Happy Monday! Warm up

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Happy Monday! Warm up. Please sit with the same groups from Friday in the last station you were at! 1. What is a precedent? 2. Name one precedent which was set while Washington was in office. Station Rotation!. We will complete our last 2 stations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Happy Monday! Warm up

Happy Monday! Warm upPlease sit with the same groups from Friday in the last station you were at!

1. What is a precedent?2. Name one precedent which was set while Washington was in office.

1Station Rotation!We will complete our last 2 stations

You have 15 minutes at each station- WORK HARD Washington -> AdamsElection 1796- First openly contested election in American HistoryFederalists: AdamsRepublicans: Jefferson

SECTIONALISM: placing one region interests over those of the nation as a whole


Examine the political cartoon

What are French officials upset about? What do they decide to do?What action does President Adams take?How do the French respond?XYZ AFFAIR SKITXYZ Affair & Quasi-War with FranceCAUSE: Jays Treaty (US + GB)- France ANGRY

French stopped American ships and took goods bound for Britain

Federalists want war!

XYZ Affair & Quasi-War with FranceAdams sends diplomats to France

French diplomats demand bribes

US deny

1798- Congress suspends trade with FranceQuasi-war (un-declared war at sea)

7Federalists VS. Democratic-RepublicansALIEN & SEDITION ACTS

VIRGINIA AND KENTUCKY RESOLUTIONSWhile watching wonderful skits- write important information from eachALIEN AND SEDITION ACTSAllowed president to arrest or deport any immigrant who spoke out against the government

Set fines and jail terms for anyone stating false statements against the governmentVIRGINIA AND KENTUCKY RESOLUTIONSResponse to Alien and Sedition Acts

States created Constitution, could judge federal law unconstitutional

Nullification: if federal government passed an unconstitutional law, states had the power to nullify or declare invalid

Alien and Sedition Acts violated Freedom of SpeechElection of 1800Federalist- AdamsRepublicans- Thomas Jefferson (P), Aaron Burr (VP)

Federalists had controlled Congress, army, presidency

Bloodless Revolution first transition from one party to another Midnight JudgesAdams stayed up until midnight night before Jefferson was to take office, appointing Federalist Federal Judges

Maintain Federalists power even thought Democratic-Republican was President

Last skit! Analyzing Cause + EffectDivide your paper into 3 columns

Left column (Cause)Middle (Event)Right column (Effect)

Events- Whiskey Rebellion, Bank of the US, XYZ Affair, Alien and Sedition Acts, Midnight JudgesEnrichment1. When was this idea first introduced? What prevented it from being successful?2. How do the statistics for jobs that require advanced degree compare to Americans who actually hold an advanced degree?3. What would happen if free community college became an option? How would it benefit America?

Exit Ticket (1 paragraph)How would you describe John Adams presidency?

What successes/failures took place while he was in office?15