Has Actual Business CEO Of Abate Technology Services Of Abate Technology Services LLC Proclaims He Has Actual Business Michael X March 20, 2014 Michael Abate, Partner at Abate

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  • Abate Technology Services LLC

    CEO Of Abate Technology Services LLC Proclaims HeHas Actual Business

    Michael X March 20, 2014

    Michael Abate, Partner at Abate Technology LLC located in Farmington, CTstates publicly that he own's an actual business, with real live customers,that pay real money.

    (Newswire.net -- March 20, 2014) Farmington, CT -- Michael Abate, CEO of AbateTechnology Services LLC located in Farmington, CT states in an online discussionthat "I own an actual business, with actual real live customers that pay me actualmoney" while discussing the merits of Bitcoin being a investment choice thatyielded high returns for many people in 2013.

    *Warning, this post contains strong language*

    Mr. Abate had taken the position that while he is "getting along fine in life", and has a "stable government IT job",certain people in the conversation that do Google hangouts are "losers who have no job, no talent, and no realambition".

    From all appearances, Michael Abate seemed to have complete disdain, lack of respect of differing opinions, andcondescending remarks for any person that dared to disagree with his position as evidenced by his remarks:


  • Michael Abate then went one step further and showed his contempt for everyone not sharing his opinion by thensaying that "I'm a technician. I play with websites", which clearly shows his stunning expertise in the field of webdevelopment.

    Upon further scrutiny of Abate Technology Services LLC, we found a website that was missing information, had nonavigation or information about the company other than they "IT Sucks. We Make It Suck Less". Not confidenceinspiring to me in any way, shape or form.

    When checking Michael Abate, and Abate Technology Services LLC on Linkedin.com for professional references, wefound this score:

  • This information, or lack thereof is very uninspiring to me to say the least, especially after touting that his IT businesshas been operating for 6 years and 10 months.

    When I asked about the lack of recommendations, Michael Abate went on to state that he doesn't have time for anymore clients, emphatically relaying "I don't! We're at max capacity without hiring another tech! Lolzzzzz".

    While this may indeed be an unfortunate day for anyone seeking IT services that" Suck Less" than how much" ITSucks"...I am heartened by his lack of being able to help anyone with their sucking problems.

    While I personally cannot be sure that Michael Abate is a professional business owner without direct knowledge of hisoperation at Abate Technology Services LLC, it seems to me that after seeing the demeanor in which he presentshimself to the public while touting his "actual business, with actual real live customers that pay me actual money",there are most likely other companies out there to rely upon that will show more respect to individuals, differingopinions aside.

    Abate Technology Services LLC

    270 Farmington Ave # 306-10Farmington, CT 06032(860) 404-5307michael@abatetechnology.comhttp://abatetechnology.com/Source: http://www.newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00080818-abate-technology-services-llc-farmington-michael-abate.html



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