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Habits of Mind and research

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Habits of Mind and research. Tony Wagner in his book The Global Achievement Gap identifies: curiosity collaboration associative or integrative thinking a bias toward action and experimentation. Be alert for connections through the next two days. He also added:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Habits of Mind and researchTony Wagner in his book The Global Achievement Gap identifies:curiositycollaborationassociative or integrative thinkinga bias toward action and experimentationBe alert for connections through the next two daysHe also added:What I find most significant about this list is that

they represent set of skills and habits of mind that can be nurtured,

taught, and mentored!TONY WAGNERS* SEVEN SKILLS THAT STUDENTS DESPERATELY NEED 16 HABITS OF MIND1. Problem-solving and critical thinking;Persisting ; Gathering data through allSenses; questioning and problem posing2. Collaboration across networks and leading by influenceThinking interdependently; managing impulsivity; finding humor3. Agility and adaptability;Thinking flexibly; remaining open to continuous learning

4. Initiative and entrepreneurship;Taking responsible risks; thinking about thinking (metacognition)5. Effective written and oral communication;Communicating with clarity and precision; listening with understanding and empathy6. Accessing and analyzing information; Applying past knowledge to new situations; striving for accuracy7. Curiosity and imagination.Creating, imagining, innovating; responding with wonderment and awe*Wagner, Tony, The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don't Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need--And What We Can do About It


Conleys QualitiesHabits of MindIntellectual OpenessInquisitivenessAnalysisInterpretationPrecision and AccuracyProblem SolvingReasoning, Argumentation, ProofCorrelate the HOM and Conleys qualitiesAccording to Daniel Pink in his book, DriveMastery



What are the key qualities of the assignment that motivate this student?

21st Century Skills- Collaboration- Communication- Creative Thinking - Critical Thinking

Habits of Mind in the Curriculum

Global Competencies- Communicate Ideas- Take Action- Recognize Perspectives - Investigate the World