Have An Exciting Vacation With Galapagos Yacht Charters And Luxury Cruises

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  1. 1. Have An Exciting Vacation With Galapagos Yacht Charters And Luxury CruisesGalapagos is one of the most exotic destinations and a perfect getaway for its unparalleled charmand beauty. The Galapagos Islands are not only for adventure travelers but they are also a perfectholiday destination for people who love to enjoy a serene and quiet vacation. Galapagos is aparadise for nature lovers. It is also known as a diving hot spot because of the sheer variety ofmarine life. The Galapagos Islands are considered as the second largest marine reserve in the world.Vacationers have a thrilling diving experience in the Galapagos because of its wonderful marine life.The exotic vacation destination will take you to a dream expedition where you can enjoy scubadiving and see the pristine beauty that it is known for.Yacht charters in Galapagosare a blissful way to enjoy a luxurious vacation. Located off the coast ofRepublic of Equador, the Galapagos Islands call for an ideal vacationing experience for travelers fromall over the world. There are a variety of islands in the chain, each offering something different. Aprivate and exclusive charter through the fascinating Galapagos Islands gives an unforgettableexperience. Galapagos Islands offer a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. The best way to seeGalapagos Islands is by a luxury charter. Nowhere else in the world offers such unique blend ofrelaxation and adventure. The Galapagosyacht charters are a unique way to explore the secludedislands. You will discover some of the worlds most unique wildlife such as iguanas and blue-footedboobies.The best way to see the Galapagos Islands is to go by a cruise. The Galapagos luxury cruises give anopportunity to the vacationers to see everything the fantastic location has to offer. The cruise linesprovide you with luxury accommodations, international cuisine and in-land private guided tours tomake your vacation enjoyable and special. The Galapagos luxury cruise helps you to enjoy a varietyof variety of activities like scuba diving, swimming, hiking and wildlife watching. The Galapagosluxury cruises are available at affordable prices. They provide you attractive packages and provideyou with the best of everything. The cabins are classy, artistic and elegant. Chef form all around theworld are hired to provide tourists with the best cuisine. The best cruises offer divers to enjoycolorful marine life in the coral reefs and vintage wrecks. Galapagos is a perfect vacation destinationfor people who like to have a pleasurable and thrilling vacation. The Galapagos luxury cruises andGalapagos luxury yachts provide a blissful and thrilling experience to vacationers. Many people visitthis exotic destination to experience serene environment, beautiful panoramic views and wonderfulwildlife sanctuary.Galapagos Luxury Charters is the result of many experience and yacht chartering at the archipelago.Our main goal is to provide our clients the most complete and luxurious services complemented by abreath-taking and soul filling adventure, G.L.C has gather a professional and experience staff whocan provide the kind of service our clients deserve.Contact us- Office Phone: (593) 46034197- Cell Phone: (593) 97360287- E-mail: info@galapagosluxurycharters.com
  2. 2. Address: Puerto Azul, Mz. B6 V. 11 Guayaquil, Ecuador.


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