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Guidelines for Form-38 download(Import Declaration Form for dealers in Uttar Pradesh)

Import Declaration Form (Form-38) download facility has been provided by Commercial Tax Department, Uttar Pradesh from the month of September 2009. All dealers can avail this facility of downloading of Form-38 online. Depending on the load or requirement of form-38 by individual dealers a categorization has been done. Under the present scheme of category a dealer is, 1. Dealers with Unlimited form-38 downloads: A dealer registered with the corporate offices of the commercial tax department and certain specified dealers identified by the department are given facility of unlimited form-38 downloads. The dealers should stick to downloading to a maximum of 100 forms a day so that the forms could be properly used as well as monitored by them. 2. Dealers other than unlimited form-38 download: A dealer who is neither a corporate office dealer nor a specified dealer identified (depending on the amount of business a dealer does in the state of UP) can download to a maximum of 100 forms and not more than 10 forms a day. Until the dealer gives utilization/surrender/lost/defaced entry he would be unable to download further. It is further worth mentioning that as and when a dealer downloads 100 forms he should give at least 60% utilization/surrender/lost details before downloading more. How to Initiate: A dealer interested in downloading Form-38 online has to do the following: 1. Go to the website ( and apply for Registration for Form-38 download option.

Click on

Registration for Form-38 download

2. Fill the entries and submit the form.

Select Dealers Range Select Dealers Location Select Dealers Office Enter Address of form-7 Enter City

Enter TIN of Dealer Select Dealers ZoneEnter Dealers Firm Name Enter Registration Date Enter Pin code Enter Telephone (Office)

Select Constitution of Firm Enter Commodities of Business Select Security Question

Enter Mobile Number Enter Fax Number Enter Email ID Enter Alternate Email ID Enter Security Answer

Select Last Financial Year Enter Above Text (eg: 7C2XC)

Click On Submit Button after Completing All Necessary Entries

3. Once submit button is pressed a report would be generated with a Form

request no. The dealer needs to take a print of the form and submit the same to the local Commercial Tax office for further processing. (Pleaseremember the request no. should be visible clearly on the printout taken by the dealer).

4. Once the request is accepted or rejected by the official concerned at the Commercial Tax Department, an email would be sent to the dealer on the registered as well as alternate email-id. The Accepted dealer would receive a password for form-38 downloading. Acceptance mail:

Dealers Tin and Firm Name.

Dealers Password for form-38 downloading.

In case of any Query Dealer can call at these helpline numbers.

Rejected request mail:

5. The dealer whose request is rejected by the Commercial Tax authorities can once again request after removing the objectionable points. The dealers whose request has been accepted can straightaway start downloading form-38 by logging-in using his TIN No. and Password given to him through an email(refer 4)

Enter Dealers TIN Enter Password

Click On Login Button after entering TIN and Password.

6. Once login button is pressed using appropriate login credentials, a successful login page would appear with along dealer short detail. The dealer needs to press Form Download button for proceeding further.

Click on Form Download Button to Continue

7. Once the Form Download button is pressed a menu page with the following options would appear. ENTRY------ Request for Form Download: Dealer can generate the demand for the no. of forms. Form Download: Dealer can download the demanded Form. Form Utilization: The dealer needs to give the utilization of the forms in between the expiry date which is mention on form 38. Form Lost/Surrender: Dealer can lost/surrender unutilized forms. REPORTS------ Report for Form Issued: For Re-print issued Form 38. Report for Form Utilize: For Re-print utilized Form 38.

Click to Request form-38Click to Download form-38 Click to Utilize form-38

Click to take Print of Issued form Click to take Print of Utilized form

Click to give status of unutilized form-38 as Lost or Surrender

8. Now the dealer can start demanding Form-38 by clicking on Request for Form Download. The dealer has to enter the no. of forms to be downloaded in Form Demanded text area and press the submit button. The Demand no. would be generated along with specified Form nos.

Click on Submit after entering no. of forms.

Enter No. of forms to be requested.

9. Clicking on Form Download menu option for issuance of the generated forms would ask for selection of demand no. for downloading of forms. The forms would be appearing for the selected demand no. on pressing of the Submit button.

Click on Submit after selecting demand no. Click here after checking desired check box option to take multiple print.

Select Demand No. for downloading desired forms

Check here to

Click Form No. to download single form.

download all ten forms. (Or to take print of these forms)

Check one by one totake selected forms download/print.

FIG: FORM DOWNLOAD10. If dealer wants to download multiple forms then he has to tick () on the checks (FIG: FORM DOWNLOAD) in front of specific form nos and have to click on Print Multiple Form button.

Dealer can see this screen after ticking on check boxes and clicking on Print Multiple Form button.

Note:- If Dealer cant see the screen like above after clicking Print MultipleForm, then he/she has to change pop-up blocker setting by following these steps:

Internet Explore:#1. Open Internet Explorer #2. On the Tools menu, point to Pop-up Blocker, and then click Pop-up Blocker Settings

#3. Type the address or URL of the website you want to see pop-ups from, in the Address of Web site to allow box, and then click Add

#5. Click Close to close the Pop-up Blocker Setting windows 11. For single form download the dealer can either click on a tick () on the checks (FIG: FORM DOWNLOAD) or he can directly click on the particular form no. on which hell get the following screen as under. Then he can fill entries and press Submit button.

Click on Submit after filling entries on this form. 12. On clicking the Submit Button, the dealer, in case of any correction in entry form, either can click Edit button or can directly click Download Form38 button. For print actual Form 38 printouts.

Click on Download form38 after verifying entries done by dealer. Click on Print Form For printout of actual Form 38.

Click Print form to take print out of filled form 38.

Note: - If again dealer cant see the above form follow the steps mentioned on step No. 10.

13. For Utilization, the dealer needs to Click on Form Utilization menu option. On selecting the demand no. and pressing the Submit button he can give the utilization by clicking on a particular form no. link (as under)

Click on Form no. to give Utilization of that form.

14. The dealer now needs to fill the entries and submit the form.

Click on Submit after filling the entries of the form.

15. On the next page if he needs to make correction he can click Edit button otherwise click Utilize Form38 button. For print actual Form 38 printouts.

Click on Utilize Form38 to give Utilization of the form

Click on Edit to make any changes on filled form.

16. Click on Print Form For printout of actual Form 38.

Click on Print Form to take print out of filled form.

17. For submission of Form-38 Lost/Surrender he needs to select Form Lost/Surrender menu option. On selecting the particular demand no. and press Submit button all forms that are issued and not utilized would appear.

Click on Submit to see forms available for Surrender and declare form as Lost.

18. Tick () for either Lost or Surrender check against the particular form no. and press Save button. (In case of LOST the dealer should enter amount and reason of loosing also).

Tick () here for either Lost or Surrender check.

Click on Save after filling amount and reason for Lost form.

For Help and Suggestions: Mr Anupam Chaturvedi JC (Computers), Commercial Tax HQs. Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. email: Or Mr Puneet Tripathi AC, Commercial Tax HQs. Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. email: For Technical Help: Mr Ashesh Agarwal, Technical Director, NIC, Yojna Bhawan, Lucknow. email:

HELP LINE NO. : 0522-2721165, 2305798 FAX No. 0522- 2305798