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Heat-Shrink Technology and Test Equipment

Heat-Shrink Technology and Test Equipment · retarded polyolefin heat-shrink tubing in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratio, as well as other heat-shrinkable tubing (such as fluoropolymer based

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  • Heat-Shrink Technologyand Test Equipment

  • Test Equipment

    PTL-UT 6050 HS + additional sliding side door

    PTL-UT 6050 HS PTL-HS 6014

    The standard oven for reliable measu-rements. Optional available with Air Flow

    Meter and Regulator. Specifications: IEC 60811-507 & 401 and IEC T28-562

    The new economic test oven for fast and efficient measurements.

    Specification: EN 60811-507

    State of the art test oven.

    Optional available with Air Flow Meter and Regulator.

    ACPH: 8-20air changes per hour

    Specifications:IEC 60811-507 & 401 and IEC T28-562

  • Test Equipment

    The TVAB abrasion testing equipment is so precise that it has set the standards for ISO 6722-1. It has been desi-gned to test the durability of cable insulation under ext-reme conditions, and mea-sures very specific durability variables.

    This device does abrade the surface of the insulation in both directions along the longitudinal axis of the test sample. A counter will re-cord the numbers of cycles to failure. When the needle abrades through the insulati-on and makes contact with the conductor, the machine will stop operating.

    Abrasion test apparatus TVAB 5420-7N


    ¥ The testing can be performed on main types of wires with different types of insulation materials, with exception of certain types of very soft and tough materials. The testing can further more be per-formed on wires with all main insulation thickness with an overall diameter from minimum 1,0mm up to 6,0mm. Recommended over all diameters for test is 2,0mm.

    ¥ The principal of testing operation is built on simulating the scraping of the wire against a sharp metal edge. The wire to be tested is placed in a special fixture in the testing equipment.

    ¥ A loaded abrasion tongue effects the abrasion of insulation with a well defined piano wire moving forwards and backwards along the wire. The wire resistance to abrasion is determined by the number of cycles that are performed before the wire insulation has been worn away. The equipment stops in this position automa-tically as there will be an electric short circuit between the piano wire and the wire conductor. The number of cycles can directly be noted from the counter on the equipment.

    ¥ The testing can be performed with the wire either in the air or submerged in liquids (i.e. water). The testing under water makes it possible to detect micro cracks in the wire insulation. The equip-ment will not have a container for this type of testing in standard version.

    ¥ The testing equipment is furthermore equipped with an effective cooling fan to avoid negative effects troughs heating of equip-ment by own produced heat during testing procedure.

    ¥ Diameter of needle: (0,45 ± 0,01) mm Type of needle: Spring wire (polished) material according to ISO 6931-1; Frequency: (55 ± 5) cycles/min (one cycle consists of one reci-procating movement); Displacement of the needle: (20 ± 1) mm; Length of abrasion: (15,5 ± 1) mm; Mass: The vertical force on the test sample shall be constant under dynamic conditions;

    ¥ Test sample mounting force: The test sample shall not move during test. If fixing is necessary, the tension applied on the conductor shall not exceed 100 MPa (N/mm2);

    ¥ Apply a total vertical force as specified in table 11 to the test sample. Determine the number of cycles by taking four mea-surements at a temperature of (23 ± 1)°C. After each reading, move the test sample 100 mm and rotate it clockwise 90°. Change the needle after each reading. The minimum value shall be noted.

    ¥ The TVAB abrasion testing equipment is marketed and serviced exclusively by Inhol B.V.

  • The expansion line consists of the following major mo-dules:

    ¥ Portal unwinder ¥ Belt Haul-input module ¥ Double pressure

    oil-heatingmodules ¥ Expansion and calibra-

    tion module ¥ Belt Haul-output modu-

    le with pinch rollers ¥ Clamping module ¥ Cutting module

    HW-Expansion line IR-Expansion line

    Developed as a modular system for the continuous expansion of heavy wall tubing in the range of 12 - 200 mm (expanded diameter) with wall-thickness ranging from 2.0 - 6.0 mm. Depending on the size, quality and

    consistency of the crosslinked tubing, speeds of 3 - 4 m/minute or even higher can be achieved.

    Expanded sizes up to 20mm. Shrink ratio 2:1 and 3:1.

    Speeds up to 25 m/minute, depending on size, quality and consistency of the tubing.

    Expanded sizes from 5 mm up to 50 mm (ex-panded inside diameter). The IR machine will

    expand 2:1 and 3:1 thin and medium wall heat-shrinkable tubing. Speeds of up to 12 m/minute,

    depending on size, compound composition and consistency of the crosslinked tubing.

    ¥ New modular design, state of the art electronics and drives ¥ Reliability & longitudinal change control ¥ Heating by means of heating elements ¥ Precise temperature control ¥ Continuous circulation of the heating liquid

    ¥ Easy operation ¥ Non-liquid heating system ¥ Changing from 1 size to the other in less than 5 minutes ¥ Reliability

    ¥ Easy operation ¥ Non-liquid heating system ¥ Changing from 1 size to the other in less than 5 minutes ¥ Reliability ¥ Ideal machine for single and dual wall (adhesive lined) polyolefin

    and elastomeric, Kynar (PVDF) and fluoro-elastomeric tubing

    Heat-Shrink Technology

    ¥ 1 illuminated view window per element for observing the product during the production process and for maintenance

    ¥ Pressure control for pressure inside the tubular heater ¥ All drive elements are made of none-corrosive materials ¥ Liquid level indicator & Internal/external pressure control


    Features: Features:

    ─ Expander for thin wall heat-shrinkable tubing. ─

    ─ Expander for medium and thick wall heat-shrinkable tubing. ─

    NEXA-Expansion Line

  • Heat-Shrink Technology

    The PTL range includes various commercial polyolefin compounds for thin wall appli-cations, and special compounds for high grade applications including defense. Also compounds for medium- & thick-wall tu-bing for low voltage and medium voltage up to 36 kV are available.

    Flattening Machine

    Cutting lines

    Compounds for heat-shrinkable tubing

    Radiation cross-linkable

    ¥ C2- I (e): UL 224 VW-1, MIL-DTL-23053/5 class 1 and 3 (for sizes up to 3/8”)

    ¥ C2-I (e)-LFR2: UL 224 VW-1, MIL-DTL-23053/5 class 1 and 3 (for sizes above 3/8”)

    ¥ D1-I D2-I D3-I D4-I D5-I

    Thin wallMoisture cross-linkable

    ¥ C2-M ¥ C2-M LFR2 ¥ C2-M V ¥ C2-M V LFR2

    Medium and thick wallRadiation cross-linkable

    Low Voltage ¥ E 39-I

    Medium Voltage ¥ SG II-01 ¥ FSG 36J-01 FSG 36T-01 ¥ FSC-01 ¥ FNT-01 ¥ FHV-01

    Compounds for heat-shrink products

    The PTL/Compo flattening line is for flatte-ning heat-shrinkable tubing to be used as identification sleeves. This line is capable of flattening expanded heat-shrinkable tubing of multiple diameters ranging in diameter from 2.4mm up to 76.2mm.Consistent flattening can be easily achie-ved. The flattener has been designed and equipped with controls for product consis-tency and reproducibility.Halogen-free and halogenated, flame-retarded polyolefin heat-shrink tubing in 2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratio, as well as other heat-shrinkable tubing (such as fluoropolymer based products) can be easily flattened to any desired ‘puff’.

    Our cutting lines have been designed for cutting thin-, medium- and thick wall tubing.

  • Inhol B.V.Zuidergracht 12NL-3763 LV SoestThe [email protected] +31 3560 33 234Fax +31 3560 33 235www.inhol.com

    Founders and co-owners

    Ron GoethalsJacob Steendam

    The Inhol/PTL team members have been involved in designing and im-plementing expansion equipment and manufacturing systems for thin-, medium- and thick wall tubing and molded parts for more than 25 years. Nowadays, PTL equipment and systems for heat-shrinkable products are world-wide recognized as a standard for manufacturing reliability.

    Manufacturing systems inspired by new technologies

    Through international partnerships Inhol/PTL is conti-nuously involved in new projects to develop and test (in-line) manufacturing systems offering energy savings and manufacturing efficiency. Leading heat-shrinkable product industries have chosen to team up with Inhol/PTL to get access to these new technologies. Some de-velopments are focused on testing compound compo-sitions for new efficient crosslink systems based on alternative crosslink techno-logies.

    Consulting and Project Management.Inhol also offer services like Consulting, Technical Support & Project Management. As a technology driven company, we are continuously pursuing expertise for you. Contact us to tell us your ideas and expectations.