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Page 1 of 13 HAPPY BIRTHDAY December December 7 Steve Schmidt December 11 Charles D. Bonnett December 18 Terry Schiesser December 4 Lynn and Deb Klein December 16 Bill and Karen Comstock December 19 Lyle and Mary Hurt Chapter Directors Russ & Laurie Parpart mailto:[email protected] Chapter Gathering 1st Thursday of the month. Next Gathering Thursday December,1. 7:00 P. M. Golden Corral, Billings Sunday Social 9 A. M. @ Golden Corral www.rimrockwings.net GWRRA MT District Region I

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    DecemberDecember 7 Steve Schmidt

    December 11 Charles D. BonnettDecember 18 Terry Schiesser

    December 4 Lynn and Deb KleinDecember 16 Bill and Karen Comstock

    December 19 Lyle and Mary Hurt

    Chapter Directors

    Russ & Laurie Parpartmailto:[email protected]

    Chapter Gathering1st Thursday of the month.

    Next Gathering Thursday December,1.

    7:00 P. M. Golden Corral, BillingsSunday Social 9 A. M. @ Golden Corral


    GWRRA MT District

    Region I

    http://www.rimrockwings.net/mailto:[email protected]://www.gwrra.org/http://www.gwrra-mtdistrict.org/http://bigskyregioni.org/

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    Greetings to our Goldwing Friends!It's hard to believe it is nearly Christmas! The Christmas party is this weekend at the church again.Please bring your favorite salad, hot dish, or dessert for the potluck. The ham and turkey will beprovided by the chapter. What an Awesome year we have in Montana B. Lots of great rides, dinners,get togethers and new members. Most of all lots of memories.We would like to thank those who helped get the float ready for the Holiday parade and those whohad their bikes in and the riders on the float. Seeing so many people and the smiles from the childrenare what makes it so special! A big Thank you to Brad and Dawn for letting us use their trailer/pickupand helping decorate it! The dinner afterwards was great! 17 showed up at Denney's !A thank you to Dale for keeping up on the pictures at all the events, etc. If anyone would like to helpout and be the chapters Historian, you could compile the pictures and keep our activitiesdocumented. It would be fun!We continue to keep Jerry and Diane in our prayers! It reminds us how fast something like this canhappen.

    Russ and Laurie ParpartMt. B Chapter Directors

    I wonder!The theme behind the title is many fold. Have you ever read the definition of the word "wonder"? When used

    as a verb, this is the definition:verbverb: wonder; 3rd person present: wonders; past tense: wondered; past participle: wondered; gerund orpresent participle: wondering

    1. 1. desire or be curious to know something.

    "how many times have I written that, I wonder?"


    ponder, think about, meditate on, reflect on, muse on, puzzle over, speculate about,conjecture;be curious about"I wondered what was on her mind"

    That brings me to this:

    I wonder why some of our dinner gatherings are not well attended. I wonder, what can we do to remedy this? Iwonder, if the restaurant/cafe' is too pricy? I wonder, is the food not as good as it once was? I wonder if wehave too many activities scheduled? I wonder, why has the participation dropped at such things as decorating

    for the Halloween party or Holiday parade? I wonder why, at the monthly gatherings not everyone eats dinner?I wonder why suggestions for improving our GWRRA experience are not brought to the attention of theChapter's Officers? I wonder what we can do to improve upon the Chapter experience? Is anyone else

    wondering about some of these things? Please let us know, so we can stop "wondering"!

    We would like to wish all of our Gold Wing friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous NewYear!Darrell and VonnieChapter MT-B Assistant Chapter Directors

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    MT-B Rider EducationNovember,2016

    Recently on a group ride two of our chapter members were severely injured. They left the group early. Thetask of being a ride captain is enormous as he or she has the responsibility of leading a safe ride. Perhaps asride captain you may want to consider touching base with those who left the ride early . Or another alternativeis for the group to head back early together . Another alternative could be for those who do leave the ride earlyis to call the ride captain and let him/her know you arrived home safe and sound .I know there many members in our chapter who have a lot of experience as ride captains. Your thoughts andideas would be greatly appreciated .When the call list was activated, it was severely out of date. Perhaps we should get that updated .Wishing Jerry and Diane a full and speedy recovery .

    Asst. Rider Ed: B.Cox Happy Holidays to all, RIDE SAFE...

    An Update on Jerry & Diane Burright from their daughter's Facebook page.

    Just wanted to give you all an update on my mom & dad Jerry Burright and Diane BurrightThey are both doing well my mom is still in St Vs in room 472!! My dad was moved out to Advanced care

    hospital on Gable road he is doing so well he's in room 103. They are both doing so much better then last weekbut we still have a very long road to get them home. Please keep them in your prayers thank you!!


    November has come and gone. It does not even feel like November when we are still able to ride

    our motorcycles. If you missed the Christmas parade on November 25 then you missed a great

    time to get your bike decorated with this beautiful weather. We had (2) trikes, (2) Can Am's

    and (2) motorcycles. WOW has this chapter changed in what all of us ride since we first joined

    it in 2003. The float was beautifully decorated by our chapter members. Not sure who did, but

    thank you for doing an excellent job and thanks to Dawn and Brad. Jay Burdette's motorcycle

    was decorated with a large Christmas tree riding behind him on a rack. Very well done Jay. If

    you want to see the pictures, I have posted them on Facebook for all to see. They did not come

    out as well as I thought they would.

    Changing the subject here. We have the opportunity to meet a great a new GWRRA Chapter,

    WY-E. Its in Sheridan Wyoming on Dec 3rd at noon to 3 pm. They will meet at the Country

    Kitchen restaurant. They are having their first meeting that day. We would like to have some of

    Chapter MT-B come down with us and have lunch and welcome the newest Chapter to Region I.

    We plan on being back in time for the Christmas Party at the church on Saturday night. So, if

    you have some time to go down please let us know.

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    Hopefully by now all of you have received your WingWorld Magazine for December 2016. There

    are a lot of pictures inside of WingDing 38 here in Billings. How many MT-B members can you

    find in this issue? There are also pictures of other members that come to visit our chapter. See

    how many of them you can find and we will compare notes on thursday night. Have fun!!!

    Thank you.

    Dale & Donna Jennison

    Membership Enhancement Coordinators MT-B

    Membership Enhancement Coordinators MT District


    D & D's JOKE


    1. A motorcycle cannot and will never fall over without an audience.

    2. The fact that your motorcycle keys are still in your pants pocket will be come

    apparent to you after you have put your gloves on.

    3. Motorcycles are to yellow bugs were what aircraft carriers were to Kamikaze


    4. Quick fixes are named for how long they stay fixed.

    5. The only part you really need will also be the only part on permanent back order.

    6. Nothing is harder to start than a used motorcycle being shown to a prospective


    7. You will never suffer a punctured tire on the road until you leave the repair kit

    at home.

    8. Universal accessories are so named because that is where you must search for

    the motorcycle that they fit.

    Dale & Donna Jennison

    MEC Montana District

    MEC Chapter MT-B

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    December 2016Golden Corral LTP-Laurel Town Pump KMH-Old K-Mart Hgts TZT Top of Zimmerman Trail SBB-So

    Blngs Bvld

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

    1 2 3Chaptergathering7:00 P. M.

    ChristmasPartyCentralChristianChurch6:30 P. M.

    4 5 6 7 8 9 10Road DogsToy Run12:00 P. M.

    4 B's6:30 P. M.

    11 12 13 14 15 16 17Bull Mtn.Grille 6:30P. M.

    18 19 20 21 22 23 24Octoberfest6:30 P. M.


    25 26 27 28 29 30 31Christmas Boxing

    DayNew Year'sEveBunkopotluck @LaurieMcNew's6:30 P. M.

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    January 2017Golden Corral LTP-Laurel Town Pump KMH-Old K-Mart Hgts TZT Top of Zimmerman Trail SBB-So

    Blngs Bvld

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7ChapterGathering7:00 P. M.

    8 9 10 11 12 13 14Red Robin6:30 P. M.

    15 16 17 18 19 20 21Sam &LouiesPizza6:30 P. M.

    Movie @Shiloh 3:30Dinner 6:30DosMachos

    22 23 24 25 26 27 28Gusicks6:30 P. M.

    29 30 31

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    Chapter StaffChapter Directors

    Russ & Laurie [email protected]

    Assistant Chapter DirectorsDarrell & Vonnie [email protected]@bresnan.net

    Chapter Secretary/TreasurerBrenda Cox

    Chapter Rider EducatorTony Hoer

    [email protected] Rider Educator

    Bob [email protected]

    Membership EnhancementDale & Donna Jennison 1004 Maywood Dr Billings, MT 59102 406-861-7905 (C)

    [email protected]

    Chapter Couple of the Year 2016Jay and Susan Burdette

    Chapter Host & Senior AdvisorGlen Seavy

    Chapter HistorianOpen

    Phone Tree CoordinatorBob & Barb Powelson

    Newsletter Editor/WebmasterDarrell Robson

    [email protected]

    Activities CoordinatorsLynnDee and Steve Schmidt

    [email protected]

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    District and Region StaffDirector

    Betty BonnettResidence - 737 Avenue D

    Billings, MT 59102Mailing - PO Box 2103

    Billings MT [email protected] Betty Cell 406-690-4222 (Text ok)

    Assistant DirectorWillie and Sandy Jefferies 406-546-3586 406-546-3101

    2424 Dirk Drive Missoula MT 59801Willie [email protected]

    Sandy [email protected]

    Rider EducatorChuck Bonnett

    [email protected]

    Secretary/TreasurerLinda Frank 1909 Squaw Creek Road Huntley MT 59037 406-855-0708

    [email protected]

    Leadership TrainingGreg Hintz Missoula, MT. 406-240-2032

    [email protected]

    Membership EnhancementDale & Donna Jennison 1004 Maywood Dr Billings, MT 59102 406-861-7905 (C)

    [email protected]

    REGION I DIRECTORDon and Sharon Weber

    [email protected]

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    We will also post anything MT-B members have for sale in the newsletter free of charge to help reach thoseoutside the Billings area.Please support our Sponsors:Montana Honda

    We have done some trades with Montana Honda to get our word out there and hopefully recruit more members.Please support those who help us.

    Business cards are posted on the website www.rimrockwings.net

    Thank you for supporting us!

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    Thanks to our Military members, we are able to live freely!

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    S S E I K O O C P U S W J U B

    H S E I L I M A F E O J P M A

    A S H P S M G N I P P O H S E

    W W C A W T J D U R G F M E Q

    C O E R R V O Y R T X U W D M

    G N I T A R O C E D S D R A T

    K S E I P N B A K I N G E R R

    G T Y E P K B N C I U E A A E

    X N M S I X O E A F N C T P E

    U E I N N D W S R L I G H T S

    E S H L G E S Z C R S R S F P

    Y E Y E O T E L T S I M X F B

    X R D J F R M T U R K E Y X E

    K P F S D R A C N V T W S E D

    T O R M M I H C S I V Q V A H










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    Rimrock Wings Clothing


    Tri-Mountain 8800 all season Jacket XS - 4XL $88.00

    Tri-Mountain 3600 Hooded Jacket S - 4XL $65.00

    Available in Tall $68.00

    Windbreaker JST60 XS - 6XL $32.00

    Sweatshirts 9 0z S - 4XL $16.00

    Pull over Hooded Sweatshirt S - 4XL $28.00

    Denim Shirts Long or Short sleeve S - 6XL $24.00

    Purple Shirts Long or Short sleeve S - 6XL $26.00

    Available in Tall $28.00

    Sport Tek Polo Shirts ( solid purple ) S - 4XL $20.00

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    Micro Fiber Long sleeve shirts S - 4XL $22.00

    Long Sleeve T Shirts

    S - 6 XL $16.00

    Tri- Mountain Polo Shirts( w / Pocket ) Long or Short Sleeve S - 4XL $21.00

    Available in Tall $27.00

    Fleece Vest Color Black or Grey S - 4XL $28.00Purple T Shirts Short Sleeve ( Screen Print ) S - 4XL $16.00

    Flame Pattern Caps $15.00Windshield covers $16.00

    ** Please note that all shirts and vest are available in women's sizes also **

    ** Add $1.00 per X for larger sizes**

    Please use this as your order form and return to Henry Haagenson