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  • April 2015 The Bulletin this year is being generously underwritten by

    Margie and Larry Kirsch

    The 2nd Annual CBE Night

    of Dinner and Music with the Albany Symphony Orchestra

    Saturday, April 18

    5 p.m. Dinner at Yonos - and pre-concert talk with David Alan Miller 7:30 p.m. Dynamic, classical string trio Time For Three brings their unique twist on classical tradition to the Albany Symphony.

    Contact Judy Kahn at

    judygkahn@gmail.com or 869-0002

    more Purim Palooza 2 photos on page 8

    Join Sisterhood to see

    bus leaves CBE at 8 a.m. bus departs NYC at 5 p.m.

    (right after show)

    May 27th Sisterhood Members $150;

    Non-Members $155 (checks payable to CBE Sisterhood) Mail reservations with full payment before May 8,to Cynthia Freedman, 74 Tampa Ave., Albany, NY 12203

    Happy Passover from

    Our Family to Yours

    Share a Seder - CBE will NOT be hosting a Second Night Seder this year. If you have room at your Seder Table for either night, or need a home to celebrate in,

    contact Deb Sokoler -- 436-9761 x228 or DSokoler@BethEmethAlbany.org


  • WMHT has the following upcoming broadcasts which may be of interest to the CBE Community:

    April 5th Shalom Sesame at 9 a.m. Jerusalem - The Center of the World at 2 p.m.

    The Gefilte Fish Chronicles at 4 p.m. April 17th Jascha Heifetz American Masters at 9 p.m.

    In Our Community

    Congregation Beth Emeth Bulletin April 2015 - 5775

    Published monthly except August Congregation Beth Emeth

    100 Academy Road, Albany, New York 12208 Volume LVIII, No. VIII

    An acquaintance of mine in New Jersey is an avid collector of Jewish art. Recently he forwarded to me a copy of the catalogue from an upcoming sale from one of the most distinguished auction houses of Judaica in the United States in New York City. He thought that I might be interested in a particular item (#71) that was slated for auction on February 23rd. It was a silver Torah Crown made from coin silver and believed to be one of the earliest silver crowns extant that was made in the United States. Inscribed along the inner rim was Presented by Herman Myers to the Anshe Emeth Synagogue, Albany, New York, September 27, 1875. The catalogue notation went on to share a bit of the history of our congregation AND that when established it was the fourth Reform congregation in the USA.

    Needless to say, I was most intrigued by this item and especially how it came to be listed for auction. I immediately called the director of the auction house in an attempt to find out the history of how it came into their possession. I was informed that they had acquired the crown from an auction at Sothebys ten years ago with no prior knowledge of the history and every five years have included it in their regular auctions thus far with no interested purchaser.

    Well, as you can imagine, not knowing the history of how this precious Torah crown fell out of our possession, and realiz-ing that it could well be one of the oldest remnants of our con-gregations collection of Judaica, I made inquiry about having the piece return home. The director assured me that if I could guarantee the amount that he paid Sothebys ten years ago in order to cover his cost, which was far below what the auction catalogue had listed the piece as the appraised value, as a mitzvah he would remove it from the auction in order for it to finally return to Beth Emeth. An hour later, having secured the

    necessary funds, I called back and told him that the Torah crown is coming home! We are now looking forward to welcoming this magnificent artifact back to its ances-tral home and to including it prominently in our Lobby Gallery of Judaica. Once the details are finalized, I look forward to your joining us in rededicating this precious Torah Crown and the important link that it serves in the history of our congregation.

    Rabbi Scott Shpeen

    Beth Emeth wishes to congratulate the following on their Special April Birthdays:

    Our Temple Family


    Special Birthdays and Anniversaries

    From the Desk of Rabbi Shpeen

    Joe Bierman Shellie Carr Amy Cohen Nancy Cummins Natalie Feigenbaum Jay Fluster Ron Gerrol Elyse Goodman Beth Harwood Scott Hildreth

    Alison Johnson Marla Kellert Gail Kendall Debbie Liebman Jane Melby Rick Ostroff Denise Pensky Joel Schaller Cindy Shenker Mim Sommers

    Claudia and Joel Burtman ~ 30 years Asya Markova and Valentin Markov ~ 55 years

    Roberta and Dick Seiden ~ 55 years

    It is our practice to acknowledge the milestones in the lives of our congregants on special birthdays (starting at age 35) and anniversaries (beginning with the 10th) in multiples of five years. If, for some reason, we fail to acknowledge an occasion in your life or that of a member of your family, please help us by informing the Temple office at 436-9761 ext 222.

    Beth Emeth wishes to congratulate the following on their Special April Anniversary

    Congratulations to

    Carol and Leon Aronowitz II, on the engagement of their daughter, Emily Aronowitz to Cameron Khani of Brentwood, CA. Emily is the granddaughter of Esther Levine and the late Solomon Levine, and Leonore Lebowitz and the late Lee Aronowitz. Cameron is the son of Nasrin Farahmand of West-wood CA and John Khani of New Hyde Park, NY. A July, 2016 wedding is planned.

    Carl Bloomberg and Barry and Leslie Feinman for being honored by the SAAJCC as Pillars in the Jewish Community. Contact Brigitte at 438-6651 ext. 114 to attend the Brunch in their honor on April 19, 9:30 - noon at Beth Abraham Jacob.

    In Memoriam

    Beth Emeth recognizes with profound sorrow the death of our members

    Doris Groper Mother of Cantor Glenn (Micki) Groper

    Joseph H. Hoffman Father of Michael (Amy) Hoffman

    Beth Emeth extends sympathy to those in our congregation who have lost a loved one

    Myron Mike Greenberg Husband of the late Sandi Greenberg,

    Father of June (Dan) Pekrol, Randi (Kevin) Barrell and Lori (George) Andrews and dear friend of Felice Feldman

    Cantorial Selection Committee

    We are pleased to announce that the Cantorial Selection Committee has been formed with Second Vice President, Andrew Safranko, as chair of the committee. The following have been named to the committee: Mary Ann Cooper; Marjorie Dorkin; Amy Hawrylchak; Lauren Iselin; Benjamin Mendel; David Alan Miller; Garrett Sanders; Rabbi Scott Shpeen; Shara Siegfeld and Robin Sobol.

    Thank you to all the members of the congregation who offered to be a part of the committee. Please do not hesitate to contact Andy at ars@lamarchesafrankolaw.com or 982-0770 with any questions.


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    Worship Service Schedule Presidents Perspective

    First Night Seder for Passover (Exodus 12:37-42, 13:3-10)


    Saturday Morning, April 4 No Torah Study

    Passover Morning Service 10:45 a.m.

    Friday, April 10 7th Day of Passover/ Yizkor Memorial Service

    10:45 a.m.

    Shabbat Shmini I (Leviticus 9:1 - 10:11)) Friday Evening, April 10

    Service at 5:30 p.m. Saturday Morning, April 11

    No Torah Study

    Shabbat Shmini II (Leviticus 10:12 - 11:47) Friday Evening, April 17 Social Action Shabbat Service at 5:30 p.m.

    Saturday Morning, April 18 Torah Study with Cantor in the Larner Library at 9:30 a.m.

    Bar Mitzvah of Samuel Koenig at 10:45 a.m. Rosh Chodesh Womens Service (Iyar)

    in the Larner Library at 11 a.m.

    Shabbat Tazria-Mtzora (Leviticus 12:1 - 15:33) Friday Evening, April 24

    Service at 5:30 p.m.

    Saturday Morning, April 25 Torah Study with Cantor in the Larner Library at 9:30 a.m.

    Bar Mitzvah of Eric Hildreth at 10:45 a.m. Shabbat Shalom Yeladim at 11 a.m.

    At our March board meeting, the trustees discussed our proposed budget for 2015-2016. Talking about money is not always easy, but what our discussion showed us is how much we are doing with what we have. Only six years ago, we had a full-time Assistant Rabbi and Director of Education. Due to budget cuts, we had to make both positions part-time. As we talked about every-thing happening at Beth Emeth, it became clear that, in spite of these financial cuts, we are doing more with less.

    How does this happen? We have hard-working and committed staff, clergy, lay leaders and volunteers who continue to think of and implement new ways to connect with and engage our congregants in a personal way. Just by looking through this bulletin, you can see that we offer many opportuni-ties for everyone to become part of the Beth Emeth community.

    In addition, we receive generous contributions from congregants. Some give to our Endowment, while others help underwrite items in our budget. Many also give above their annual commitment. These contributions make a significant difference and enable us to provide for you, our congregants.

    But we have much more to do. We must continue to look at how we can use the resources that we have to meet the greatest number of needs. This may mean re-thinking some aspects of how we provide services and programming. As we develop new ideas, we will be certain to involve you our members because we know the best solutions will come from an open and collaborative process.

    Lauren Iselin 475-0383, laiselin05@gmail.com

    Kathys Comments I love my job at CBE. I learn so much