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Guns & Weapons

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Guns & Weapons. Weapons. Guns & Weapons. Guns & Weapons. Guns & Weapons. Weapons. Real or Fake???. Fargo PD Ecstasy Case. Drugs found during arrests. Drugs found during arrests. Drugs found during arrests. Drugs found during arrests. Drugs found during arrests. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia (e.g., alcohol bottles, pipes, cigarette papers, jewelry in the form of a coke spoon or a razor blade) found in the youth’s possession

Teen pregnancy Marked change in grooming, attitude in

the home, family relationships, sleep and/or appetite as reported by youth or caregiver

Page 16: Guns & Weapons

Alcohol or drug related arrest Delinquency or other juvenile justice

system involvement Placement disruptions, runaways Marked weight loss Tobacco use Marked changes in mood (argumentative,

defensive or angry)

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Majority of the tips we receive are from concerned citizens like YOU!

If you don’t call, we may not know about the people you suspect.

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Numerous different people coming and going with short term visits at all times of the day and night

Strange odors – chemical or marijuana

Occupants display paranoia or odd behavior

Page 23: Guns & Weapons

Occupants unemployed, yet seem to have plenty of money

Occupants secretive about activities

Security cameras Windows blackened

or curtains always drawn

Page 24: Guns & Weapons

General Tip Line – 241-1415

Detective Christensen -- 241-1402

Detective Gnoinsky -- 241-1417

Detective Aberle -- 241-1418

Detective Witte -- 241-1419

Sgt. Mat Sanders -- 241-1456