Haitian & Latin American Revolutions

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Haitian & Latin American Revolutions. AP World History Chapter 29. Test is monday. 16c-18c: New Ideas Brewing in Europe. Inspiration of American & French Revolutions. Declaration of the Rights of Man & of the Citizen, 1789. Declaration of Independence, 1776. Enlightenment Thinkers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Haitian & Latin American Revolutions

Haitian & Latin American Revolutions

AP World HistoryChapter 29Haitian & Latin American RevolutionsTest is FridayCompare & Contrast the outcomes of French & American RevolutionsOutcomesFranceUSAOutcomesMonarchy-Louis XVIIIFederal RepublicImportant DocumentsDeclaration of the Rights of ManConstitution/ Bill of RightsCauses-social inequality-financial crisis-taxes-No taxation without representationRadicalGuillotineDe-Christianization

Much more conservativeRemindersI/O Circle TomorrowEssay due Friday ( see wiki)DBQ WedThursday Review DayFriday Chapter 29 test16c-18c: New Ideas Brewing in Europe

Inspiration of American & French Revolutions

Declaration of Independence, 1776Declaration of the Rights of Man & of the Citizen, 1789EnlightenmentThinkers

European Empires: 1660s

Latin American Revolutions!

Saint Domingue was a French colony ( sugar &coffee plantations) produced 40 % of worlds sugar90% of population were slaves working under brutal conditions40,000 whites, 30,000 gens couleur, 500,000 black slaves


Gens de couleur- free people of color as well as mulattoesMaroons- escaped slavesTerms to Know-

Boukman- Voudou priest, led 12,000 slaves in rebellion killed white settlers, burned their homes, destroyed plantations

Revolutionary Leaders

Toussaint LOuvetureLeads a Revolutionin Haiti(1804)

Former slaveSkilled organizer, and military commander, wrote constitution 1801In 1802 he was captured , then died in French prisonToussaint-Louverture 1744-1803 Black George Washington

Only successful slave rebellion in history !In 1804 Haiti was declared independent ( the 1st republic in Latin America)US did not recognize the new republic

Outcomes of Haitian RevolutionInspired by the EnlightenmentTensions between Creoles & peninsularesNapoleon invaded Europe causing confusion and & opportunity to rebel

Causes of Latin American wars of Independence

Napoleon on the March

Provides a model & a diversion!Simn Bolivar: The Latin American George Washington

Creole who was inspired by EnlightenmentLed military campaigns against Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, PeruTried to unify S. America into Gran ColombiaBolivars Accomplishment

The Caribbean:An American Lake

Effects of Latin American wars of independence

Free from Spain by 1825Power continued to be in the hands of Elite( caudillos, Creoles, military leaders)More independence than freedom

The first successful revolution in the Caribbean and South America was launched in:

A. HaitiB. Argentina C. CubaD. ColombiaE. JamaicaIn leading the revolutions of South America, Simon Bolivar advocatedthat Spanish colonial rule be replaced with an indigenous monarchythat ethnic nationalism be the basis of the new statesthe popular sovereigntythe abolition of slavery and full male suffrageall of the above

Revolutions in Latin America were frequently a power struggle between what two groups?masters and slavespeninsulares and creolesEuropean and indigenous peoplesEuropeans and mestizoscolonial militias and European mercenaries

In Latin America, leaders who were called caudillos

were those most sympathetic to the old regimesruled without the cooperation of the churchwere personalist leaders who held power without constitutional sanctionwere chosen by popular electionwere the sons of rich industrialists