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Hawaiian Cuisine. Patricia Chen. Early History. Virtually no edible plants, but lots of fish, shellfish, limu Polynesians 300-500 A.D. ~30 crop species: taro, sweet potato, breadfruit, coconut, yams, plaintains Meat: pigs, dogs, chickens Poi: sacred, spiritual. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Hawaiian CuisinePatricia Chen


Early HistoryVirtually no edible plants, but lots of fish, shellfish, limuPolynesians 300-500 A.D.~30 crop species: taro, sweet potato, breadfruit, coconut, yams, plaintainsMeat: pigs, dogs, chickensPoi: sacred, spiritual

2Spirit of Ha-loa when poi uncovered at family dinner2

Plantations and ImmigrationsMid-1800s Early 1900s: Sugarcane, pineapple plantationsImmigrants1850s Chinese1880s Japanese1880s Portuguese1900s Puerto Ricans1900s Koreans1910s FilipinosPlantation villages Cultural mixing

3Plate LunchEaten by immigrant workersFormula:2 scoops white rice1 scoop macaroni salad Main meat entre (chicken katsu, hamburger steak, Korean short ribs, Portuguese sausage, kalua pork, etc.) Truly mixed dishAsian ingredientsHaole structure (plate, meat and gravy > vegetables)Mixed cutlery

4LuauParty/feastReligious taboos:Men and women separateWomen and lower class could not eat special food1819 King Kamehameha II symbolically lifted religious laws modern luau partiesFoodCenterpiece: Kalua pig/pork imuPoiChicken teriyakiFresh fruit


SPAMHawaiian steakImportant source of protein for locals WWII fishing prohibitionSpam Jam, WaikikiMost per capita consumptionCreative recipesEx. Spam musubi

6PokeChunksofrawfishseasonedwithHawaiiansalt,choppedseaweed,androasted,groundkukui nutmeat

7Hawaii'sversionofanAsiannoodlesoupNoodlesinafishorchickenbroth,usuallytoppedwithshredsofegg,greenonions,fishcakeslices andstripsofcharsiu(Chineseroastpork)orcannedluncheonmeat

Saimin8Lomi-lomi SalmonSalad/side dish comprising of salted, diced salmon with tomatoes, crushed ice, and green onions

9Lau LauSteamed boneless pork, chicken or beef salted and wrapped in taro or ti leaves

10Loco MocoWhite rice, a hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy