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Hawthorne Plaza. 715 N. 9 th Street Salina, Kansas 67401. Background Information. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Hawthorne Plaza 715 N. 9th Street Salina, Kansas 67401

  • Background InformationThe original Hawthorne School Building was designed by Architect Ben H. Byrnes in the Tudor Revival style. The school structure is distinguished by its reddish face brick, stone trim and castellated roofline. Brick stringcourses and ribbon windows encircle the original building. One-story brick additions were made to the structure in 1916, 1930, 1961 and 1993. The expanded classroom and office areas, as well as the multi-purpose room attached to the south and southeast of the original building. A stone Tudor arch that covered the main entrance to the building on the east was in-filled with masonry during this time and the original wood windows were replaced with aluminum windows having dark bronze frames. Detached modular classroom structures were added to the northern portion of the site in 1993 and 1996, but were later removed.

    The City of Salina designated the original Hawthorne School building as part of a Heritage Conservation District in 1997. However, the property is not listed on the State or National Register of Historic Places. The Conservation District designation means the school is one of 215 non-contiguous properties that were identified as having historical and/or architectural significance to the city.

  • Roof & Remodeling The building features a Butler Building Systems MR-24 Roof System with UL-90 rating (which allows for large insurance discounts) and was installed in June 1995 at a cost of $260,366In 2007 remodeling in the newer 1 story portion of the building was done at a cost of over $150,000. This included new high quality carpeting, lighting, 9 of insulation, ceiling tiles, overhead door, interior doors and interior painting In 2007 the west parking lot was also expanded for additional off-street parking at a cost of over $25,000

  • Front View Historic Portion

  • Front View Newer Addition

  • Southeast Entry

  • South View of New Addition

  • West View of Historic Portion

  • North View of Building

  • West View of Multi-Purpose Room

  • Hawthorne

  • East Hallway New Addition

  • Office in Newer Addition

  • Executive Office

  • Private Conference Room

  • Training Room

  • Executive Work Stations

  • Remodeled Office-Classroom

  • Remodeled Office-Classroom

  • New Mail Center

  • Built-in Fire Alarm System Can be Linked to Security Alarm System

  • New Security Alarm System With 5 Key Pads, Motion Sensors, Other Features and Police Monitoring

  • Original Blueprints Are Available Code Footprint Has Been Developed Survey Has Been Completed & Final Development Site Plan Has Been Completed

  • ADA Approved Restroom

  • North Hallway in New Addition

  • Multi-Purpose Room Stage

  • Small Kitchen Adjoining Multi-Purpose Room

  • Executive Work Station

  • Shipping Area in New Addition

  • Private Office

  • Art Room in Lower Level of Historic Building

  • Office in Lower Level of Historic Building

  • Classroom Dormitory Area 1st Floor of Historic Building

  • Classroom Dormitory Area 1st Floor of Historic Building

  • Library Dormitory Area 1st Floor of Historic Building

  • Library Dormitory of 1st Floor of Historic Building

  • Built-in Oak Cabinets in Library

  • Fiber-Optic Line and Rack in 1st Floor of Historic Building

  • Classroom on 2nd Floor of Historic Building

  • Classroom on 2nd Floor Of Historic Building

  • Unique Classroom Closet Doors Each Linked To Operate Together

  • Private Executive Office on 2nd Floor of Historic Building

  • Double Pane Energy Efficient Windows in Historic Building

  • Curved Oak Stair Rail in Historic Building

  • Fire Escape From 2nd Floor in Historic Building

  • Tool Room in Lower Level of Historic Building (Note Concrete Construction)

  • Newer Natural Gas Fired Boiler System Services Both Buildings

  • Pneumatic Thermostat Controls For Boiler System

  • Butler Building Systems MR-24 Roof System Installed on Both Buildings in June 1995 at Cost of $260,366

  • Aerial View of Buildings and Land(Note Portable Classroom is Gone)

  • Floor Plans

  • Salina, Kansas Map

    Map Quest Map (Please click link then zoom in or out for additional detail or information)

  • Mature Trees and Decorative Shrubs

  • Historic Building Built in 1912 With New Additions Built in 1916, 1930, 1961 and 1993

  • Zoning Architect The property is currently zoned as Planned C1 and was previously zoned for Multi Family Residential useJones & Gillam Architects Engineers has been retained to assist with the planned development of this property. Charles Renz has been taking the lead in the project. Their offices are located across the street east of the Hawthorne Plaza Building

  • Pricing Square Footage Land The Hawthorne Building contains 40,930 SF of space. The building rests on 2.8 acres of land Priced at $498,000 the building alone is valued at only $12.22 per square foot!!!The 2.8 acres of commercial development land, conveniently located between I-70 Highway and Downtown Salina, is worth at least $182,952 (121,968 SF at $1.50/SF) as well.This wonderful, historic building and land may be purchased at only $498,000.

  • Contact Dave Rose President United Country - Mid West eServices, Inc. P.O. Box 1602 715 N. 9th Street, Suite 108 Salina, KS 67402 Phone: 785-827-4799 Cell: 785-452-5088 Fax: 785-452-9462 E-mail: Dave@mweservices.com Web Site: www.mweservices.com