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  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual


    The Haunted v3.0 User Manual

    Overview TH-01

    Controls TH-02Characters & Monsters TH-03

    Weapons & RuneStones TH-04

    Game Modes & Icons TH-05

    Credits TH-06


    TH-01 Overview=======================================================================

    Haunted is a Third-Person round based action game.

    There are 2 factions that fight each other - Humans and Demons.Killing monsters earns XP and points for the Humans.

    Demons earn points by hurting human players.

    The HUD for Humans:

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual


    The HUD for Demons:


    TH-02 Controls=======================================================================

    Default Controls Humans:

    Fire / Reload - Left Mouse Button

    Aim - Right Mouse Button

    Jump - Space (alternatively press Jump right after climbing a small wall)Move forward - W

    Move left - A

    Move backwards - S

    Move right - D

    Roll forward - W,W

    Roll left - A,A

    Roll backwards - S,S

    Roll right - D,D

    Use / Pickup / Climb - E (alternatively press E when close to an enemy)

    Melee - Q

    Flashlight - FWalk - C

    Next/Prev Weapon - Mousewheel

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual


    Advanced Controls Humans:


    Sniper Zoom in/out - Mousewheel

    Reload Rolling - Fire + Rolling

    Normal Melee:

    Roundhouse Kick - Neutral / forward + press Melee

    Side Punch left - Move left + press Melee

    Roundhouse Kick - Move backwards + press Melee

    Side Punch right - Move right + press Melee

    Uppercut - Roll forward + press Melee

    Rolling Side Punch left - Roll left + press Melee

    Roundhouse Kick - Roll backwards + press Melee

    Rolling Side Punch right - Roll right + press Melee

    Jump Kick - Jump + press Melee

    Ground Slam - Jump + press Melee (shortly before landing)Head Punch - Neutral / forward + press Use

    Instant Kill Charge Moves - (hold down Melee until the Charge Indicator turns white):

    Thrust Punch - Neutral / forward + release Melee

    Roundhouse Kick - Move forward + release Melee

    Side Punch left - Move left + release Melee

    Roundhouse Kick - Move backwards + release Melee

    Side Punch right - Move right + release Melee

    Uppercut - Roll forward + release Melee

    Rolling Side Punch left - Roll left + release Melee

    Roundhouse Kick - Roll backwards + release Melee

    Rolling Side Punch right - Roll right + release Melee

    Jump Kick - Jump + release Melee

    Ground Slam - Jump + release Melee (shortly before landing)

    Head Smasher - Neutral / forward + press Use


    Blocking is done automatically depending on the direction you hold.

    The amount of damage you take while blocking can be seen by the colors in the diagram.

    Full Damage / No Block - (red arrows)

    Running, Aiming, Ladderclimbing, Jump

    Half Damage / Half Block (yellow arrows)


    Quarter Damage / Quarter Block (green point)

    Neutral - No Movement

    No Damage / Full Block

    Roll, Climb, Kick, JumpKick, UppercutGround Slam, Side Punch, Chargeattacks

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual



    To stun a monster, attack it twice with any melee move.

    Once stunned you have different options of dealing with them (see diagram below)

    While Monsters are using Special-Attacks they cannot be stunned!

    The XP factor for killing stunned monsters with a normal attack is 1.1

    Doing Executions earns you even more: 1.2

    1st Attack 2nd Attack 3rd Attack Kill Result

    Default Controls Demon:

    Spawn Monster - Left Mouse Button

    Play Monster - Right Mouse Button

    Next/Prev Monster - Mousewheel

    Fly around - W,A,S,D,C,SpacePlay selected monster - E (spawn indicator is over a monster it shows a red aura)

    Play random monster - E (spawn indicator is not selecting a monster)

    Default Controls Monster:

    Attack 1 - Fire

    Attack 2 - AltFire

    Special Attack - Q (once the yellow bar is full)

    Move forward - W

    Move left - A

    Move backwards - SMove right - D

    Jump - Space

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual



    TH-03 Characters & Enemies=======================================================================

    The Human Team:

    Bruce Jacob Hector Gabriel

    The Monsters (controlled by Demons):

    Wendigo Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Claw 5

    Secondary Attack: Flesh Throw 3

    Special Attack: Boomhead 30

    Incubus Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Claw 10

    Secondary Attack: Lunge 15

    Special Attack: Rage 20

    Manalishi Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Spike Spread 5

    Secondary Attack: Posion Spread 10

    Special Attack: Suicide Spikes 30

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual


    Reaper Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Sickle Slash 10

    Secondary Attack: Sickle Throw 20Special Attack: Sickle Twister 10 per second

    Ironjack Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Iron Bite 30

    Secondary Attack: Fire Breath 5 per second

    Special Attack: Vulcano 30

    Bruiser Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Mace Hit 30

    Secondary Attack: Shockwave Stun

    Special Attack: Rampage 30 per second

    Headsman Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Iron Claw 30

    Secondary Attack: Ripper 20

    Special Attack: Thunderbolts 10 per second

    Furion Orb Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Orb Jump 5Secondary Attack: Orb Mine 50

    Special Attack: - -

    Hellion Swarm Attack Damage

    Primary Attack: Bat Sting 5

    Secondary Attack: Lava Sting 10

    Special Attack: - -

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual



    TH-04 Weapons & RuneStones=======================================================================

    Each human player starts with 4 weapons, each of those starting weapons can be upgraded

    3 times. Weapons can be upgraded by earning XP. Once your XP Bar is full, a monster drops

    an upgrade. Your currently selected weapon will be upgraded! Each weapon earns you adifferent amount of XP depending on the monster you kill. The XP factor is written in brackets.

    Starting Weapon 1st upgrade 2nd upgrade 3rd upgrade

    Knife (1.2) Chainsaw (1.0) Witch-Hammer (0.8) Glaive (0.7)

    Pistol (1.3) Cerberus (1.2) 357-Vendetta (1.1) Jericho-Magnum (1.0)

    Shotgun (1.0) Sawed-Off (1.0) Auto-Shotgun (0.9) Arsonator (0.8)

    Full-Auto (1.1) Commando-Rifle (1.0) Heavy Assault-Rifle (0.9) Machine-Gun (0.8)

    Special Weapons:

    These powerful special weapons are hidden in each level. You can only carry one at a time.

    Should you discover them, they can be used until you die, or run out of ammo!

    Afterwards they will disappear and wont respawn until after several minutes.

    Grenade-Launcher (0.5) Flame-Thrower (0.5) Sniper-Rifle (0.5) Nitrogen-Launcher (0.5)

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual


    Pickups: Melee:

    They are scattered around the level. The players melee attacks - this includes:

    One pickup will get you 2 of its kind. Charge Moves, Kick, Uppercut, Ground-Slam,

    You cant carry more than 4 at a time. Side Punch left/right.

    Dynamite (0.5) Melee (1.0)

    RuneStones:Cluster-Grenades (0.5)


    Alchemist-Bombs (0.5) (Full Health)


    (Health +50)

    Land-Mines (0.5) (0.0) (1.0)

    =======================================================================TH-05 Game Modes & Icons=======================================================================


    In Solo and Coop Mode you fight alone, or with up to 3 team-members vs AI controlled

    monsters. You advance to the next round by surviving until the Map-Round-Timer

    runs out. The difficulty can be set manually.

    In Solo Mode you regain health by destroying a Health-Stone that is spawned

    once your energy runs low. In Coop destroying Soul-Stones resurrects dead team members.

    Battle Mode:

    In Battle Mode up to 4 Human and 4 Demon players can fight each other.

    The goal for the Humans is to survive each round. The goal for the Demons is

    to destroy the Humans. Each Demon player has its own Monster-Energy.

    This mode ends when the Humans survive or the monsters have killed every single player.

    Demonizer Mode:

    Each player starts as Human. Whenever a Human dies, he turns into a Demon.When this happens each survivor gets his health refilled. The mode ends when

    all Human players have been wiped out, or if they survive until the round ends.

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual



    This is a quick overview of the icons that you will see during gameplay:

  • 8/2/2019 Haunted Manual



    TH-06 Credits=======================================================================

    Michael 'Hegi' Hegemann


    Occupation: Game and Development Director,Country: Germany


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