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HCPL-43 3-4-2013

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Text of HCPL-43 3-4-2013

  • 2013


    HCPL-43EFFECTIVE: MAR 4 2013

  • Distribution Centers: E = Englewood OH, M = Mira Loma CA, D = Dallas TX, H = Huntsville AL HCPL-43 Effective date: 3/4/2013




    TABLE OF CONTENTSFloor & Baseboard Registers & GrillesSteel Page210 Floor Register 2265 Floor Grille 2406 Baseboard Diffuser 3407 Baseboard Return 3411 Deluxe Floor Diffuser 3420 Toe-Space Grille 4421 Stamped Floor Diffuser 4462 Baseboard Diffuser 4464 Baseboard Diffuser 4472 Baseboard Return 4654 Baseboard Register 5655 Baseboard Register 5657 Baseboard Return 5658 Baseboard Return 5664 Baseboard Register 6674 Baseboard Return 10Aluminum531 Floor Diffuser 15

    Ceiling DiffusersSteel Page11 Duct Ring 112 Butterfly Damper 116 Ceiling Diffuser 121 Installation Frame 122 Butterfly Damper 123 OB Damper 124 Ceiling Diffuser 1AluminumA501MS Ceiling Diffuser, 1-way 14A501OB Ceiling Diffuser, 1-way 13A502MS Ceiling Diffuser, 2-way 14A502OB Ceiling Diffuser, 2-way 13A503MS Ceiling Diffuser, 3-way 14A503OB Ceiling Diffuser, 3-way 13A504MS Ceiling Diffuser, 4-way 14A504OB Ceiling Diffuser, 4-way 13A505MS Ceiling Diffuser, 2-way corner 14A505OB Ceiling Diffuser, 2-way corner 14ECBX Ceiling Diffuser box 15ECFM Aluminum Diffuser 15

    Sidewall/Ceiling Registers & GrillesSteel Page3 Sidewall Stud Frame 1301 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 1-way 2302 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 2-way 2303 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 3-way 3304 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 4-way 3301M Curved-Blade Register 3302M Curved-Blade Register 3303M Curved-Blade Register 3304M Curved-Blade Register 3621 Sidewall/Ceiling Register 4631 Sidewall/Ceiling Register 4650 Return Air Grille 4,5651 Sidewall Register 5659 Return Air Filter Grille 5,6659FIL Filter Grille with Factory-Installed Filter 8

    661 Sidewall/Ceiling Register 6661MFL Sidewall/Ceiling Register with Fusible Link 6672 Return Air Grille 6,7673 Return Air Filter Grille 7,8673FIL Filter Grille with Factory-Installed Filter 8681 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 1-way 8682 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 2-way 9682MFL Sidewall/Ceiling Register with Fusible Link 9683 Sidewall/Ceiling Register 9684 Sidewall/Ceiling Register 9681M Lanced-Blade Register 9682M Lanced-Blade Register 9683M Lanced-Blade Register 9684M Lanced-Blade Register 996AFB Fixed-Bar Filter Grille 10,43ECSD Step-Down Diffuser 15ECSDD Step-Down Diffuser 15Stamped AluminumA301 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 1-way 11A302 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 2-way 11A303 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 3-way 11A304 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 4-way 11A611MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 1-way 12A611OB Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 1-way 11A612MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 2-way 12A612OB Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 2-way 11A613MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 3-way 12A613OB Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 3-way 12A614MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register 12A614OB Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 4-way 12A618MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register 12A618OB Sidewall/Ceiling Register 12A650 Return Air Grille 13A661 Sidewall/Ceiling Register 13A711MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 1-way 10A712MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 2-way 10A713MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 3-way 10A714MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 4-way 10A718MS Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 1-way 11

    Sundry Page Furnace Accessories 18 Fusible Link 18 Regulator Damper Set 18 Touch-up Paint 18

    RESIDENTIALRezzin (plastic)Registers/Grilles/Diffusers PageRZ16 Ceiling Diffuser, round 17RZ421 Floor Diffuser 16RZ503 Ceiling Diffuser, square 3-way 17RZ504 Ceiling Diffuser, square 4-way 17RZ505 Ceiling Diffuser, square 2-way corner 17RZ682 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 2-way 16RZ683 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 3-way 16RZ684 Sidewall/Ceiling Register, 4-way 16

    LCD Laundry Chute Door 18

  • HCPL-43 Effective date: 3/4/2013 Distribution Centers: E = Englewood OH, M = Mira Loma CA, D = Dallas TX, H = Huntsville AL


    LIGHT COMMERCIALSpiral DiffusersDiffusers PageSS Spiral Slot Series 25SV1 Single Deflection 20SV3 Single Deflection with Air Scoop 20SVH1 Double Deflection 21SVH3 Double Deflection with Air Scoop 21USV1 Universal Single Deflection 22,24USV3 Universal Single Deflection with Air Scoop 22,24USVH1 Universal Double Deflection 23,24USVH3 Universal Double Deflection with Air Scoop 23,24

    Registers & GrillesDiffusers PageC3 Curved Blade, 3-way 51C4 Curved Blade, 4-way 51CD3 Curved Blade, 3-way, OB Valve 51CD4 Curved Blade, 4-way, OB Valve 38,51CH1 Curved Blade, Horizontal, 1-way 50CH2 Curved Blade, Horizontal, 2-way 50CHD1 Curved Blade, Horizontal, 1-way, OB Valve 50CHD2 Curved Blade, Horizontal, 2-way, OB Valve 50CHM1 Curved Blade, Horizontal, 1-way, MS Valve 49CHM2 Curved Blade, Horizontal, 2-way, MS Valve 49CM3 Curved Blade, 3-way, MS Valve 38,49CM4 Curved Blade, 4-way, MS Valve 38,49HD Single Deflection, Horizontal, OB Valve 47HM Single Deflection, Horizontal, MS Valve 46HV Double Deflection, Horizontal 48HVD Double Deflection, Horizontal, OB Valve 48HX Single Deflection, Horizontal 46PFG Perforated Face Grille 44PFGOBD Perforated Face Grilles 45RCB Return, Curved Blade 46RCBD Return, Curved Blade, OB Valve 47RCBF Filter Grille, Curved Blade 53RE5 1/2 Core Grid 38,52RED5 1/2 Core Grid, OB Valve 52REF5 Filter Grille, 1/2 core Grid 54RH45 Return, Horizontal, Defected 37,46RH90 Return, Horizontal 46RHD45 Return, Horizontal, Deflected, OB Valve 47RHF45 Filter Grille, Horizontal, Deflected 38,53TG/TGF Transfer Grille and Frame 54VD Single Deflection, Vertical, OB Valve 37,47VH Double Deflection, Vertical 48VHD Double Deflection, Vertical, OB Valve 38,48VM Single Deflection, Vertical, MS Valve 37,46VX Single Deflection, Vertical 46

    Accessories Page5400PP Push Pin 27,31AD Opposed-Blade Damper 58APF Mounting Frame 59DT Air-Turning Device 60FT Air-Turning Device 60SMF Surface-Mount Frame 32

    Steel Page821 Supply Register 36831 Supply Register 36811 Curved Blade, 1-way 40812 Curved Blade, 2-way 40

    812C Curved Blade Corner, 2-way 40813 Curved Blade, 3-way 40814 Curved Blade, 4-way 40811MS Curved Blade, 1-way, multi-shutter 40812MS Curved Blade, 2-way, multi-shutter 40812CMS Curved Blade, 2-way, corner, multi-shutter 41813MS Curved Blade, 3-way, multi-shutter 41814MS Curved Blade, 4-way, multi-shutter 41811OB Curved Blade, 1-way, opposed blade damper 41812OB Curved Blade, 2-way, opposed blade damper 41812COB Curved Blade, 2-way, corner, opposed blade damper 41813OB Curved Blade, 3-way, opposed blade damper 41814OB Curved Blade, 4-way, opposed blade damper 4192HVO Double Deflection, Horizontal 4292HVV Double Deflection, Horizontal, OB Valve 4292VHO Double Deflection, Vertical 4292VHV Double Deflection, Vertical, OB Valve 37,4294 Return, Horizontal 3994A Horizontal Blades 37,3994AHOV Return, Horizontal, Deflected, OB Valve 3994HOV Return, Horizontal, OB Valve 3998VOH Supply Grille, Industrial Ventilation 4398VOHP Pulley Assembly 43

    Accessories Page92OOV Opposed-Blade Damper 58

    Ceiling DiffusersAluminum PageAR6 Control Grid 34AR7 Opposed-Blade Damper 34ARE Louver-Faced Diffuser, Flat Frame 34ARED Louver-Faced Diffuser, Flat Frame 34ARF Louver-Faced Diffuser, Flush Frame 34ARFD Louver-Faced Diffuser, Flush Frame 34ARS Louver-Faced Diffuser, Beveled Frame 34ARSD Louver-Faced Diffuser, Beveled Frame 34ASRE Supply Return Diffuser 35ASRS Supply/Return, Step Frame 35MCD Modular Diffuser, Flat Frame 35MCDD Modular Diffuser, OB Valve 35MCDS Modular Diffuser 35MCDSD Modular Diffuser, OB Damper 35A500P Panel 14SD Ceiling Diffuser 14SDD Ceiling Diffuser 14PANEL Modular T-PANEL 35Steel Page18 Duct Ring 3219 Damper, Round Ceiling Diffuser 3220 Round Diffuser 32

  • Distribution Centers: E = Englewood OH, M = Mira Loma CA, D = Dallas TX, H = Huntsville AL HCPL-43 Effective date: 3/4/2013


    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to make changes in the product, product specifications, packaging, and list prices without notice.

    Finish Symbols (GS) Golden Sand (W) Bright White (SA) Satin Anodized (AL) Aluminum

    Damper/valve symbols (OB) Opposed-blade damper (MS) Multi-shutter valve

    ECBXT Ceiling Diffuser Box 31SR Square-to-Round Transition 32SR6 Control Grid 33SR7 Opposed-Blade Damper 33SRE Louver-Faced Diffuser, Flat Frame 33SRED Louver-Faced Diffuser, Flat Frame 33SRS Louver-Faced Diffuser, Beveled Frame 33SRSD Louver-Faced Diffuser, Beveled Frame 33

    T-BarRezzin (plastic)Registers/Grilles/Diffusers PageRZBP Back Panel for Model RZMCDST 19RZMCDST T-Bar modular Core Diffuser 19RZREF5T T-Bar Egg Crate Filter Grille 19RZSRT T-Bar Directional Diffuser 19RZSR Square-to-Round for Model RZSRT 19 Page3800 Butterfly Damper 27441 Surfaire, 1-way 26442 Surfaire, 2-way 26443 Surfaire, 3-way 26444 Surfaire, 4-way 26445 Surfaire, 2-way Corner 265400 Collar 276400 Tab Collar 27659T T-Bar Filter Grille 29659TI Filter Grille, Fiberglass Back 29673T T-Bar Filter Grille 30673TPI T-Bar Filter Grille 3094AT Return Grille 3096AFBT Filter Grille, Fixed Bar 3096AFBTI Fixed-Bar Filter Grille 30AFPD Fixed-Pattern Diffuser with Fixed Neck 26AFPDR6 Fixed-Pattern Diffuser with Molded Fiberglass Back 26 ARENPS-R6 T-Bar Diffuser, Aluminum 27ART4 T-Bar Directional Diffuser 28CBPR Curved-Blade Perforated Return 31CBPS Curved-Blade Perforated Supply 31DPD T-Bar Plate Diffuser 26DPD R6 T-Bar Plate Diffuser with molded Fiberglass Back 26FBCS Flat-Back Perforated Supply 31FBR Flat-Back Perforated Return 31FPD Fixed-Pattern Diffuser with Fixed Neck 26FPD3 Fixed-Pattern Diffuser 27FPD3R6 Fixed-Pattern Diffuser w/Insulation 27FPD12 Fixed-Pattern Diffuser for 1x1 T-Bar 27HVS High-Vo