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Ben Catt. Halo: Reach. Basic Information. Developer: Bungie Studios Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: FPS Price: $59.99 for the standard edition Required Hardware: Xbox 360. Story. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Halo: Reach

  • Ben CattHalo: Reach

  • Basic InformationDeveloper: Bungie StudiosPublisher: Microsoft Game StudiosGenre: FPSPrice: $59.99 for the standard editionRequired Hardware: Xbox 360

  • StoryIt's the year 2552 and you play as a spartan in Noble Team, which is sent out to more difficult missions that need to be completed. It takes place on the planet Reach, where the covenant are mounting an attack to gain vital military information.

  • Player's RoleCampaignCompleting certain objectives which generally amount to defending or securing a certain pointMultiplayerKilling the opposite teamAttacking / defending a baseCapture the flagDon't turn into a zombie

  • User Interface

  • ScoringCampaign and FirefightFree for all vs TeamMultiplayerSlayerOddballKing of the hill

  • Artwork

  • Sound and MusicOriginal soundtrackSound quality is top notchWeapons have unique soundsYou can often hear someone coming up behind youDifferent sounds for far away or behind you

  • Special FeaturesArmor AbilitiesSprint / RollJet PackActive CamoArmor LockDrop ShieldHologram

  • The GoodLots of gametypesForge lets you create gametypes and mapsMore replayability than previous gamesUnlockablesDaily / weekly challengesCampaign is difficult but beatable

  • The BadAI in campaign can be buggyLimited gametypes in matchmakingMore will be added once they are sure everything is working as plannedLots of redone maps from halo 2May not be a bad thing though

  • How does it compareOne of the best known brands in FPS$200 million first day sales for a reasonVery in depth and competitive multiplayer

    Appropriate audienceRated M so older audience than some games

  • Design MistakesMelee SystemScoped pistol only slightly worse than DMRPowerful grenades

  • SummaryStrengthsHigh replayabilityLots of gamtypes give variety to gameplayWeaknessesAI in campaignDesign choices Reuse of old mapsDefinitely worth it to purchaseHow to improve:More gametypes / mapsReconsider some balance issues, namely melee speed