Happy halloween!

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  • 1. Happy Halloween!A holiday of mischief and trickery

2. For children: Trick or treat! Only very youngchildren gotrick ortreating. To recieve a treat, youneed to have acostume and youneed to say thepoem: Trick or treatSmell my feetGive me somethinggood to eat 3. BEWARE! If you are a selfish house owner and do notgive children candy OR if you give them ahealthy snack like an apple instead of sweets,your house may be a target for a trick! 4. Carving pumpkins A carved pumpkin with a light inside is called aJack OLantern 5. Halloween PartiesBecause adults cant go trick or treating, we have halloween parties 6. Games we play A mystery box is a game where you must identify different body parts without looking in the bag. *things like brains, eyes, guts, fingers, blood, etc. 7. Ghost in the graveyardIn this game you must go to a cemetery in themiddle of the night and stick a knife in a new grave. One oclock Two oclock Three oclock... (etc)Midnight MidnightNew ghost in the graveyard tonight! 8. Cemeteries They are always beneath the ground They are usually next to the church. Some cemeteries are haunted by a ghost or aspirit. Most ghosts in our culture were once soldierswho fought during a war.