 900 00 12967445 Bank Account Name : Hani Mega Rentha Napitupulu

    5. Contact Person Any question regarding the events can be asked to: Muhazzib [email protected] +6285270166190 Muhammad Irsan Agustian [email protected] +6281703373345



    Petrosmart is a quiz that requires participants to have knowledge in petroleum and related studies

    (geology, geophysics, process engineering, etc.). This competition is not limited to students majoring

    in petroleum and other studies without any basic knowledge in petroleum are also encouraged to

    participate. The competition consists of 2 rounds, those are rally games and final round. Each team

    should consist of 3 students from the same SC where one of them acts as team captain.


    In Paper Competition, participants are able to apply their knowledge by doing an innovation-related

    research that is suitable to Petrolidas theme: Enhancing Energy And Human Resources For Reliale

    Nation which is applicable and profitable to society in real life.


    This competition opens for all undergraduate university students in Asia-Pacific Region. This

    competition provides students to apply their knowledge about oil and gas industries. Oil Rig

    Competition will test participants knowledge about oil rig platform technology theoritically and also

    practically. Participants are encouraged to freely put their ideas into their oil rig model and have to

    present their oil rig model in front of the judges.


    Case study is a descriptive, exploratory or explanantory analysis of each participant about oil, gas,

    and energy. Each team will get a different case with another teams, the cases will be adopted based

    on problems provided by sponsored companies. Therefore this competition requires participants to

    have knowledge about petroleum industries and to be critical in giving ideas to solve the problems

    provided. Every team must consist of three people and one of them acts as team captain.



    Oil Rig Design Competition in PETROLIDA is a competition in designing and making an

    Offshore Platform with Jacket Fixed Platform type in form of scale model (maquette) based

    on case and criteria provided. Participants masterpiece should be presented in a form of

    scale model and each team presents it in front of the respective judges. Three teams with

    the highest score will be the winners.

    Study Case:

    After AEC has been officially implemented in 2015, many foreign investors are

    investing in Indonesia especially in Oil and Gas Industries.

    X is one of multinational oil company who would like to build an offshore platform

    for oil exploitation in seas of Indonesia.

    X opens tender for local contractors to build respected platform. Participants act

    as a team from local construction company that is experienced for 30 years, and has a good

    reputation in respective field. Your company is given the chance to undergo design planning

    project and build the oil plaform by company X and right after that they request you to

    present the result of your design for company X in order to get the tender.


    1. Only undergraduate students are allowed to participate in this competition.

    2. A team maximum consists of 5 persons and minimum 3 persons.

    3. Every member of a team must be from the same university.

    4. Every member of a team is not allowed to join another team.


    - After each team finishes the registration and submit all required documents. Each team

    will be competing for 2 days.

    - Each team is expected to bring their finished scale model (the assembling should be

    finished before participants arrived at the competition venue), however during the day all

    teams will be given certain time to fix and prepare their scale model therefore it is ready to

    be presented.

    - First day: Presentation

    - Second day: Test and Scoring on technical matters

  • Technical matters

    Scale model created should meet the required dimension in the picture below.

    Height of the jacket must be 70cm (min)-80cm (max) measured from the ground, the top

    side is measured from deck with 40cm (min)-50cm(max) in height, deck width 40cm (min)-

    50cm (max) and length 40cm(min)-50(max), leg width 40cm (min) -50cm(max) and length

    40cm(min)- 50 cm(max)

  • Participants are obligated to give space with diameter of 13 cm on the toppest dect to

    undergo the load test. The placement of respected area is unrestrained but still has to be on

    the toppest deck. For further details are explained below about the load space.

  • The load used for the test is an iron plate with diameter of 13cm and thickness of 1cm. Each

    plate weighs 1kg.

    Each team is also obligated to give information of every part in respected platform (e.g.

    living quarter, helipad, conducter, etc.). The information can be given by attaching stickers,

    label, and other things that have the same function.

    Presentation method

    The created platform is being presented in front of company Xs representative

    whom also acts as judge. Supporting materials such as video, poster, etc are allowed to be

    shown. Presentation will be conducted for 15 minutes for each team where 10 minutes of it

    was allocated for Q&A session. All members of the team are allowed to conduct the

    presentation. Content of the presentation should describe the created scale model.

    Presentation and all supporting materials must be shown and delivered in english. Materials

    should be submitted to Petrolida committee during technical meeting and scale model

    should be presented during presentation.

    Design criteria

    The created platform must be in jacket fixed platform type.

    Platform must have functions as wellhead, processing, and accommodation


    Respected platform must have complete facility to support its functions.

    The amount of leg is limited up to 4 legs.

    Participants are free to use any kind of materials.

    The created scale model must be originally designed by respected team.

    Judging criteria

    - Technical (70%)

    Facilities details (25%)

    Completeness of utilization/parts on platform to support its function-which

    has been explained in design criteria-as the main parameter. Team with the

    most complete facilities and matches its function (wellhead, processing, and

    accommodation) will get the highest score.

    Creativity and feasibility (25%)

    The platform must also rational to be created, including proportionality of

    each sides size and its rationality to be built and done in field (according to

    worlds current condition). Every innovation and creation that could give

    certain function and added value to the platform will get the highest score.

  • Efficiency (max load/weight of structure) (20%)

    Scoring in its efficiency aspect is related to the load ratio that is able to be

    detained by platform which is created with its structure weight. Weight of

    the structure will be scaled and given certain load to test the strength of the

    structure. Loading will be conducted gradually in range of 1kg to 10kg. It will

    be calculated as follow: max load/weight of structure. The highest score will

    be given to team which has the most efficient platform

    P.S. If according to dimensional rules the team doesnt meet the criteria, then respected

    team will be given time to fix their platform, if in the provided time the platform still doesnt

    meet required dimension, then the team will be given 0 (zero) in efficiency aspect.

    - Presentation (30%)

    Presentation matters must be original and suitable to the created scale model. Team

    whom can convince and attract the representative of company X will get the

    highest score. The scale model must be presented during presentation.

    - Awards and Prizes: The winner will be announced in Petrolida 2015 Gala Dinner.

    There will be three winners with respective prizes: 1. The 1st Winner 2. The 2nd Winner 3. The 3rd Winner


    Any rules changes, clarifications, and/or agenda will be announced to all participating

    universities during the technical meeting before the competition

    Tools and materials to create the scaled model is not provided by committee

    Judges decision is final and can not be changed under any circumstances.

    Registration procedure

    1. Submission documents :

    Registration form attached below

    Registration form must be submitted through email.

    Hard copy of the registration form must also be submitted during the day of

    the competition, it should have the same data with the one sent through


  • Oil rig blue print (softcopy only)

    Projects explanation must consist of basic concept, facilities details, efficiency,

    creativity, and innovation of the platform (maximum 3 page long typed in Ms.


    According to the respected blue print and projects explanation, then will be selected

    10 best teams that are proceeding to continue the competition in Surabaya. The best

    10 teams will be announced on March 7th 2015

    2. All the requirements above must be submitted via email to [email protected]

    before February 28th 2015.


    A. Contest Structure

    This paper contest is addressed to undergraduate student.

    Every paper can be made by one group.

    A group consists of 1-2 person(s).

    B. Registration and Requirements

    Only undergraduates enrolled as full-time students are eligible to participate in the contest. The definition of full-time is determined by the students university.

    This contest is open to all invited university students who are members of SPE or based on each university SPE policy.

    Registration can be done by sending the registration form altogether with the abstract. Details are given in section C.

    C. General Rules and Regulation

    Content of the paper must be related to the Petroleum Engineering, which is defined as the application of elementary and engineering science to the finding, development, and recovery of oil, gas, and other resources from well and must be related to the general theme of Petrolida Enhancing Energy and Human Resources for Reliable Nation as well.

    Format of the abstract: 1. It should consist of 100-350 words with maximum 5 keywords. 2. It should be one paragraph in one page of A4 with margin left = 3cm, right, up, bottom =

    2 cm. 3. Using Times New Roman, 12, spacing = 1,15, with header of Authors name and

    university in the left. 4. Template of the abstract can be downloaded at:


    5. Abstract should: (a) State the scope and principle objectives, (b) Methods utilized, (c) Summarize the result, (d) State the principle conclusion.

    6. Abstract should be submitted before 28th of February 2015 in .pdf and .docx(doc) to [email protected] with subject: [AbstractISPC2015_Authors name_Univerity Student Chapter]. If there is no confirmation/reply email by the host after 24 hours of sending please kindly resend the abstract altogether with the registration form because every email received by the host will be confirmed in form of email reply.

    7. Professional judges will screen and have the full rights to decide the 10 chosen abstracts and will be announced on 7th of March 2015.

    Paper Presentation Selection: 1. 10 chosen groups should make a complete paper (2 soft copy in pdf&docx(doc) and

    presentation in form of power point) 2. Soft copy of the paper and presentation should be submitted before 30th of March 2015

    to [email protected] with subject: PaperandPresentation_ISPC2015_Authors name_University Student Chapter.

  • Format of Paper: 1. Paper must consist of minimum 1,000 words and as many diagrams and supporting

    illustrations or data as necessary to clarify the subject matter. Paper must not exceed 7,000 words equivalent to text and diagrams, with each diagram is considered to be equivalent to 250 words. The paper must have front page.

    2. Using Times New Roman, 12, spacing = 1.15, paper size A4 with margin left = 3cm, right, up, bottom = 2 cm.

    Format of Presentation: 1. Presentation stage will be held on 23rd-25th of April 2015. 2. Presentation must not exceed 20 minutes, 10 minutes of authors presentation and 10

    minutes of question and answer session from the judge. 3. The order of the performance will be selected randomly by the committee.

    D. Awards and Prizes:

    The winner will be announced in Petrolida 2015 Gala Dinner.

    There will be three winners with respective prizes: 1. The 1st Winner 2. The 2nd Winner 3. The 3rd Winner


    Any rules changes, clarifications, and/or agenda will be announced to all participating universities during the technical meeting before the competition.

    Judges decision is final and can not be changed under any circumstances.


    A. General Rules and Regulation 1. Petro Smart is opened to any invited SPE student chapter 2. All participant must be student member of their universitys SPE Student Chapter 3. The cap teams are 24 teams. Each team consist of 3 personals with designated team leader. 4. All universities must complete the registration forms for the event before the deadline. 5. Competition rules are subject to change. Any rules changes, and clarifications will be announced to all participating schools and during the team meeting before the competition. 6. The regulations are tentative regarding the number of participants attending this competition and further changes regarding the regulations that is requested by participants after technical meeting will not be accepted. 7. Further information will be announced as soon as possible. B. Game Format 1. First round of the game will be rally system. 2. There will be ten (10) posts spread all around ITS area. 3. Each post provides several questions and/or cases needed to be answered by all teams. 4. All teams will be guided by a route-maps and a control sheet. Team with the highest score determined by numbers of questions solved and an appropriate finish time will be eligible to advance to the next round. 5. Second round of the game will be held in toss-up questions and only for finalist in semi and final round. The questions consist of three types of questions: history, trivia, current events, technical questions, calculations, and problem solving. C. Awards and Prizes: - The winner will be announced in Petrolida 2015 Gala Dinner. - There will be three winners with respective prizes:

    1. The 1st Winner 2. The 2nd Winner 3. The 3rd Winner


    Any rules changes, clarifications, and/or agenda will be announced to all participating universities during the technical meeting before the competition.

    Judges decision is final and can not be changed under any circumstances.


    PETROLIDA 2015 is an annual event of SPE ITS SC. In this event, there will be 7 main events which case study study competition is one of these events. In case study competition, all teams will get different case as a problem that must be answered. Problems that will be discussed are problems existing in field. Topics that will be discussed in case study competition are problems that comes directly from certain oil and gas company. Where the problems are more related to its technical issues in drilling, refinery, mud technology, etc. Before participants do the drawing for material that should they present, there will be an overview about respected company to give initial overview about problems that are going to be discussed, then the participants are given certain time to report their progress and ask the judges to give slight evaluation before participants present it on the second day. Participants have to choose 5 out of 10 topics provided and during technical meeting respected participant will do drawing to determine what topic they are going to present which is one of 5 topics they chose before. Each team will do the discussion first based on the topic that given by the committee, then continued by the presentation and question & answer session. Participants must present their cases in English and using Microsoft Power Point. The assessment will be based on participants performance on the presentation section and the discussion section in presenting all of the materials and final draft which contains summaries all existing topics. Participant 1. This competition is open for all college students who has registered as member of SPE. 2. Each team consists of three (3) people. 3. Each student chapter maximum send two teams. Composition of Teams 1. Each university is allowed to send maximum of two (2) teams for case study competition event. 2. Contestants must be Undergraduate Students and be enrolled as full-time students Competition Format The format of the Competition is as follows: 1. Participant must attend the technical meeting which will be conducted before the event started.

    2. Participant should wear a formal attire during competition. 3. Judges decision is final and can not be changed under any circumstances. Awards and Prizes: - The winner will be announced in Petrolida 2015 Gala Dinner. - There will be three winners with respective prizes:

    1. The 1st Winner 2. The 2nd Winner 3. The 3rd Winner



    This solar Garden had built by Dutch

    colonial, its architect is C. Citroen

    and executor of HV. Hollandsche

    Beton Mij. City hall is located in

    Taman Surya Street 1. The stripper

    building has time has applied as

    'Gedung Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat

    Daerah' and now applied as the

    center of municipal administration



    Grahadi building is convention hall

    and the official resident of East Java

    Governor. precisely in Gubernur

    Suryo Street the tourist can meet a

    luxury building that has history

    during in the past. This building is

    known as Grahadi because in this

    building there is a meeting space,

    which called Grahadi. Grahadi come

    from Sanskrit dissyllabic "Graha"

    mean House and "Adi" mean high

    degree. Name of Grahadi means

    house that has high value or degree.


    Surabaya Municipality initiated a

    mangrove planting program to stop

    environmental degradation in the

    eastern coast area. Through a multi-

    stakeholder approach, a Mangrove

    Conservation Area has been created

    that is accessible to the public for

    education, research and

    development, and eco-tourism.


    Situated in old Surabaya, this stately Dutch colonial style compound was built in 1858 and is now a preserved historical site.Previously used as an orphanage managed by the Dutch, it was purchased in 1932 by Liem Seeng Tee, the founder of Sampoerna, with the intent of it being used as Sampoerna's first major cigarette production facility


    "Rawon Setan" is a place that many

    locals call it "durung nang suroboyo

    nek durung mangan rawon setan" or

    in English means (not translation)

    "you can't say you were already

    travelling around surabaya if you

    didn't eat rawon setan there". The

    name of the owner is Endang. You

    may find the other rawon setan with

    different owner arround Indonesia,

    but the original one is here in Embong

    Malang street.


    Sate kelapa is chicken or beef satay

    with dried coconut and ondomohen

    is the name of their restaurant takes

    place. The location is near by city hall

    of surabaya in walikota mustajab



    Once upon a time, there were

    two animals fighting to claim

    their teritory. They were SHARK

    (SURO in Javanese Language)

    and CROCODILE (BOYO in

    Javanese Language). This

    legend is very popular among

    the people of Surabaya and

    thats why the city was named

    afterf these two animals, SURO


    (Javanese) or SURABAYA

    (international name).


    known as the Surabaya

    Madura Bridge, is cable-stayed

    bridge between Surabaya on

    the island of Java and the town

    of Bangkalan on the island of

    Madura in Indonesia.Opened in

    June 2009, the 5.4-km bridge is

    the longest in Indonesia and the

    first bridge to cross the Madura



    The warrior monument is located in Tembaan Street. It had

    built for the agenda of giving high respect to all warriors that

    had killed during big encounter to fight against ally army

    being hitchhiked by NICA, which wish to occupy Surabaya in

    10 Novembers 1945. It is located in front of luxury Gubenur


  • Thankyou.